Friday, October 7, 2016

Time to face the facts: Putin is a Jewish puppet

Far too many of the otherwise knowledgeable and Jew-wise among us still cannot come to grips with the fact that Vladimir Putin is not the anti-imperialist crusader and strong, independent leader they so badly wish him to be. No, Mr. Putin is a Jewish puppet of the highest order just like the overwhelming majority of world "leaders," especially those of the Jew-occupied West. Last night and this morning I took to twitter in an attempt to make this abundantly clear, and what I will do here is present screenshots from those tweets, then briefly elaborate on each. When all is said and done, there should be little, if any, remaining doubt that Russia's president is little more than a Jewish puppet who cannot be trusted.

To begin:

It is often cited by Putin defenders -- as perhaps the primary reason as to why we should believe he is a force for good and even feared by world Jewry -- that he "kicked the Jewish oligarchs out of Russia,"  If we're being generous, this is a half-truth -- but more so a misrepresentation of the facts. The story being referenced involved competing factions of Jewish power-players, one of which Putin allied with, the other standing in opposition to him. The latter, indeed felt Putin's wrath. The former, well... I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

It is well-known even among Putin defenders that Russia's central bank remains under the control of Jews, not the Russian state, and therefore does not serve the interests of the Russian people. Enough said.

As far as the second part of that tweet is concerned... Not long ago Russia announced it will no longer renew dual-citizenship for Russian nationals living abroad -- largely in Israel. This was interpreted by many as a "stick it to the Jews" measure, while in reality this move was made as a favor to the Jewish state in the midst of an ongoing trend of Jews leaving Israel at a rate significantly higher than those migrating to the Jewish state. The short-sighted reaction by Putin stans is unfortunately quite indicative of the analysis utilized in the bigger picture.

When Russia inserted itself into the Jewish-American-created conflict in Syria -- as an "ally" of Assad, but really to secure its own national interests in the region -- they offered assurance to Israel that any violations of Syrian airspace by the Jewish state's military would not be met with force, as would normally be standard protocol seeing as the Russian military is present at the behest of the Syrian government to aid militarily in the defense of the nation. A peculiar development, to be sure, especially when one considers the fact that Israeli violation of Syrian airspace accompanied by unprovoked acts of war, in defiance of international law, has been a regular occurrence. 

 Another development upon Russia coming to the aid of the Syrian government was Netanyahu immediately being flown to Russia upon Russia's formal entry into the conflict. Whatever the purpose for the visit may have been, it's more than fair to assume that Putin has an obligation of some sort to secure the approval of the Israeli Prime Minister for whatever action might be taken. With that being said, the commitment to defending the Syrian state comes into question, and consequently just how dubious the nature of Putin's loyalty to Assad may be.

Continuing along the lines of Putin's questionable loyalty to his "allies," Iran represents a critical aspect of this discussion. Iran, of course, being under a constant threat of unprovoked aggression on the part of Israel -- and the United States as well -- possesses very little in the way of a formidable defense, militarily, in comparison to its enemies. Russia, ostensibly being Iran's single ally capable of adequately defending Iran in this regard, cannot be seen as reliable given its already questionable motives as it pertains to Syria. The picture is further complicated by the fact that, while Israel unceasingly takes an aggressive and threatening posture towards Iran, Putin not only maintains a cozy relationship with Israel, but has not once rebuked the latter in a meaningful way for their hostilities towards his supposed ally. Therefore it begs the question: Were Israel to attack Iran, what would Putin's response be? Something tells me his response would be almost non-existent; and whatever lip-service he may offer up to address such an egregious act would be met with the usual "it's part of his long-term grand scheme!" rationalization his loyal apostles employ any other time a logical explanation escapes them. So it goes...

