Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Setting the record straight on the "differences" between Zionism and Judaism

As criticism of the illegal Jewish "state" of Israel continues to grow, so too does the "movement" of "Jews against Israel" and the rallying cry of Jews and Gentiles alike -- "Zionism isn't Judaism!" and "Zionism is a perversion of Judaism!" Is there a distinction to be made between the two as so many "activists" insist? Is Zionism really a "perversion" of Judaism? Let's try and clear this up as best we can.

For anyone possessing a reasonably sufficient knowledge on the Jewish religion and tradition, their "holy" doctrine, and of the long, cruel, bloody history of the "state" of Israel and its policies, it is plainly evident that the parallels between the former and the latter are unmistakable. Let's keep in mind, first of all, and leaving the Talmud aside for the moment, that the Torah is Jewish Law. While not on par with the Talmud in terms of unfathomable depravity (really, nothing is), the Torah is nonetheless a collection of laws and rituals depicting and demanding of adherents obedience to barbaric practices and cruelty towards the disobedient heathen -- aka the goyim -- which are shocking to say the very least. Again, unlike in the case of Christianity, where the Torah represents merely a segment of the faith's history, for adherents of Judaism, these books are the Law. One need not invest a great deal of time and effort to discover the brutality contained within the Torah. Read it for yourself and determine if this collection of laws and rituals is indicative of a religion of peace, tolerance and compassion, and whether it has any place in today's world. The Talmud -- a continuation of the Torah and "spiritual guide" for the majority of adherents to the Jewish "faith" -- is chock full of reprehensible and downright inhuman filth including but not limited to, rape, theft, pedophilia, necrophilia, murder and all sorts of behavior which defy all conceptions of moral decency. Again, a quick overview of its contents is more than sufficient to leave the average person disgusted and shocked. It is crucial for one to familiarize themselves with these "holy" doctrines in order to accurately conclude if indeed there exists a distinction between Zionism and Judaism, and if so, what exactly distinction is to be made.

So having established that, the question must be asked, from where does the opposition to Zionism and the "state" of Israel on the part of these alleged anti-Zionist Jews originate? What is it, exactly, that places them in alleged opposition to the formation of the Jewish "state" and the endless horror that has accompanied it? There are a variety of possible explanations for this alleged opposition.

The first being, these "anti-Zionist" Jews diverge from their Zionist counterparts in theological interpretation. In other words, the formation of the Jewish state at this chronological stage is incompatible with their interpretation and strategy relating to the fulfillment of their theological endgame. From their point of view, the Zionist entity is an impediment to the culmination of Judaism as the victor over "evil" and the manifestation of the Jewish "messiah." Therefore, it is important to remember that this type of opposition is by no means humanitarian in nature, and that the occupation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people represents not actions or values contradictory to the Jewish "faith," but merely an obstacle on the path towards ultimate supremacy of the Jewish "faith" over the world of sinners and heathens. What can be said, then, of the Jews who are vocal specifically about their opposition to the atrocities committed by the Zionist regime? That brings us to our next possible explanation...

We've seen them all over social media, blogs and in the "alternative" media -- These Orthodox Jews expressing their "outrage" over the brutality of the Zionist regime. However, when we consider the fact pointed out earlier, that even "non-Zionist" Jews (think 'True Torah Jews') are strict adherents to the Torah and consider it their Law, it's difficult to imagine just how these Jews reconcile their "outrage" over Israeli brutality with their devotion to a Law which that very Zionist regime is carrying out each and every day with equal or even greater devotion. The obvious takeaway from this inconsistent stance is that some "anti-Zionist" Jews are actually not anti-Zionist at all, but doing their part to maintain for Judaism a positive, humane appearance. In successfully maintaining this positive image for Judaism, the focus remains solely on the Zionist "STATE" as the source of not only the plight of the Palestinians but the problems facing the entire world which are attributable to Israel and are therefore in reality Jewish problems. In this way, the Zionist regime and the "anti-Zionist" Jews are two ostensibly opposing forces working within the same dynamic to achieve the same goals, only with very different but equally important roles.

