Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Obama's bathroom agenda: cementing his legacy as an agent for Jewish degeneration

Did you think the newest cause championed by the Jewish-inspired subversive, leftist SJW clique of degenerates -- the "transgender bathroom equality" movement -- was going to lose steam and fizzle out? If you did, you'd be dead wrong. In an altogether unsurprising development, the outgoing puppet-in-chief has officially jumped on the bandwagon; and by virtue of his position as ostensible head honcho, it would be reasonable to say he has indeed commandeered that bandwagon of political and  social insanity that has become all too commonplace in our occupied states of America in the 21st century.

I was born in 1985, and as such, my earliest memories of times passed are rooted in the early to mid 90's -- an era of already-underway societal decay to be sure, but with a semblance of sanity and wholesomeness still intact. That being said, I'm left to try and observe the many recent developments along these lines, and indeed the monumental shift towards a culture of anything-goes filth in general -- through the eyes of Americans belonging to generations that predate my own. I ask myself, if one were to give a glimpse of the future to the average American living in say, the 1950's, just how profound would the disbelief  expressed be? Could our current state of affairs even be grasped by the average American living in a time period that in retrospect now resembles something of a feel-good storybook or sitcom? 

Make no mistake about it, this "transgender bathroom equality" battle has nothing to do with equality at all. Nor does the natural inclination to find one's self in opposition to the agenda being rigorously pursued imply an individual is "transphobic," "homophobic," "bigoted," or any other free-speech quelling label conjured up by an increasingly militant, Jewish-driven leftist mob of soulless lunatics. This bathroom agenda which the puppet-in-chief has now thrown his weight behind is merely one more tool of divisive subversion, purposefully engineered social unrest and attack on basic human decency to go along with -- and compliment -- the continual unraveling of cohesion and societal fabric of the United States which was set into motion long, long ago.

Children of elementary school age cannot be "transgender," or for that matter, any other sexually-ambiguous creature -- of which new versions are seemingly churned out and circulated in the Jew media weekly at this point. This simple fact aside, the persistence with which these sexual/gender ambiguity issues have been hammered into the public conscience signify in a most crystal clear way, that "equality" and "tolerance" are nothing more than a poorly-constructed disguise for a malicious and debilitating agenda to weaken the American people as a whole and destroy the very fabric of what is now nothing more than a host country for a blood-thirsty parasite to use and abuse as it pleases.  

Obama's grooming and rise to "power" by the hands of Jewish subversives with ties to literal terrorist groups requires no elaboration here; the facts are well-known and speak for themselves. On the same token, the Talmudic influence behind the direction this country has taken and the disastrous movements that have been spawned as a result are equally well-known to anyone who has taken the time to objectively examine the matters at hand. It should therefore come as no surprise that, prior to leaving office, puppet-in-chief Obama has officially lent his voice to this disturbing phenomenon of attempted dissolution of any and all goyim identity and further corrupts the hearts and minds of America's children -- America's future. You see, in order for the Jew to successfully usher in the permanent, unchallenged dictatorship over their goyim subjects -- the manifestation of the New/Jew World Order, thousands of years in the making -- any and all potential obstacle standing in their way must be cleverly neutralized and ultimately shattered beyond repair. In first trivializing, and later overtly demonizing, goyim identities which represent a cohesive structure capable of unifying for the sake of defense and survival, the Talmudic conspiracy chips away at any potential opposition and moves ever closer to a position of being the single unified body possessing the means and wherewithal to be entrenched in a position of power and authority.

The entire Western world is and has been under attack in this way, but it is the United States of America which represents a unique force -- militarily, spiritually, economically and so forth -- that in the eyes of the Jewish conspirators must be brought to its knees and utterly destroyed if the conspiracy is to succeed. And that, my friends, is the catalyst for "social justice" movements which emphasize forfeiture of individual identities and traditional structures in favor of a monotonous existence where cultural and spiritual values not deemed "progressive" enough (i.e. morally bankrupt) are met with incessant shame and ridicule. The objective is to weaken, demoralize, divide and conquer; conquer the very minds of the American people and the Western world as a whole.

To that end, Barack Obama has made one final public declaration of his loyalty to his Talmudic masters and their plans for crippling their host nation on their way to uncontested authority over their "spiritual subordinates" the world over. Any parent who feeds to their child the notion of gender ambiguity or other concepts completely foreign and indiscernible to minds so young and impressionable, ought to be not only shamed and humiliated in a sane society, but they should also be imprisoned and stripped of the ability to rear children and further contaminate a society already emanating the rotten stench of depravity. This, of course, is another matter altogether, yet worth pointing out in light of the prevalence of these repugnant, thoroughly poisoned individuals carrying out the work of those who seek to extinguish our way of life as we know it.  

Each individual possesses the right to be who they want to be and live their life in a manner they feel suits them. However, in no way do those rights take precedence over the well-being of a society when the former has taken on a role of official policy and constitutes a direct threat to the latter. It is unquestionable, at this stage, the threat of the aforementioned militant movements are indeed the goal. Nothing good will come of any such movements, as anyone with even limited brain capacity and no agenda to be had should easily recognize. Not for the general goyim public at least. This madness must be called out for what it is, and the outgoing puppet-in-chief should likewise be recognized as the vile agent for Jewish ruination of Gentile identity and values that he is and always has been.


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