Monday, July 10, 2017

Clarifying what makes a Jew, the "good Jew" myth & semi-Jew-wise coward "truthers"

Confusion as to what actually makes a Jew a Jew has abounded for time immemorial. Despite this fact, there are indeed answers to this question; answers very few in the "truther" movement seem either unable or unwilling to come to a firm grasp on. Why is this? Well, there are a variety of explanations, mostly depending on what an individual's motivation is and what level of historical knowledge said individual possesses -- if any.

To go along with this confusion of sorts is the myth of the "good Jew," which, upon sincere scrutiny simply does not hold a shred of truth when we consider the larger, global picture; from the near-absolute control the Jew holds over every aspect of Western life, to the 2,000+ year old war they've waged against Gentile -- and more specifically White Christian -- society. Indeed, victors of wars and those who possess the most power are afforded the ability to write history as they see fit and as it benefits them and their insidious agenda. Fortunately, if one takes the time and effort, an accurate, truthful historical picture exists; and it is within the realm of this version of history that we find undeniable proof that the notion of the good Jew is false -- and frankly dangerous. This narrative must, for the sake of mankind, be taken apart and cast into the garbage bin of history.

Crucial to not only sustaining this "good Jew" myth but also to circumventing the issue altogether exists a large (in twitter terms) and vocal group of semi-Jew-wise "activist" types who get a hell of a lot right, and who nevertheless bring a good deal of important information to the table for those in the earlier to intermediate stages of finding their way as an unplugged, "awoken" member of a dying society. It is a terrible shame that in so many of these folks we find high intelligence, great knowledge, and a large following; yet something is missing from their work. We will come back to this particular segment of this post shortly.

To begin in earnest, let us return to the subject matter in the opening of this piece. What is a Jew? Is it a race? A religion? A culture? A club of sorts? Actually, the correct answer is all of the above -- although overlapping at times, each represents its own unique Jewishness. First and foremost, Jews are absolutely a race, as genetic testing has proven over and over again; and as many Jews themselves boastfully attest to. Jews are also a religion -- practicing the dreaded, Gentile-hating, violent, sadistic, abusive, child-molesting, savage-in-every-way-imaginable Judaism. Both the Talmud AND the Torah contain what appears to be endless examples of unmatched depravity and heinousness. From savage murder and human sacrifice; to theft; to deception of the highest level; to molestation and rape (including necrophilia); and just about every sort of criminality and barbarity one could possibly come up with. (come to think of it, most of us Gentiles are not even capable of conjuring up the sort of filth, violence and degeneracy the Jews have made core pillars of their disgusting cult.) 

The Talmud is, of course, where one finds the worst of the worst, sure to make the stomach of the average gentile turn like a GE washing machine on super duty. Please, take a look for yourself. Or. at least to start, see my twitter timeline from yesterday (July 9, 2017) for a handful of gems to get your feet wet and get a vague idea the level of sickness we're dealing with. The Torah -- that being the first four books of the bible -- while ever so slightly less intense in its barbarity, also contains horrifying instructions and laws that defy what humans are capable of not only dreaming up, but following as law and carrying out. To call the contents of these books shocking wouldn't even begin to adequately describe the nature of it all. It's worth noting, Jews acknowledge only those four books of the bible, and it is those four books which set themselves apart from the entirety of the rest of the book in terms of unfathomable violence and cruelty. In the interest of a reasonable length to this post, I will again refrain from spelling out specific verses which can easily be found in any bible. Emphasis should be given to the book of Leviticus, where perhaps the worst of the worst is found within.

Having reached this stage of the piece, I must pose the question: Can "good Jews" be identified somehow among this lot? Unless your idea of the concepts of good and bad, wholesome and evil, run contrary to the ideals which are universally accepted, the obvious answer is a resounding "NO."

Another group of people identifying as Jews are racially or ethnically Jewish. These "people" belong not to the human race as far as I'm concerned, but represent an alien force whose traits and characteristics are such that they share nothing in common with the rest of the Gentile world. They are thieves, liars, manipulators, murderers, deviants, and criminals of every variety. Again, both history and our modern state of affairs attest to this fact. Truth is, they were born and raised this way and carrying on their destructive ways is, and always has been, deeply ingrained in their psyche as inseparable from Jewishness itself. The examples of havoc they have wreaked on innocent people for thousands of years are impossible to even take inventory of. From the financial crimes they're responsible for which have ruined the lives of millions worldwide, to the 60 million native Russians savagely slaughtered by the Jewish Bolsheviks, and so on. They actually take pride in the unparalleled suffering they've caused across the world. Why is this? Well, we know from certain genetic studies that, for one, these creatures are above and beyond when it comes to predisposition to serious mental health issues. Schizophrenia and personality disorders among the most prolific. Of course this explanation is but one of many, and only helps to scratch the surface on peeling back the layers of their otherworldly -- so to speak -- pathology. As time goes on and technology becomes more and more advanced, the case for racial/ethnic Jews belonging to something of another species only grows more convincing. 

It is important to bear in mind that these creatures, along with an often high IQ and sociopathic tendencies, are well adept at concealing their true nature. It is for this very reason, after all, that they've achieved such immense success as a collective. And with that being the case, they have an uncanny ability to fool unsuspecting and uninformed Gentiles into believing they are just like the rest of us. Do not be fooled. Avoid these "people" if at all possible, and if not possible to remain at all times separated from them, treat them as you would any criminal who you fear presents a danger to your well-being in any way. Be alert and be vigilant.

