Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Why it's important for race realists & white nationalists to befriend intelligent non-whites under the current climate

I had a long night last night; I didn't sleep -- at all. As is always the case when this happens, I do a lot of thinking. Pondering issues that are both meaningful and troubling. Early this morning before I got ready to shave my head and shower, certain thoughts began to enter my mind which I immediately became engrossed in. I started thinking about a buddy of mine who is black, and with whom I can have conversations no different than those I would have with like-minded white friends. I do not feel hesitant to say certain things to him; our conversations flow naturally and it is a beautiful thing. This friend of mine shares my disdain for the Jews and has an unusually enlightened grasp on the current state of affairs and the way anti-white attitudes pervade our society. He is not your typical grievance-mongering black dude who blames all his problems on nonsensical ideas such as "white supremacy" and "institutional racism." In short, he gets it. And admittedly, this is due in no small part to the time we've spent talking to one another. (Of course, even with some help along the way, it nevertheless requires a certain level of awareness, discernment and intelligence in order to develop an appreciation for the truth which flies in the face of everything he, as a young black man, had likely had drilled into his head.)

At this point I started thinking a little deeper about the relentless anti-white agenda being peddled by our Jewish MSM and how it correlates with my personal experience with friends, acquaintances and yes, even family (I have two mixed race half-sisters). I have no shortage of non-whites playing some level of a role in my daily life, and it struck me how different these individuals are than the perpetually pissed off, entitled, hate-filled, self-pitying people of color the JMSM parades out there on a daily basis to hammer home the false notion of a nation operating within the confines of "white supremacy" and institutional "oppression" of minorities. 385-pound LaQuanda yelling and screaming in her beastly manner, as she's being interviewed by some Mexican "journalist" about God knows what, on the corner of 185th and MLK Blvd in some hell-hole ghetto about how she's unable to lift herself out from underneath the weight of "white supremacy" (as a bullet fired by an 8 year old whizzes by her head mid-interview) is precisely the type of individual this dastardly, malicious plot of incitement wishes to make the face of all chaos and instability being procured. In contrast to this extreme case of anti-white incitement there consists a -- likely much larger percentage -- of non-whites who have not been incited to the point of joining the collective aimed at demeaning and criminalizing whites and white identity in general. Perhaps they feel some sort of injustice has been foisted upon them, yet at the same time they are level-headed enough to go about their lives and come to grips with the fact that these perceived injustices are not exclusive to blacks, and that at this point it is simply unrealistic to expect some sort of handout to make up for them. 

Beyond that, most importantly, we have blacks and other non-whites -- such as my aforementioned friend -- who possess a level of understanding which far exceeds that of the majority of their peers. They are rational, intelligent, open-minded and in a tremendous change of pace, lack the impulsiveness and emotional volatility which separates them from the mobs of hysterical, child-like followers who are utterly devoid of the ability to formulate opinions or ideas on a purely autonomous basis. When it comes to people like this friend of mine, that repugnant victim-complex mastered by the Jew is absent, instead in its place we find legitimate critical thinking skills. It is these (non-white) individuals in whom we as race realists, white nationalists and national socialists should be seeking friendship and alliances wherever possible. 

First of all, it is crucial that I mention one particular thought that kept running through my head pertaining to why these alliances are valuable and there for the taking in numerous numbers. I believe the JMSM portrays this movement of white hatred and minority grievance as being much larger and more widespread than it actually is. Larger, and more voracious. If my theory is correct, it would follow that our battle is more so against a media machine and the perception it creates than it is against a group of people who actually wish to do us harm. By no means am I implying we do not have a very serious problem on our hands; we absolutely do. A battle of grave consequence. The implication, rather, is that there is an opportunity for us to begin gaining an advantage where we may have previously been unaware one existed. This potential advantage lies in developing friendships and allegiances with individuals who may not appear to be natural allies -- for obvious reasons. It is entirely possible that  preconceived notions and a complete lack of dialog have stood in the way of a bridge being gapped between unlikely allies who, together, comprise a formidable and diverse opposition to what poses a serious and urgent danger to the well-being of us all.

