Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Attempted coup in Turkey: The writing has been on the wall

The attempted coup in Turkey last week has yet again highlighted just how misinformed and easily manipulated most in the 'Truther' community are. Anyone who has followed me on Twitter for any length of time should recall I've been predicting this little development for some time. After all, one need not be a modern day Nostradamus in order to have foreseen what has recently transpired; the writing has indeed been on the wall for all to decipher. The seemingly dominant reaction to the attempted coup in Turkey and attempt to overthrow democratically-elected president Erdogan has been one of celebration, or at the very least indifference -- Erdogan is a maniacal, power-hungry dictator who will stop at nothing to consolidate his power, or so the narrative goes. Whether or not the aforementioned Turkish leader has a propensity for autocratic behavior has no bearing on the subversive activities being imported into Turkey; and in fact, it's not difficult to argue that against the backdrop of continual meddling and interference in Turkey's domestic affairs by some of the most unsavory foreign entities out there, a trend towards power being more and more consolidated in Erdogan's hands is entirely justified.

A theme I touched on last night in one of my occasional twitter rants was the 'all or nothing' mentality so many in the 'truther' community tend to utilize in their vain attempt to sort out the many troublesome events and circumstances we all follow on a day-to-day basis. This approach has been fully applied in the case of the coup attempt in Turkey, and really for as long as I can remember in regards to Erdogan and Turkey before any overthrow was even attempted. Turkey is, of course, a country which finds itself on the wrong end of some very disturbing and insidious future plans for the world as a whole. Without going into too much detail on all that is currently at stake and how Turkey fits into all of this, I recommend taking in some fine analysis courtesy of Penny's blog here and Scott Creighton's blog here. They seem to be two of the few who a firm grasp on the dynamic in Turkey which has been playing itself out for years now.

Another ridiculous theory making the rounds on the internet is Erdogan "staged" this coup attempt to further tighten his grip on power and carry out Stalin-like purges within the Turkish government. (For what it's worth, any purges that have occurred or will occur as a result of this failed coup attempt are more than justifiable.) At any rate, the main point to consider when analyzing this situation is this: Turkey as it currently exists as a sovereign state represents an obstacle to the "Greater Israel project. As a consequence of this unfortunate position on Jew Inc's (as Greg Bacon over at so aptly refers to them) chopping block, Turkey -- despite being ostensibly an ally of the US and 'Israel' -- has been ruthlessly dragged through the mud and demonized in the Western media and has also been ground zero for numerous black ops, subversive activities and Gladio-style "terror attacks." Let's be realistic here for a moment, folks -- powerful nations who hold favorable standing with the Jewish state and it's proxy regime in Washington are not targeted in the way Turkey has been. It simply does not work like that, and even Russia, one of the JMSM's other favorite fabricated enemies, does not have to contend with the bloody machinations that Erdogan's Turkey has been subject to on a regular basis for years now.

As an aside, speaking of Russia and its alleged status as Public Enemy No. 1 of the Israel/US/Nato Axis of Talmudic evil...
Let's not forget that just months ago Turkish military shot down a Russian jet, killing two Russian nationals, in an event the media conveniently framed as a reckless violation of international law on the part of TURKEY. Forgive me if I just cannot bring myself to believe, all things considered, that Erdogan or anyone allied with him within the Turkish government deliberately shot down a jet of one of the most powerful nations on Earth if said jet did not in fact pose at least a perceived threat to the country by violating its airspace. Unless that shoot-down was concocted by rogue elements within the Turkish military who want to see Erdogan ousted as badly as those previously mentioned foreign entities, that act was a clear and decisive provocation against Turkey in order to elicit the exact reaction it ultimately did. Erdogan is not stupid or naïve, he is fully cognizant of the ever-present threat to his presidency and life, and therefore would never in a million years take such provocative action. Erdogan, of course, was humiliated and forced to atone for his alleged misdeed, in the same way he has been forced into playing nice with 'Israel,' lest he be given even less opportunity to bide his time before the elements of subversion sow total chaos and disorder in his country for the cause of the Kurdistan project and its nasty little Jew World Order sister-scheme "Greater Israel."

This is the reality of the situation here. Turkey is being targeted for balkanization, an endeavor which runs parallel with both the Saudi massacre of Yemen and the "Greater Israel" project on the whole. Additionally, none of this can be achieved without the explicit or implicit consent of almighty Russia and emperor Putin, whose butting of heads with Erdogan over the past couple years is well-documented. The lying JMSM and alternative media alike would have you believe Erdogan is well and cozy with the demented, murderous Jewish land-thieves of 'Israel' and that Putin is the lone powerful opposition to that cult/crime syndicate/rogue "state," when in fact Russia is closely aligned with 'Israel' and controlled in large part from the inside by the very same nexus of Jewish international criminals who currently exercise complete control over the world's other superpower -- Russia's alleged enemy -- the United States of America. If Russia stood in opposition to the plans being drawn up at the expense of Erdogan's Turkey and its status as a sovereign nation, it possesses all the ability in the world to put a halt to the domestic terror operations and unrest that are taking place on Turkish soil. It has no intention of doing so because, as previously stated, Turkey is on the chopping block and the primary players developing these preparations have allowed Russia a favorable seat at the table. 

Furthermore, a not so insignificant detail to this equation is currently residing about 15 minutes from my home in Northeast Pennsylvania -- his name being Fethullah Gulen. He's been kicking it stateside on his lavish compound, undoubtedly under the protection of certain alphabet agencies, since the late 90's when his trouble-making in Turkey was brought to light and he was forced to exile himself in order to avoid his rightful fate of prison or worse. I have long opined to friends and acquaintances that this subversive would find his way back to Turkey immediately upon the overthrow of president Erdogan. Lo and behold, as soon as the coup attempt transpired, Gulen was a hot topic of conversation across the national media. This is clearly not an accident, and for as long as I've known about this man, I've seen him portrayed as some sort of persecuted saint who'd be far better suited to lead a country in turmoil than Fuhrer Erdogan.

Nothing about this coup was staged, and all indications past and present are that Gulen is guilty of precisely what Erdogan has accused him of, for which he has tried in vain to extradite him back to Turkey for the duration of the former's exile. This little chapter of history is far from over, and we should fully expect to see Gulen's name continue to make headlines as Turkey is further bullied and destabilized until the goal of failed-state status and balkanization for the Kurdistan project and "Greater Israel" has been realized.

Lastly, I would once again encourage everyone to pay close attention to how the JMSM portrays Erdogan and especially his ongoing feud with Kurdish terror proxies masquerading as valiant freedom-fighters engaged in the moral war for good, old-fashioned "democratic principles." That entire dynamic in and of itself is sufficiently revealing in telling the story of what has been going on in Turkey for some time now. Erdogan may very well be a bastard of historic proportions. That fact, however, totally irrelevant as it is, has been the foundation on which the demonization campaign relies, eliciting emotional reactions from the public who then abandon all critical thought because "Erdogan = Hitler" or something. You better believe the world is a much better place with that "dictator" in place than it will be once they finally manage to depose him.

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