Friday, October 7, 2016

Time to face the facts: Putin is a Jewish puppet

Far too many of the otherwise knowledgeable and Jew-wise among us still cannot come to grips with the fact that Vladimir Putin is not the anti-imperialist crusader and strong, independent leader they so badly wish him to be. No, Mr. Putin is a Jewish puppet of the highest order just like the overwhelming majority of world "leaders," especially those of the Jew-occupied West. Last night and this morning I took to twitter in an attempt to make this abundantly clear, and what I will do here is present screenshots from those tweets, then briefly elaborate on each. When all is said and done, there should be little, if any, remaining doubt that Russia's president is little more than a Jewish puppet who cannot be trusted.

To begin:

It is often cited by Putin defenders -- as perhaps the primary reason as to why we should believe he is a force for good and even feared by world Jewry -- that he "kicked the Jewish oligarchs out of Russia,"  If we're being generous, this is a half-truth -- but more so a misrepresentation of the facts. The story being referenced involved competing factions of Jewish power-players, one of which Putin allied with, the other standing in opposition to him. The latter, indeed felt Putin's wrath. The former, well... I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

It is well-known even among Putin defenders that Russia's central bank remains under the control of Jews, not the Russian state, and therefore does not serve the interests of the Russian people. Enough said.

As far as the second part of that tweet is concerned... Not long ago Russia announced it will no longer renew dual-citizenship for Russian nationals living abroad -- largely in Israel. This was interpreted by many as a "stick it to the Jews" measure, while in reality this move was made as a favor to the Jewish state in the midst of an ongoing trend of Jews leaving Israel at a rate significantly higher than those migrating to the Jewish state. The short-sighted reaction by Putin stans is unfortunately quite indicative of the analysis utilized in the bigger picture.

When Russia inserted itself into the Jewish-American-created conflict in Syria -- as an "ally" of Assad, but really to secure its own national interests in the region -- they offered assurance to Israel that any violations of Syrian airspace by the Jewish state's military would not be met with force, as would normally be standard protocol seeing as the Russian military is present at the behest of the Syrian government to aid militarily in the defense of the nation. A peculiar development, to be sure, especially when one considers the fact that Israeli violation of Syrian airspace accompanied by unprovoked acts of war, in defiance of international law, has been a regular occurrence. 

 Another development upon Russia coming to the aid of the Syrian government was Netanyahu immediately being flown to Russia upon Russia's formal entry into the conflict. Whatever the purpose for the visit may have been, it's more than fair to assume that Putin has an obligation of some sort to secure the approval of the Israeli Prime Minister for whatever action might be taken. With that being said, the commitment to defending the Syrian state comes into question, and consequently just how dubious the nature of Putin's loyalty to Assad may be.

Continuing along the lines of Putin's questionable loyalty to his "allies," Iran represents a critical aspect of this discussion. Iran, of course, being under a constant threat of unprovoked aggression on the part of Israel -- and the United States as well -- possesses very little in the way of a formidable defense, militarily, in comparison to its enemies. Russia, ostensibly being Iran's single ally capable of adequately defending Iran in this regard, cannot be seen as reliable given its already questionable motives as it pertains to Syria. The picture is further complicated by the fact that, while Israel unceasingly takes an aggressive and threatening posture towards Iran, Putin not only maintains a cozy relationship with Israel, but has not once rebuked the latter in a meaningful way for their hostilities towards his supposed ally. Therefore it begs the question: Were Israel to attack Iran, what would Putin's response be? Something tells me his response would be almost non-existent; and whatever lip-service he may offer up to address such an egregious act would be met with the usual "it's part of his long-term grand scheme!" rationalization his loyal apostles employ any other time a logical explanation escapes them. So it goes...

Another commonly cited occurrence Putin die-hards stand by as a testament to his authenticity was his public acknowledgement that the Bolsheviks were predominantly Jewish. This is no secret, especially among Russians. This admission, in itself, was nothing more than an inconsequential public relations move aimed at reinforcing in the minds of the Russian people his honesty and transparency -- an appeasement of sorts, given the justified anti-semitic sentiment among a large portion of Russian society, 

It's important to note, at this juncture, that it is not what he said in this case, but what he didn't say, and even more imperatively all that relates to his omission when alluding to that particular subject matter. Namely, the extent and magnitude of Bolshevik atrocities, how they are almost entirely overlooked, and how instead world war 2 lies and mythology are perpetuated with enthusiasm by Putin himself. What better example of this dishonesty and acquiescence to the power structure he is alleged to stand in defiance to, than his draconian Holocaust denial laws -- some of the harshest in the world? But it doesn't end there; anti-semitic interpretations of the bible have also been outlawed. To say this is pure insanity would be an understatement. 