Another commonly cited occurrence Putin die-hards stand by as a testament to his authenticity was his public acknowledgement that the Bolsheviks were predominantly Jewish. This is no secret, especially among Russians. This admission, in itself, was nothing more than an inconsequential public relations move aimed at reinforcing in the minds of the Russian people his honesty and transparency -- an appeasement of sorts, given the justified anti-semitic sentiment among a large portion of Russian society, 

It's important to note, at this juncture, that it is not what he said in this case, but what he didn't say, and even more imperatively all that relates to his omission when alluding to that particular subject matter. Namely, the extent and magnitude of Bolshevik atrocities, how they are almost entirely overlooked, and how instead world war 2 lies and mythology are perpetuated with enthusiasm by Putin himself. What better example of this dishonesty and acquiescence to the power structure he is alleged to stand in defiance to, than his draconian Holocaust denial laws -- some of the harshest in the world? But it doesn't end there; anti-semitic interpretations of the bible have also been outlawed. To say this is pure insanity would be an understatement. 

I will close with this:

I stand by this statement. Best of luck to anyone who believes they can effectively counter the arguments I've just laid out here in a sound, logical way. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Understanding who/what the Jew really is on a transcendent level

Since making the remarkable transition from -- and I mean this with no disrespect -- bright yet manipulated voting liberal Democrat, to Jew-wise individual with whom I can converse with for hours on end in the most fulfilling manner, my very close friend and I have spent endless time and late nights attempting to dissect the subject of just how the Jew has, over millennia, accumulated and concentrated such immense power, influence and wealth. Sure, there are the obvious answers we all have come to understand, but those explanations are nevertheless incomplete.

The degree to which this very small minority wields power and control over the peoples of the entire world needs no elaboration for those who are interested in reading what I have to write; and therefore I have no intention of reciting the details which illustrate and confirm this. Besides, doing so in one blog post would, for all intents and purposes, be summarizing several years worth the tweets I have produced -- something I neither have the time for, nor feel compelled to repeat. Instead, I feel we as the Jew-wise community at large would be making better use of our time and intellectual abilities by examining this issue on a level deeper than is typically seen -- more than just the simple 'how' and 'why.' In doing so, we are inevitably led to ponder questions which not only have the potential to create a blueprint for defeating this enemy of all mankind, but questions that divide us as a community and send us on divergent paths in our quest to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren -- one without the Jew controlling nearly every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave.

There are two primary schools of thought in terms of the Jewish problem and how to deal with it -- one being spiritually or theologically-based, and the other being more geared towards race and biology. While I don't necessarily find these two approaches mutually exclusive or diametrically opposed to one another, and share some important views with those who stand firmly on both sides of the equation, I have witnessed these conflicting view points create a somewhat troublesome dynamic. And while I believe these types of quarrels can indeed be avoided, they are bound to occur and it is absolutely essential that we address these issues in a productive and enlightening fashion. 

My most frequent observation vis a vis this divergent approach has been a passionate disdain for Jew-wise Christians and Christianity in general, which I admittedly find to be misguided. Without mentioning specific publications or authors (all of whom I retain great respect and appreciation for), I must point out what appears to be counter-productive and somewhat contradictory measures as it pertains to attacks on Jew-wise Christians. Allow me to explain as best I can what I find contradictory about the virulent anti-Christian approach; which, incidentally, ties right back in with the racially-oriented approach and how we have to this point come to make sense of just how the Jew has attained the global status he has....

I think we can all agree that the "achievements" of the Tribe defy rational explanation. With that being said, is it not safe to also assume that something beyond our human comprehension has at least had a guiding hand in the realization of these "achievements?" I'm confident this perplexing little issue has given many if not all of us fits, as I myself have sure as hell struggled with this. This mystery, if you will, has been the driving force behind the hours upon hours of conversations my friend and I have had. It is with that in mind, and with my extensive background in religious studies, where I find the anti-Christian sentiment problematic. You see, the Jew lays claim to the title of spiritually-superior being, and all of their dogma to that end can with great accuracy be interpreted as a direct inverse of the truth Jew-wise Christians find for themselves in the New Testament. It is hardly a stretch, therefore, to conclude that "the Synagogue of Satan" to which Jesus referred is just that -- a demonic, otherworldly entity -- whose modern-day descendants are those who call themselves "chosen." I am not an adherent Christian, nor do I believe one must be in order to see the validity in something we simply may not fully understand. There is far, FAR too much scripture which supports the notion that the Jew is indeed a different spiritual being for the New Testament and Christianity in its purest form to be nothing more than a Jewish psyop. If nothing else, this would be a terribly risky psyop for the Jew to roll the dice on. When you consider the primitive-in-comparison eras of the past, it becomes all the more dangerous of an operation on their part. The bottom line here is this: Judaized Christianity is a very real and very rampant problem, but it does not in itself render the Christian-oriented resistance to Jewish tyranny utterly invalid and without substance. There is merit to the theory of inverse pathology behind the Jew's "chosen" status as it pertains to the origins of Christianity. I would argue, in fact, that an outright dismissal of this approach necessitates an outright dismissal of an unseen advantage altogether, at which point we return to the racial/biological approach mentioned previously...