To elaborate a bit more on this point, lets ponder for a moment a scenario in which this "opposition" to the Zionist agenda from within the ranks of Jewry was totally absent, and Jewry, along with their religious endgame, constituted a unified voice. Would this agenda continue to flourish as it has? Would it have accomplished all it has and made it this far, accruing the gains it has over the past six or seven decades? Or would the rest of Gentile humanity have risen up and brought this massive conspiracy to an end? This dissenting voice from within is the lifeblood of the worldwide Zionist conspiracy and with the absence of this alleged opposition only brute force upon the entire planet could be utilized to continue this project. Even in 2016, let alone in the 1940's, 60's or 80's, the probability of success by means of brute force is ZERO. This dissent from within, as you can see, is absolutely crucial and necessary. Along those same lines, it can be said that Zionism, and more specifically the "state" of Israel has served a dual purpose and functions on two different, seemingly contradictory fronts. One being a latter stage of the ultimate fulfillment of the Jewish religion; that being the whole body of world Jewry being united in the "homeland" -- the manifestation of their "messiah." The other being the red herring to end all red herrings; the Zionist "state" as a scapegoat for all the traits, conspiracies, ideals and crimes against humanity attributable in actuality to Judaism itself.

Finally, another explanation for this alleged Jewish opposition to the Zionist regime is an element contained in the previous two, and one straight out of the Judaism playbook, outlined in the Talmud and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Put simply, the principle of taking advantage of, subjugation and undoing of the goyim without the slightest inclination on the part of the latter. As has already been illustrated, this is undoubtedly the most effective means of continuance and ultimate success of not only this agenda, but any which seeks control and supremacy over the populace in virtually any fashion. The third explanation for this "opposition" is therefore pure deception in order to accomplish the agenda of Jewish supremacy over the entire planet, but strictly from the standpoint of following the "spiritual guidelines" of the Talmud -- which in itself is obedience to Jewish Law (the exploitation of the goyim without detection).

The inconvenient and rather unfortunate truth of the matter at hand is that even if the Talmud is excluded from a Jew's observance, the Torah, when taken as Law and adhered to in the archaic manner that the Jewish faith demands, is a set of dogma that is inherently violent, discriminatory and supremacist, with non-Jews taking on the status of second-class citizens at best. Traditions practiced which violate every human concept of decency are not exclusive to the Talmud alone. 'Oral suction circumcision' -- known to normal human beings as child molestation -- for example, is not limited to adherents of the Talmud. The general perception and consensus of a "chosen" people, spiritually superior beings to all non-Jews, is also not limited to Talmud adherents. The Talmud simply zeroed in on the most vile aspects of the Torah and expanded them.

The Zionist regime is, by all accounts, a living manifestation of Judaism as depicted in both the Torah and Talmud. Judaism's dogma and nearly 70 years of history prove this fact irrefutably. The presence of "anti-Zionist" Jews in no way proves otherwise. If you're reading this and still do not accept this, it only means you've yet to become familiar with Judaism's fundamental doctrine and 2,000+ years of history. The only distinctions to be made between Judaism and Zionism are ones of personal perception and/or bias, and that of one being the written doctrine and the other being the actual manifestation of that doctrine. There are, of course, religious Jews who take a very moderate approach to their "faith," choosing to downplay the importance of, or outright reject the more anti-social and anti-human aspects of the religion. There also may very well be religious Jews who aren't really religious at all and in fact know very little about Judaism itself, in the same way many Catholics carry around the label while practicing little or nothing of their religion. In regards to these particular Jews, there is nothing of relevance to be said. The fact that these individuals are a part of the equation to some extent does not alter the character of Judaism or bring any inconclusiveness into the facts of the subject matter. These particular Jews would be wise to gain a better understanding of the religion they profess and cut ties with it, as a result joining the rest of humanity.

Zionism is a "perversion of Judaism" the same way a shooting rampage is a perversion of the manifesto the shooter wrote outlining in great detail the crimes he later committed. In spite of the Orthodox Jews holding signs for photo ops and attending pro-Palestine rallies; in spite of the pictures you see on the Internet of a Jew walking down the street next to an Arab Muslim some 100 years ago; in spite of that one Jewish friend you had in college; and in spite of the rhetoric of all the cool people and hasbara accounts on Twitter... Zionism is not, in any way, shape or form, a perversion of Judaism. 

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