Friday, January 15, 2016

Phil Mickelson Greaves is a petulant little commie cockroach and closet Jew

On October 27th, 1917, the Bolsheviks took power in Russia. Phillip did not participate since, after all, this was 1917. However, in Phillip's imagination, he was there, guns blazin', leading the uprising (nearly bloodless coup) and basking in the glory of the victorious Jewish Bolshevik reign of terror and brutality that was about to ensue. Okay, okay, I'm just guessing here, but it's not difficult to imagine for anyone who has had the extreme displeasure of becoming acquainted with this smug, petulant little communist douchebag.  

Phillip Mickelson Greaves is not your run-of-the-mill, know-it-all, Twitter revolutionary. Oh, no, this is Phil Motherfuckin' Greaves, THE undisputed heavyweight champion of Twitter revolutionaries; the reincarnation of Uncle Joe Stalin himself. You do NOT question Phil, or you will be put in your place with all sorts of pseudo-intellectual verbal character assassination, chock full of big words and demeaning commie babble, which he has literally made into an art form. Shortly thereafter, should he realize he is unable to bully you with any effectiveness, you will be blocked. 

When Phillip isn't busy organizing the impending revolution and telling everyone in sight how stupid they are, he spends his down time perfecting his golf game. Yes, Phil, the hardened revolutionary, is a golfer -- and a pretty damn good one at that. Word on the street is he actually came close to making a career of it, but ultimately Phil decided the revolution demanded his full attention and effort. 

Here is a (unconfirmed) photograph of Phil after one of his tournaments: 

Have a look at Phil's pinned tweet. It couldn't be more fitting, really, considering there can hardly be anyone left on Twitter Phil hasn't criticized (to put it politely).

Phil is pretty much the most obnoxious, pompous, smug, arrogant, repugnant, insufferable individual you can find on twitter dot com. This is no exaggeration, and that is quite the honor when you take into account the mind-boggling numbers by which the truly reprehensible communists/leftists are represented there. 

Phil shares a great deal of similarities with his idol, the mass-murdering sociopath Joseph Stalin. 

The first and most pertinent similarity is that which relates to Israel and Zionism. Uncle Joe publicly opposed Zionism, while in private he told his wartime BFFs Churchill and FDR that he absolutely supported Zionism in principle. In fact, Stalin played one of the largest and most important roles in establishing the  "state" of Israel. Phil, while paying lip service to the Palestinian struggle and expressing anti-Zionist sentiment, consistently makes excuses for the Jewish state and its unspeakable crimes against humanity. This shouldn't come as a surprise since communists are almost always sympathetic to the Jews and their supremacist ideals, being that communism was and always has been a parallel movement along with Judaism/Zionism. Phil Greaves himself is in all likelihood a closet Jew, to boot.  

Another trait the two share is their limitless, unabashed narcissism. Phil hates everyone, make no mistake about it. Phil loves Phil. Phil is loyal to Phil. Phil wants nothing but to hear his groupies and followers sing his praises. Unfortunately for those poor souls, even that is often not good enough, and he will "purge" your ass, just like Uncle Joe literally purged the fuck out of anyone and everyone who didn't live up to his expectations, and sometimes even just for the hell of it.

Phil Mickelson Greaves is a hate-filled, self-righteous, low-life jerkoff with absolutely no redeeming qualities and who condones mass-murder, starvation and torture. Hands down one of the three worst people I encountered during my five years on twitter, if not THE worst. Pure and utter scum. 

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