The Jew's propensity for claiming superiority in the intellectual realm is as well-known and pervasive as their claims of spiritual superiority. For a variety of reasons -- not the least of which includes generations of inbreeding leading to various genetic abnormalities and mental disorders -- this bravado is patently absurd, and I've yet to encounter a blatantly anti-Christian Jew-wise individual who would say otherwise. What, then, are we left with as we attempt to make sense of the vast, nearly omnipresent power and influence this small minority has amassed for itself? If they are not, in fact, aided by an otherworldly force which cannot but find its roots in Christianity and its resistance to the Jew; and they are also quite obviously not a group possessing intellectual capabilities significantly greater than their Gentile counterparts, a starting point from which to piece together this puzzle remains nowhere to be found. We all know very well the tricks they've used; the tactics they've employed; the simultaneously communal and cutthroat dichotomy which seems innate in their very being. All spanning the course of recorded history as we know it. Yet, as we try and find a logical explanation as to how this pattern developed and maintained itself against so much resistance for so long, we continue to go in circles. And that is exactly what my friend and I have done so many times. Each time, we end up back at square one; chicken and egg in the most depressing manifestation imaginable. 

In order for us to defeat the enemy, we must understand the enemy to whatever extent humanly possible. Less than 2% of the world's population does not write and re-write history, then call an obvious lie the truth only for the masses to fall in line with stunning obedience; they do not subvert powerful nations & dictate to those nations the killing of countless millions of innocent human beings; they do not occupy positions of power, influence and authority in all but a handful of the world's nations while enacting policies that are overtly harmful to the very planet we inhabit; they do not commit the most heinous of crimes and act in the most barbaric of ways while convincing the entire world it is THEY who are perpetual victims... They do not do these things without the presence of a yet-to-be-revealed advantage which has made it all possible, starting thousands of years ago. Whether this advantage is biological, theological, or some strange mixture of the two, it has become undeniable to me that it exists in a very real way. All of the patterns, behaviors and tactics that can possibly be cited throughout history do not come close to providing an adequate explanation for how we have gotten to where we are. 

And so it is with that, I ask your feedback. I ask my fellow Jew-wise seekers of truth to shed light on the true origins of this power being exerted, and just how we begin to, at the very least, hinder its progression, before the Talmudic super-state New World Order becomes a reality. There are answers -- I am sure of this. Unfortunately, I am equally as sure of the fact that we have not yet unearthed them. Let us all who have been truly awakened acknowledge not only that our knowledge and brain capacity in this plain of existence is limited, but that without a conscious effort to understand our enemy with more precision, TOGETHER, we are doomed to fail. I am not a Christian, as I stated, so I do not believe that ultimately justice will be served without us doing our part. What I am, though, is a man with an open mind; both enlightened and utterly confounded at the same time. I want to zero in on the source of this depraved group's power by any means, wherever it may lie, and destroy it once and for all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Attempted coup in Turkey: The writing has been on the wall

The attempted coup in Turkey last week has yet again highlighted just how misinformed and easily manipulated most in the 'Truther' community are. Anyone who has followed me on Twitter for any length of time should recall I've been predicting this little development for some time. After all, one need not be a modern day Nostradamus in order to have foreseen what has recently transpired; the writing has indeed been on the wall for all to decipher. The seemingly dominant reaction to the attempted coup in Turkey and attempt to overthrow democratically-elected president Erdogan has been one of celebration, or at the very least indifference -- Erdogan is a maniacal, power-hungry dictator who will stop at nothing to consolidate his power, or so the narrative goes. Whether or not the aforementioned Turkish leader has a propensity for autocratic behavior has no bearing on the subversive activities being imported into Turkey; and in fact, it's not difficult to argue that against the backdrop of continual meddling and interference in Turkey's domestic affairs by some of the most unsavory foreign entities out there, a trend towards power being more and more consolidated in Erdogan's hands is entirely justified.