I will close with this:

I stand by this statement. Best of luck to anyone who believes they can effectively counter the arguments I've just laid out here in a sound, logical way. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The making of a "conspiracy theorist"

"Conspiracy theorists" -- those of us who do not take government and media narratives, official versions of events, both of the present and historical variety, at face value -- have always been the object of ridicule; originating from both those aforementioned malicious entities and the public at large. We are steadfastly marginalized and painted as an unstable, fringe group, existing among an otherwise "civilized" society. We are portrayed as uninformed, delusional and dangerous. The interesting part, though, is not the lies and slanders told about us to the JMSM-watching public, but characteristics assigned to us which actually hold some degree of truth, and just why that is the case.

We are portrayed as disgruntled -- and we are.

We are portrayed as maladjusted -- and we are.

We are portrayed as believing we have been given an unfair advantage -- and we have.

We are portrayed as depressed and possibly angry -- and why in the hell wouldn't we be?

You see, when viewed through the lens of a society that in itself is inherently backwards and sick, it is understandable why it is us who presents the problem. But as we are now all fully aware, these traits which we have come to possess -- varying to one degree or another from individual to individual -- are a reaction to a societal and global program embodying everything unnatural, counter-intuitive and downright disastrous to our future. This we can all agree on, yes? However, things get a little more gray and uncertain after that. In fact, some of these traits ascribed to us do, in fact, manifest themselves prior to being unplugged and awakened to the sad realities of this world we all must now confront on a daily basis. To illustrate with the utmost clarity, I will briefly use myself as an example:

I had a very troubled early childhood which, although after the first half-dozen or so years of my life became a great degree more stable and "privileged," if you will, carried over into my teenage years and into early adulthood. I was consistently described throughout my teenage years as "extremely bright and gifted, yet defiant, reckless and emotionally troubled." I dealt with "depression," in the most general sense of the word, never actually being given a diagnosis of such, or displaying the "debilitating" effects or behavior commonly associated with "clinical depression." I was frankly just a pissed off kid. I was kicked out of public high school for the type of insubordination a few teachers and staff readily admitted was relatively unprecedented and legendary, in their experience, for that small school. I developed severe substance abuse/addiction problems and got myself into a world of shit in my late teens and early 20's, until, with the help of a few very positive influences in my life at the time, I cleaned up my act. It was then, in my early 20's, that the way I saw the world around me began to change rapidly and dramatically. Finally being of sound mind and body, I began the process of withdrawing myself from the false reality manufactured and imposed upon us. As time went on my understanding and discernment grew -- all the way to the present day, as it still does even now -- and I would briefly stumble a few more times, taking my lumps, but never completely losing my grip. Now, a decade or so later, I lead a very uneventful life -- in a good way. I have a family, a comfortable job, and while I in no way do I live lavishly or care-free, I do not have any real complaints to speak of.

 In stark contrast to how my life has changed dramatically in that respect, what has remained the same, and actually only grown more intense with time, is my understanding of just how fucked up things really are and the demonstrably catastrophic path the world is taking. Having said that, it's reasonable to wonder if there isn't a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario going on here that underscores and perhaps provides insight into the state-of-mind that leads us to the sort of simultaneous despair and enlightenment I just detailed. Are we "conspiracy theorists" dealing with underlying "issues" that have manifested themselves in the form of fervent distrust of government, media and authority in general? Truthfully, I don't think it an entirely inaccurate or unfair assessment. I also don't see this as a poor reflection on any of us -- quite the opposite, in fact. We are aware there is a problem, that something is off, and it causes us distress. If this foreboding and distress made itself known in ways other than being inclined towards "conspiracy theories," or preceded the moment or process of our gaining a sense of clarity about the world, in no way does it invalidate our concerns or discredit our ideas. If anything, it can be seen -- I believe -- as a sign that, at least a good many of us, were tuned in before we even knew it. It can also be taken as a sign of character and self-awareness our oblivious counterparts are severely lacking, as they willfully pretend all is right in the world and well with themselves, while inwardly they struggle desperately with the very same symptoms of depression, pessimism, defeatism, loathing and anger the establishment and JMSM mouthpieces reserve for us "fringe" personalities. Being conditioned on how not only to think and react, but cope and problem-solve (or rather, avoid doing so), they have built up a defense mechanism which allows them to do nothing but hide.

