Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Understanding who/what the Jew really is on a transcendent level

Since making the remarkable transition from -- and I mean this with no disrespect -- bright yet manipulated voting liberal Democrat, to Jew-wise individual with whom I can converse with for hours on end in the most fulfilling manner, my very close friend and I have spent endless time and late nights attempting to dissect the subject of just how the Jew has, over millennia, accumulated and concentrated such immense power, influence and wealth. Sure, there are the obvious answers we all have come to understand, but those explanations are nevertheless incomplete.

The degree to which this very small minority wields power and control over the peoples of the entire world needs no elaboration for those who are interested in reading what I have to write; and therefore I have no intention of reciting the details which illustrate and confirm this. Besides, doing so in one blog post would, for all intents and purposes, be summarizing several years worth the tweets I have produced -- something I neither have the time for, nor feel compelled to repeat. Instead, I feel we as the Jew-wise community at large would be making better use of our time and intellectual abilities by examining this issue on a level deeper than is typically seen -- more than just the simple 'how' and 'why.' In doing so, we are inevitably led to ponder questions which not only have the potential to create a blueprint for defeating this enemy of all mankind, but questions that divide us as a community and send us on divergent paths in our quest to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren -- one without the Jew controlling nearly every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave.

There are two primary schools of thought in terms of the Jewish problem and how to deal with it -- one being spiritually or theologically-based, and the other being more geared towards race and biology. While I don't necessarily find these two approaches mutually exclusive or diametrically opposed to one another, and share some important views with those who stand firmly on both sides of the equation, I have witnessed these conflicting view points create a somewhat troublesome dynamic. And while I believe these types of quarrels can indeed be avoided, they are bound to occur and it is absolutely essential that we address these issues in a productive and enlightening fashion. 

My most frequent observation vis a vis this divergent approach has been a passionate disdain for Jew-wise Christians and Christianity in general, which I admittedly find to be misguided. Without mentioning specific publications or authors (all of whom I retain great respect and appreciation for), I must point out what appears to be counter-productive and somewhat contradictory measures as it pertains to attacks on Jew-wise Christians. Allow me to explain as best I can what I find contradictory about the virulent anti-Christian approach; which, incidentally, ties right back in with the racially-oriented approach and how we have to this point come to make sense of just how the Jew has attained the global status he has....

I think we can all agree that the "achievements" of the Tribe defy rational explanation. With that being said, is it not safe to also assume that something beyond our human comprehension has at least had a guiding hand in the realization of these "achievements?" I'm confident this perplexing little issue has given many if not all of us fits, as I myself have sure as hell struggled with this. This mystery, if you will, has been the driving force behind the hours upon hours of conversations my friend and I have had. It is with that in mind, and with my extensive background in religious studies, where I find the anti-Christian sentiment problematic. You see, the Jew lays claim to the title of spiritually-superior being, and all of their dogma to that end can with great accuracy be interpreted as a direct inverse of the truth Jew-wise Christians find for themselves in the New Testament. It is hardly a stretch, therefore, to conclude that "the Synagogue of Satan" to which Jesus referred is just that -- a demonic, otherworldly entity -- whose modern-day descendants are those who call themselves "chosen." I am not an adherent Christian, nor do I believe one must be in order to see the validity in something we simply may not fully understand. There is far, FAR too much scripture which supports the notion that the Jew is indeed a different spiritual being for the New Testament and Christianity in its purest form to be nothing more than a Jewish psyop. If nothing else, this would be a terribly risky psyop for the Jew to roll the dice on. When you consider the primitive-in-comparison eras of the past, it becomes all the more dangerous of an operation on their part. The bottom line here is this: Judaized Christianity is a very real and very rampant problem, but it does not in itself render the Christian-oriented resistance to Jewish tyranny utterly invalid and without substance. There is merit to the theory of inverse pathology behind the Jew's "chosen" status as it pertains to the origins of Christianity. I would argue, in fact, that an outright dismissal of this approach necessitates an outright dismissal of an unseen advantage altogether, at which point we return to the racial/biological approach mentioned previously...

The Jew's propensity for claiming superiority in the intellectual realm is as well-known and pervasive as their claims of spiritual superiority. For a variety of reasons -- not the least of which includes generations of inbreeding leading to various genetic abnormalities and mental disorders -- this bravado is patently absurd, and I've yet to encounter a blatantly anti-Christian Jew-wise individual who would say otherwise. What, then, are we left with as we attempt to make sense of the vast, nearly omnipresent power and influence this small minority has amassed for itself? If they are not, in fact, aided by an otherworldly force which cannot but find its roots in Christianity and its resistance to the Jew; and they are also quite obviously not a group possessing intellectual capabilities significantly greater than their Gentile counterparts, a starting point from which to piece together this puzzle remains nowhere to be found. We all know very well the tricks they've used; the tactics they've employed; the simultaneously communal and cutthroat dichotomy which seems innate in their very being. All spanning the course of recorded history as we know it. Yet, as we try and find a logical explanation as to how this pattern developed and maintained itself against so much resistance for so long, we continue to go in circles. And that is exactly what my friend and I have done so many times. Each time, we end up back at square one; chicken and egg in the most depressing manifestation imaginable. 

In order for us to defeat the enemy, we must understand the enemy to whatever extent humanly possible. Less than 2% of the world's population does not write and re-write history, then call an obvious lie the truth only for the masses to fall in line with stunning obedience; they do not subvert powerful nations & dictate to those nations the killing of countless millions of innocent human beings; they do not occupy positions of power, influence and authority in all but a handful of the world's nations while enacting policies that are overtly harmful to the very planet we inhabit; they do not commit the most heinous of crimes and act in the most barbaric of ways while convincing the entire world it is THEY who are perpetual victims... They do not do these things without the presence of a yet-to-be-revealed advantage which has made it all possible, starting thousands of years ago. Whether this advantage is biological, theological, or some strange mixture of the two, it has become undeniable to me that it exists in a very real way. All of the patterns, behaviors and tactics that can possibly be cited throughout history do not come close to providing an adequate explanation for how we have gotten to where we are. 

And so it is with that, I ask your feedback. I ask my fellow Jew-wise seekers of truth to shed light on the true origins of this power being exerted, and just how we begin to, at the very least, hinder its progression, before the Talmudic super-state New World Order becomes a reality. There are answers -- I am sure of this. Unfortunately, I am equally as sure of the fact that we have not yet unearthed them. Let us all who have been truly awakened acknowledge not only that our knowledge and brain capacity in this plain of existence is limited, but that without a conscious effort to understand our enemy with more precision, TOGETHER, we are doomed to fail. I am not a Christian, as I stated, so I do not believe that ultimately justice will be served without us doing our part. What I am, though, is a man with an open mind; both enlightened and utterly confounded at the same time. I want to zero in on the source of this depraved group's power by any means, wherever it may lie, and destroy it once and for all.