A theme I touched on last night in one of my occasional twitter rants was the 'all or nothing' mentality so many in the 'truther' community tend to utilize in their vain attempt to sort out the many troublesome events and circumstances we all follow on a day-to-day basis. This approach has been fully applied in the case of the coup attempt in Turkey, and really for as long as I can remember in regards to Erdogan and Turkey before any overthrow was even attempted. Turkey is, of course, a country which finds itself on the wrong end of some very disturbing and insidious future plans for the world as a whole. Without going into too much detail on all that is currently at stake and how Turkey fits into all of this, I recommend taking in some fine analysis courtesy of Penny's blog here and Scott Creighton's blog here. They seem to be two of the few who a firm grasp on the dynamic in Turkey which has been playing itself out for years now.

Another ridiculous theory making the rounds on the internet is Erdogan "staged" this coup attempt to further tighten his grip on power and carry out Stalin-like purges within the Turkish government. (For what it's worth, any purges that have occurred or will occur as a result of this failed coup attempt are more than justifiable.) At any rate, the main point to consider when analyzing this situation is this: Turkey as it currently exists as a sovereign state represents an obstacle to the "Greater Israel project. As a consequence of this unfortunate position on Jew Inc's (as Greg Bacon over at so aptly refers to them) chopping block, Turkey -- despite being ostensibly an ally of the US and 'Israel' -- has been ruthlessly dragged through the mud and demonized in the Western media and has also been ground zero for numerous black ops, subversive activities and Gladio-style "terror attacks." Let's be realistic here for a moment, folks -- powerful nations who hold favorable standing with the Jewish state and it's proxy regime in Washington are not targeted in the way Turkey has been. It simply does not work like that, and even Russia, one of the JMSM's other favorite fabricated enemies, does not have to contend with the bloody machinations that Erdogan's Turkey has been subject to on a regular basis for years now.

As an aside, speaking of Russia and its alleged status as Public Enemy No. 1 of the Israel/US/Nato Axis of Talmudic evil...
Let's not forget that just months ago Turkish military shot down a Russian jet, killing two Russian nationals, in an event the media conveniently framed as a reckless violation of international law on the part of TURKEY. Forgive me if I just cannot bring myself to believe, all things considered, that Erdogan or anyone allied with him within the Turkish government deliberately shot down a jet of one of the most powerful nations on Earth if said jet did not in fact pose at least a perceived threat to the country by violating its airspace. Unless that shoot-down was concocted by rogue elements within the Turkish military who want to see Erdogan ousted as badly as those previously mentioned foreign entities, that act was a clear and decisive provocation against Turkey in order to elicit the exact reaction it ultimately did. Erdogan is not stupid or naïve, he is fully cognizant of the ever-present threat to his presidency and life, and therefore would never in a million years take such provocative action. Erdogan, of course, was humiliated and forced to atone for his alleged misdeed, in the same way he has been forced into playing nice with 'Israel,' lest he be given even less opportunity to bide his time before the elements of subversion sow total chaos and disorder in his country for the cause of the Kurdistan project and its nasty little Jew World Order sister-scheme "Greater Israel."

This is the reality of the situation here. Turkey is being targeted for balkanization, an endeavor which runs parallel with both the Saudi massacre of Yemen and the "Greater Israel" project on the whole. Additionally, none of this can be achieved without the explicit or implicit consent of almighty Russia and emperor Putin, whose butting of heads with Erdogan over the past couple years is well-documented. The lying JMSM and alternative media alike would have you believe Erdogan is well and cozy with the demented, murderous Jewish land-thieves of 'Israel' and that Putin is the lone powerful opposition to that cult/crime syndicate/rogue "state," when in fact Russia is closely aligned with 'Israel' and controlled in large part from the inside by the very same nexus of Jewish international criminals who currently exercise complete control over the world's other superpower -- Russia's alleged enemy -- the United States of America. If Russia stood in opposition to the plans being drawn up at the expense of Erdogan's Turkey and its status as a sovereign nation, it possesses all the ability in the world to put a halt to the domestic terror operations and unrest that are taking place on Turkish soil. It has no intention of doing so because, as previously stated, Turkey is on the chopping block and the primary players developing these preparations have allowed Russia a favorable seat at the table. 