Those such as my friend mentioned early on, in my opinion, are not an endangered species. Rather, they are more abundant than it may seem, only unidentifiable as a result of the very media responsible for creating this atmosphere of tension and distrust. Pernicious as this psychological assault on the public conscience has been, it remains largely a matter of perception which sustains this divide and renders nearly the entire public suspicious of one another, at the very least. What is a race realist or white nationalist to do in order to form these alliances -- which on the surface may seem unappealing or even counter-intuitive, but could very well make a world of difference in turning the tides on the battle we're waging to regain our lives and livelihood from the singular enemy of not just us whites but of all Gentiles -- and where does one begin the process of earning a degree of mutual trust necessary to accomplish goals which our very future could depend on? It would be incredibly difficult, to say the least, to randomly approach people -- who will possibly be suspicious of you before a word is even uttered -- and begin engaging in conversations both controversial by their very nature, and involving subject matter that could very well set off a hostile interaction due to the people you're attempting to engage with. Instead, start opening yourself up more to non-whites you tend to encounter on a regular basis. Let them know through both word and deed that you are not Derek Vinyard from 'American History X.' Make casual conversation which gradually evolves towards subject matter you both find problematic. From there, you will know soon enough if you've found a person with whom the Jewish Question can be discussed. Once that door has been opened, you have just found yourself an ally in the making.

Additionally, casual yet serious conversation should be broached as often as possible, with the key being to leave out ANY and ALL references to the circus known as party politics. This will not only spoil the relationship before it even begins, it is a sure-fire sign that it's time to move on from this person, as anyone framing their political or social discussions around the fraudulent two-party system is in no way, shape or form capable of becoming an ally in a fight that is being waged FOR REAL, not for theatrics. 

Should you spend any amount of time in your daily life with non-whites who have never given any indication of hostility, ignorance or a general unwillingness to engage in friendly conversation, it's time to test the waters. A good starting point is always something the two of you may vaguely have in common. An icebreaker is a fail-safe, regardless of what transpires afterwards. Odds are, however, most of us will succeed in finding these people worth befriending for this purpose. More people of color are Jew-wise than one might suspect; possibly due to the older generation of black folks being far less conditioned as grievance-mongering victims-in-their-own-mind, and also FAR more inclined to be suspicious of world Jewry and other (less significant) PTB. In a stable household, these views are often passed down, if only to a minimal degree. 

The harsh reality is, we cannot win this battle alone. Not when the Jew is assembling a team of anti-white crusaders from ALL other races, ethnic groups and walks of life. We need allies, and many, many black folks realize we are not their enemy. It is up to us to communicate that loud and clear to those receptive to the message. In whatever way possible, we need to show without a shadow of a doubt that it is the Jew who bears the responsibility for just about all legitimate grievances the black community lays claim to. In doing so, and in forming allies instead of unnecessary enemies, we are killing two birds with one stone. 1) we are awakening an increasing number of people to the realities the world faces as it pertains to the Jew's aspirations for world domination and enslavement of ALL goyim. And 2) We are simultaneously weakening THEIR ranks; because as more and more of the black community faces the truth and allies with white nationalists -- even if only to achieve one common goal -- others among them will follow. Not only will those who are apathetic become energized in many cases to join their brethren; but many of those who are currently under the Jewish trance of White hatred and the pinning of blame on whites for just about everything they can conjure up, will change course, if for no reason other than it is in their nature to FOLLOW and join whatever movement appears most prevalent at the time. Whatever their reason, none of us should give a rat's ass. It's not important at all. What's important is the result, and the results are damn promising. 

Lastly, it's worth mentioning -- especially in light of what we've grown accustomed to seeing from those in the black community spewing their white-hatred -- that those in the black community who are "awake" -- not to prominent themes in the black community such as Communism, hero-worship of CIA-backed commie "revolutionaries" such as Fidel Castro, or "the fight against police brutality," however the hell they plan on doing such a thing -- are an extraordinarily interesting and compelling bunch to have intense, intellectual conversations with. Considering the dichotomy in the way they're conditioned to strive towards contradicting ends, and the bombardment of lies they're fed about us whites, the development of a friendship and alliance in this struggle makes for an intriguing dynamic. 

I think we can all agree that what we believe in, stand for and fight for does not match up with the hate we whites find ourselves the target of from seemingly every direction. Be that as it may, I see no good reason why we should not be making every effort to form potentially effective alliances in the interest of defeating a common enemy. 

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