Last among those who identify as Jews are a segment who neither practice the "religion" or are of predominantly Jewish blood, but who were simply born into a situation where for one relatively arbitrary reason or another, carry around this label for no good reason other than it's what they've grown accustomed to; it's part of their identity and they see no reason to drop it. These Jews present the most challenging case for putting to rest the "good Jew" myth, primarily due to how others see them. That is to say, from their point of view, Jewishness does not stand at the forefront of their identity as an individual. Unfortunately for both this Jew himself and his friends and acquaintances, that identity comes with such an array of terrible deeds and an historical and cultural element of (well-earned) criminal connotations, that it is impossible to ignore or whitewash for the sake of exonerating this Jew, and therefore rendering him just another individual of the world. As long as this Jew insists on identifying as such, he is by default associating himself with everything mentioned previously in this post, like it or not. 

So what is this particular Jew to do? Or rather, what does he want, and how does he wish to be perceived by the world around him?  This segment of ignorant, wishy-washy Jews are by no means confined for life to a designation of hostile aliens whose identity represents all that is evil and all that has troubled the world for thousands of years. Sincerely disavowing this identity and thus joining the rest of humanity should seem an appealing proposition; accepting of which would be enough to emerge from the dark side and re-enter society at large and the norms that come with it. Perhaps I am being naive in thinking that, should the ramifications of holding this identity be made clear to those belonging to this group, a fervent rejection of that label would be in order. After all, the overwhelming majority belonging to this sub-category are largely to totally oblivious of all it represents. With newfound knowledge in hand, a decision to carry on wearing that label would only further prove what I am laying out here. Whether ignorant or not, and regardless of the choice made when faced with the knowledge spoken of, no one belonging to this group can possibly be considered a good Jew. Disavowing the label no longer makes them a Jew, and henceforth their case is irrelevant.

In some cases being a Jew is a choice; in others it is not. That aspect of this discussion, however, has no bearing whatsoever on whether the notion of a "good Jew" is one rooted in any kind of truth. It doesn't change a thing, and there is indeed no truth in the notion, despite people's personal feelings towards personal friends. Your Jewish friend, simply because he's your friend, is not a "good Jew," until he disavows the label entirely, in which case he's a former Jew.

Now to briefly return to the matter of the "awake truther" or whatever you choose to call him or her. It is an undeniable fact that once a seeker of truth in a world full of lies and disinformation reaches a certain point in their absorption of knowledge, the Jewish Question will ALWAYS enter the equation. Not only will it enter the picture, it will become the focal point to which all roads eventually lead, providing answers and piecing together puzzles one could not previously make use of in any sort of profound way. If you've spent years digging and discovering hard  truths most are completely oblivious to, and you've done outstanding work exposing misdeeds and the people behind them, only to ultimately arrive at the JQ, the noble and honest path to pursue has to incorporate the relevance of the JQ going forward -- vehemently highlighting its role as the driving force behind everything you've been working towards unraveling -- as it undoubtedly is and will be. 

Shamefully, however, this is not the case, more often than not. Such individuals approach a proverbial gate that reads "DO NOT CROSS." For whatever reasons they have -- and there are many -- they choose instead to circumvent the powerful conclusions they've reached, opting instead for an intense focus on subject matter that, while important and useful, carefully tip-toes around that which is the MOST controversial, for reasons we can likely guess with significant accuracy. The JQ is an open secret of sorts in these circles, and great caution is taken to appear ruthless in their pursuit of truth while simultaneously assuring themselves no accusations of "anti-semite" await them. At the end of the day, this is pure cowardice. What's worse is, it distracts from the all-important JQ and actually encourages others to adopt the same methods of circumventing it. It's dangerous and it is in no small part contributing to the downfall of all the Jew seeks to destroy. It sets us back and helps foster an attitude and prevailing belief that one must not venture into the realm of the Jewish problem the world has and always has had, lest they face the wrath of, well... just about everybody. The longer this crowd stops short at the JQ, the harder it becomes to broach it in general, without facing persecution, harassment, ridicule, and ultimately criminal punishment. those are the consequences being nurtured by this crowd of seemingly bright, informed seekers of truth, who tremble in fear at the Jewish Problem. 

Aided by the internet and twitter, we've come far enough now that T(J)PTB are getting nervous (Look no further than Britain and PM May). Knowledge is at an all time high. But we've hit a stalemate, and with that being the case, I will no longer stand side-by-side with "truthers" who are scared of the JQ/JP, no matter how superior the quality of their other work is. If they're stopping short of where they need to continue on, they're now a hindrance and are quite clearly not all that interested in changing the trajectory of things for the better, with the "people" making life hell for all of us being given a free pass. It is downright unacceptable and what's become clear is I and others like me are on a different mission, part of a different "team." I write this not with anger but full of immense disappointment and sorrow. I can only hope that these folks realize before it's too late that we need them all-in, on our "team," with the mindset of having nothing to lose (because we don't). 

If you're being held back by what you perceive as a "good Jew" here and there, that's about as weak and impotent excuse as I can think of. Not only because 1) there are none, and 2) you're declaring loudly that a handful of alleged good Jews are more important, well-being more valuable, than the other billions of people on the planet. Or -- and this is the ONLY other possibility -- you're nothing more than a small-time gatekeeper yourself.

No matter which it is... Not a good look. 

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