Furthermore, a not so insignificant detail to this equation is currently residing about 15 minutes from my home in Northeast Pennsylvania -- his name being Fethullah Gulen. He's been kicking it stateside on his lavish compound, undoubtedly under the protection of certain alphabet agencies, since the late 90's when his trouble-making in Turkey was brought to light and he was forced to exile himself in order to avoid his rightful fate of prison or worse. I have long opined to friends and acquaintances that this subversive would find his way back to Turkey immediately upon the overthrow of president Erdogan. Lo and behold, as soon as the coup attempt transpired, Gulen was a hot topic of conversation across the national media. This is clearly not an accident, and for as long as I've known about this man, I've seen him portrayed as some sort of persecuted saint who'd be far better suited to lead a country in turmoil than Fuhrer Erdogan.

Nothing about this coup was staged, and all indications past and present are that Gulen is guilty of precisely what Erdogan has accused him of, for which he has tried in vain to extradite him back to Turkey for the duration of the former's exile. This little chapter of history is far from over, and we should fully expect to see Gulen's name continue to make headlines as Turkey is further bullied and destabilized until the goal of failed-state status and balkanization for the Kurdistan project and "Greater Israel" has been realized.

Lastly, I would once again encourage everyone to pay close attention to how the JMSM portrays Erdogan and especially his ongoing feud with Kurdish terror proxies masquerading as valiant freedom-fighters engaged in the moral war for good, old-fashioned "democratic principles." That entire dynamic in and of itself is sufficiently revealing in telling the story of what has been going on in Turkey for some time now. Erdogan may very well be a bastard of historic proportions. That fact, however, totally irrelevant as it is, has been the foundation on which the demonization campaign relies, eliciting emotional reactions from the public who then abandon all critical thought because "Erdogan = Hitler" or something. You better believe the world is a much better place with that "dictator" in place than it will be once they finally manage to depose him.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Obama's bathroom agenda: cementing his legacy as an agent for Jewish degeneration

Did you think the newest cause championed by the Jewish-inspired subversive, leftist SJW clique of degenerates -- the "transgender bathroom equality" movement -- was going to lose steam and fizzle out? If you did, you'd be dead wrong. In an altogether unsurprising development, the outgoing puppet-in-chief has officially jumped on the bandwagon; and by virtue of his position as ostensible head honcho, it would be reasonable to say he has indeed commandeered that bandwagon of political and  social insanity that has become all too commonplace in our occupied states of America in the 21st century.

I was born in 1985, and as such, my earliest memories of times passed are rooted in the early to mid 90's -- an era of already-underway societal decay to be sure, but with a semblance of sanity and wholesomeness still intact. That being said, I'm left to try and observe the many recent developments along these lines, and indeed the monumental shift towards a culture of anything-goes filth in general -- through the eyes of Americans belonging to generations that predate my own. I ask myself, if one were to give a glimpse of the future to the average American living in say, the 1950's, just how profound would the disbelief  expressed be? Could our current state of affairs even be grasped by the average American living in a time period that in retrospect now resembles something of a feel-good storybook or sitcom? 

Make no mistake about it, this "transgender bathroom equality" battle has nothing to do with equality at all. Nor does the natural inclination to find one's self in opposition to the agenda being rigorously pursued imply an individual is "transphobic," "homophobic," "bigoted," or any other free-speech quelling label conjured up by an increasingly militant, Jewish-driven leftist mob of soulless lunatics. This bathroom agenda which the puppet-in-chief has now thrown his weight behind is merely one more tool of divisive subversion, purposefully engineered social unrest and attack on basic human decency to go along with -- and compliment -- the continual unraveling of cohesion and societal fabric of the United States which was set into motion long, long ago.