What genetic, social and environmental factors play a role in bringing us to the point we have now
reached? The answer to that will be different for each individual, but for most, if not many of us, those factors will be used as a weapon to discredit and silence us. In some way, at some stage, our defense mechanism was broken down, and what has been allowed to take root as a result can hardly be seen as anything more than acceptance of a series of fundamental facts about the world: People lie; they cheat; they steal; they kill; they conspire to kill; they seek an advantage at the expense of others. When given the opportunity, the resources and the immunity to do these things on a substantially larger scale and with similar-minded individuals -- especially those who have an innate belief in supernatural chosenness and superiority over all other beings -- the results should be predictable and not at all surprising.

There is a reason we live in a culture and society of mindless distractions. Our "issues" and "disorders" are, in reality, the absence of a comfort zone the gullible, mind-fucked public has been trained like circus animals to live within. How or when this comfort zone was dismantled has no correlation with the credibility of an individual or the "conspiracy theory" he or she subscribes to. To be shielded from the harsh realities of the world can only result in the acceptance of the status quo and a ingrained belief in whatever it is the JMSM, politicians, authority figures and history books have peddled. And although as living conditions for the average American continues to deteriorate at al alarming rate, most remain comfortable enough that asking questions which may disrupt their level of normalcy is simply out of the question. There is no greater builder of character than adversity, and if there exists a connection between those who have experienced tremendous adversity and their tendency to gravitate towards a "conspiracy"-minded approach to what we're witnessing play out at an ever-increasing rate and with unprecedented intensity, it can undoubtedly be attributed to the dynamics I have previously brought to my readers' attention.

The making of a "conspiracy theorist" warrants examination; not by the malicious, pathologically-deceptive, Jewish-controlled establishment & media marionettes -- for their allegations and assumptions lack any semblance of objectivity and serve to further insulate themselves from what would undermine the foundation of the entire fortress of lies they have constructed. This examination must be undertaken with the utmost understanding that once a given individual has experienced, both directly and indirectly, events and realizations that obliterate the sanctity of the notion of relative benevolence at every stage of existence within the manufactured picture painted for us by those who are tasked to uphold it, one cannot simply forget or pretend that things are what they seem. Intelligent people, those who have witnessed the worst, those who have had the misfortune of personally uncovering just how horrific the consequences of this disastrous trajectory our world has taken, and even those who have the "gift" of being burdened by the understanding I speak of -- we all bring a perspective that is both foreign to our detractors and dangerous to our rulers. We are ostracized not because we have nothing to offer, but because what made us the "conspiracy theorists" we have become, represents a threat that absolutely cannot be dismissed by any sort of genuine discourse or sound logic.

This is to say nothing of the intensive and exhausting effort many of us put forth in verifying and proving with sound evidence our claims. The issue of vaccines is perhaps the most glaring example of how those who spend countless hours researching the facts are the individuals who reject vaccination altogether, while JMSM & pharma parrots who slander us and wish our children taken away or dead, largely haven't given the research so much as a passing thought. This is another point in its own right, but nonetheless an appropriate example. The "conspiracy theorist," a derogatory term, holds no weight; this being in large part due to a belligerent unwillingness to understand just how and why those of us who have transcended all the watered-down and downright fictional narratives the permeate, for all intents and purposes, the world over. Our experiences have made us more alert, more discerning, and above all, given us the ability to utilize critical thinking skills. This is indisputable, and I couldn't fucking care less what those particular experiences or predispositions may be, they have given us an advantage. Social or class standing be damned, there are undeniably factors that contribute to our progression and our standing at the "fringes of society," and as we occupy it, there can be no doubt that it is precisely what has gotten us here which should instill the utmost confidence, knowing that citing these troubles we've endured as a weapon against us is as ineffective as it is illogical.