Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Running list of charlatans, operatives, disinfo agents, gatekeepers,limited hangouts & various shills

I'd like to keep a running and often updated list of every charlatan, operative, disinformation artist, asset, agent, limited hangout, gatekeeper, provocateur, shill and imposter of any kind. Basically, any individual who has inserted themselves into the 'activist' or 'truther' sphere in any meaningful fashion and has a legitimate following or audience. This list will include everything from 'alternative media' personalities, 'intellectuals,' writers/bloggers, and media heroes, to actors, musicians and everything in between.

This is by no means a complete list as I, like everyone else, am continually learning, growing and gathering new information. However, I'd like to cover as many individuals as possible and am always open to suggestions on who should be included that isn't already named here. 

I will also include a list of individuals who may or may not belong on this list but who, at the present time, I am unsure of or have raised some sort of suspicion for me.

I'm sure this can be helpful to some degree for those trying to wade through the cesspool of disinformation and confusion within the 'truth-seeking' community, and also generate some important dialog.

Without further ado...

-Gordon Duff
-Stanley Cohen
-Sibel Edmonds 
-Karen Hudes
-Noam Chomsky
-Julian Assange 
-Eddie Snowden
-Thomas Drake
-Webster Tarpley
-Seymour Hersh
-Jacob Appelbaum
-Alex Jones
-David Icke
-Mark Dice
-Abby Martin
-Max Blumenthal
-Molly Crabapple
-Jeremy Scahill
-Glenn Greenwald
-Shaun King
-Matt Taibbi
-Rania Khalek
-Kevin Gosztola
-Owen Jones
-Tony Cartalucci
-Robbie Martin
-Justin Raimondo
-Adam Kokesh
-Russell Brand
-YourAnonCentral, YourAnonNews and most 'Anons' in general
-Lupe Fiasco
-James Corbett
-David Duke

Currently on the fence:
-Jim Fetzer
-Dane Wigington

I'm sure I am missing quite a few that will come to me shortly. This is just right off the top of my head to get this rolling...


  1. Amy Goodman
    Mike Rivero
    Jordan Maxwell

    earlier to make a list of those that aren't

    just kidding

  2. oh ffs...

    there are no "agents" or "shills".
    trutherism was an alt-right front from the start. its only dumb luck and lots of lying that got real activists to take it seriously...for a while.
    but you should be concerned about the middle east and russian fake news clowns like abby martin and her brother robby.
    but then you’ve got noam and taibbi on your list of fail--showing you're just mixing up racists and fake news frauds with real people. its a con artist tactic to confuse bamboozeled people looking for "agents".

    aren't any. we know this cuz alex jones subscribes to intelligence briefings from private intelligence firms...using infowars email addy. not something someone who thinks there are really government agents would do with their real contact info.

    then there's this blog on googles servers, lol. you're either gullible or a hack.