Children of elementary school age cannot be "transgender," or for that matter, any other sexually-ambiguous creature -- of which new versions are seemingly churned out and circulated in the Jew media weekly at this point. This simple fact aside, the persistence with which these sexual/gender ambiguity issues have been hammered into the public conscience signify in a most crystal clear way, that "equality" and "tolerance" are nothing more than a poorly-constructed disguise for a malicious and debilitating agenda to weaken the American people as a whole and destroy the very fabric of what is now nothing more than a host country for a blood-thirsty parasite to use and abuse as it pleases.  

Obama's grooming and rise to "power" by the hands of Jewish subversives with ties to literal terrorist groups requires no elaboration here; the facts are well-known and speak for themselves. On the same token, the Talmudic influence behind the direction this country has taken and the disastrous movements that have been spawned as a result are equally well-known to anyone who has taken the time to objectively examine the matters at hand. It should therefore come as no surprise that, prior to leaving office, puppet-in-chief Obama has officially lent his voice to this disturbing phenomenon of attempted dissolution of any and all goyim identity and further corrupts the hearts and minds of America's children -- America's future. You see, in order for the Jew to successfully usher in the permanent, unchallenged dictatorship over their goyim subjects -- the manifestation of the New/Jew World Order, thousands of years in the making -- any and all potential obstacle standing in their way must be cleverly neutralized and ultimately shattered beyond repair. In first trivializing, and later overtly demonizing, goyim identities which represent a cohesive structure capable of unifying for the sake of defense and survival, the Talmudic conspiracy chips away at any potential opposition and moves ever closer to a position of being the single unified body possessing the means and wherewithal to be entrenched in a position of power and authority.

The entire Western world is and has been under attack in this way, but it is the United States of America which represents a unique force -- militarily, spiritually, economically and so forth -- that in the eyes of the Jewish conspirators must be brought to its knees and utterly destroyed if the conspiracy is to succeed. And that, my friends, is the catalyst for "social justice" movements which emphasize forfeiture of individual identities and traditional structures in favor of a monotonous existence where cultural and spiritual values not deemed "progressive" enough (i.e. morally bankrupt) are met with incessant shame and ridicule. The objective is to weaken, demoralize, divide and conquer; conquer the very minds of the American people and the Western world as a whole.

To that end, Barack Obama has made one final public declaration of his loyalty to his Talmudic masters and their plans for crippling their host nation on their way to uncontested authority over their "spiritual subordinates" the world over. Any parent who feeds to their child the notion of gender ambiguity or other concepts completely foreign and indiscernible to minds so young and impressionable, ought to be not only shamed and humiliated in a sane society, but they should also be imprisoned and stripped of the ability to rear children and further contaminate a society already emanating the rotten stench of depravity. This, of course, is another matter altogether, yet worth pointing out in light of the prevalence of these repugnant, thoroughly poisoned individuals carrying out the work of those who seek to extinguish our way of life as we know it.  

Each individual possesses the right to be who they want to be and live their life in a manner they feel suits them. However, in no way do those rights take precedence over the well-being of a society when the former has taken on a role of official policy and constitutes a direct threat to the latter. It is unquestionable, at this stage, the threat of the aforementioned militant movements are indeed the goal. Nothing good will come of any such movements, as anyone with even limited brain capacity and no agenda to be had should easily recognize. Not for the general goyim public at least. This madness must be called out for what it is, and the outgoing puppet-in-chief should likewise be recognized as the vile agent for Jewish ruination of Gentile identity and values that he is and always has been.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time for honest, well-informed 'truthers' to stop self-censoring

My Twitter usage has been minimal the past few months. I go days without even taking so much as a glance. Using Twitter sparingly, admittedly, allows for a certain level of piece of mind. I've logged on and let loose from time to time, as I did last night, but that has become increasingly rare. Why? Have I not found some of the most tuned-in and "awake" individuals there? As unfortunate as it has now revealed itself to be, Twitter is indeed where I have found by far the most thinking personalities. So what exactly is it that has led me away from that "outlet," where similar ideas and higher-level thinking are just a touch of the icon away? Truth be told, it's a combination of things. Human nature dictates -- at least among the more tuned-in of us -- a level of disappointment and frustration that is damn near impossible to avoid. We all believe we're correct in our outlook, studies, ideologies, viewpoints, etc etc. The problem is, where many of us meet and share our experience, education and agreements on many extremely important matters, some choose to hit the brakes and develop a degree of satisfaction or complacency with their destination that, undoubtedly, has far exceeded what is to be expected from the average idiot. But that is not enough, and as I and a select few others have come to realize, once two, or three or twenty six steps forward have been taken, to stop dead in ones tracks is essentially taking steps backwards as events develop and dynamics evolve and change.

What is happening is obvious: Twitter itself has become not a means of sharing ideas and spreading information in the interest of neutralizing certain advantages the (Jewish) powers that be maintain over us, but instead a platform for well-meaning yet often half-hearted or misdirected individuals to establish a brand, so to speak. A place where individuals whose real life has shown them that their ideas -- however radical, truthful, or in some cases misguided they may be -- have no place in their daily lives, and Twitter becomes a means of not only speaking what cannot be spoken otherwise, but also a means to validate one's self on a level that transcends those "radical" ideas themselves, consequently building a following for that "brand," as substantiated as it may or may not be. In many cases, the truths brought to the surface are vital and far outweigh the shortcomings which accompany that brand. This, in itself, is hardly problematic. No one at all has all the answers or all the knowledge from which we can establish an accurate picture of the current state of affairs. It would be foolish to believe otherwise. Nevertheless, a grave problem remains, and it as persistent as the toxic ideologies that pervade public discourse from all angles and demographics -- from the Jewish-influenced party whores to the pseudo-alternative media. When all is said and done we arrive at the same place. I appreciate and value what I've learned and what has been brought to my attention as a result of my use of Twitter. But it's inadequate. The longer this intellectual inadequacy drags along, the more difficult it becomes to value certain information and revelations the way I once did, and the more difficult it becomes to believe that this "truth-seeking" crowd has maintained its honesty and drive to expand their horizons, which can only lead to growth and evolution of ideas, perspectives and deviation from what at one point or another seemed all but set in stone. That's just not the way life works -- especially when we're talking about real seekers of truth and answers. Stagnancy and complacency are quite literally a dead-end, at which point an individual is extremely vulnerable to shutting down intellectually and transforming into an ideologue who has built a wall around themselves and what they've settled on as qualifying as "as much as I can do." This devolution of the intellectual process is what has chased me away in large part; to say nothing of the self-defeating, counter-productive ripple effect this causes, affecting primarily curious newcomers to the 'truth' movement who, while only getting their feet wet, enter into an illusion of know-it-all simplicity and stunted growth when it comes to peeling off layers that are essential for us all to attack, yet remain largely untouched. There is undoubtedly a sense of gratification that comes with elevating ones awareness and knowledge most are blind to, but this gratification cannot, under any circumstances, represent a completion of this endeavor. Should it, one would be hard pressed to make an argument that we, as a "tuned-in" community, have made any steps forward at all. And so, we must always push harder, remain receptive, never disregard uncomfortable hypotheses, and most importantly, learn to be immune from stigma and fear of which has consequences with little to no practical impact on our lives. Did I grow as a human being in a profound way and learn certain facts that highlighted the deficiencies I now cannot help but be disgusted by, or has 'truther' Twitter devolved and perhaps succumb to social engineering they themselves wholeheartedly believe they're waging war against? It could be a combination of both.

As I said previously, no one possesses all the answers. I do not claim to know every detail of history or of the inner workings of the US establishment. There exist complexities none of us will ever know. Hell, this is why we never stop searching, digging and reading. However, there are certain irrefutable facts, buried in history and hidden in plain sight, whose importance cannot be understated or ignored. Facts which make up a piece of the puzzle ultimately leading to the best understanding we can hope to obtain. These pieces cannot be cast aside or overlooked if we're to have any chance of implicating those who make up the true source of the numerous evils taking place in the world; evils which are obscured in different ways and framed in a variety of ways so as to appeal to the disgruntled masses from all walks of life. The one and only way to bring together the disgruntled masses who seek to expose these forces, regardless of how each may picture them, is to peel away the layers, once and for all revealing the guilty parties who exercise unrivaled and unmatched control over the entire planet. History tells the story and current events validate that history. It's so obvious, in fact, when one makes a sincere effort in their observation and reflection, I find myself completely baffled that of the sizable crowd of "tuned-in" individuals, still such a small percentage have broken down that proverbial wall, where history and current events converge in a way that leaves so little doubt as to the direction our eyes and minds should be focused. For this entry I will shy somewhat from explicit references as best I can. After all, my real problem is not refusal to identify guilty parties when it is all but a foregone conclusion, but more so the striking unwillingness to personally become versed and confident enough to proclaim without fear what most already know.

I have read articles, books, scripture and a variety of other material, over the course of many years (even during my days of hypnosis by the dangling carrot of Communism) and everything of particular relevance I have absorbed has led me, almost a decade later, to a conclusion that sports documentation and a slew of other types of evidence, which together is as convincing, damning, verifiable and in-your-face obvious as anything I've ever taken the time to research. I have spent innumerable hours researching vaccines, geoengineering, and more topics than I care to even recite in the interest of time and continuity, and although many brave people have done great work in those areas, we are left with one conspiracy that supersedes all of that and more, and which threatens all of us, along with life on this earth as we know it. Astonishingly, for as many well-meaning and dedicated seekers of truth dig in and put in the time to uncover the very rotten roots from which nearly all chaos, death, misery, violence and suffering grow in this world, very few stand face to face with that ugly conclusion and proceed to raise their voice in opposition to this cancer infecting the world. For whatever reason -- be it laziness, fear or some sort of strategic maneuvering -- they stop short and set up camp on the "safe" side of the line drawn in the sand. Truth be told, the exact reason for this hesitation or calculation means very little. Personally, I find it inexcusable regardless.

Our time here is limited. That being said, the way I see it, if you've discovered and understand the root cause of global (and especially Western) deterioration of traditional values, freedom of speech, loss of privacy, massive and unnecessary loss of innocent life, a perpetual atmosphere of tension and fear, and so on and so forth, your reputation or image on a social media site, or even your own personal insecurities, are among the worst possible "justifications" for opting not to shine a bright light on the dark forces pushing us slowly but efficiently towards a hell on earth unimaginable to each and every one of us. The time for broken record Twitter lessons about the Clintons or Bush's, controlled opposition figures, the intelligence agencies and so forth, are over. If enough of us have the balls to expose this repugnant death cult for what is is, what it represents, what its responsible for over the past 2,000+ years and the havoc it wreaks to this very day; If all who have reservations for whatever reason ignored the pressure from social media, dove into history and this death cult's "holy" scriptures, and as a result went 100% of the way instead of 90%; If all of these well-meaning individuals ignored once and for all what an "ethnic Jew" consists of and shook their semantics distractions, prioritizing the well-being of humanity as a whole instead of a handful of confused little Tribe wannabes; If we all, as a unified voice against the worst form of tyranny, brutality, deviancy and discrimination in the history of mankind, come to terms with the fact that our enemy is but one, hidden in plain sight and plotting all kinds of malevolence against the entirety of the human race, perhaps wasting six, seven or nine hours a day beating a dead horse might just seem as if it's run its course and at the very least, the psychological paradigm can be altered. It would be a start.

So to return to the headline -- What the fuck is a truther? What is a truther if not someone whose journey for truth is continuous, absent any complacency or sentiment of "well, that's good enough, what's the point of taking the next step?" Such sentiment is absurd and shameful, defying literally everything we, as a group of tuned-in individuals, are supposed to represent and strive for. If you're satisfied with what you've learned I suspect Twitter followers or other less-than-honorable motives are taking precedence over whatever truth you're interested in obtaining. What are people thinking? I have a few guesses.

I'm no psychologist, but I do believe I have always possessed an ability to analyze and read people in that type of manner. Admittedly, reading people you've never met and only know through social media is tricky and anything by fool-proof. But at the same time, it's also not impossible, and human behavior and/or psychology traits can and do surface in a limited fashion through these means. This is especially true as it pertains to people you've been connected with for a long period of time. To be clear, it is not, here, nor has it ever been, my intention or goal to judge any one person of group of people's character as human beings. It's hardly about character in the most traditional sense; the world is full of good people who live out their entire existence without so much as giving a passing thought to the topics and subject matter us "burdened" individuals consume ourselves with. But there are reasons why many in this 'movement' go only 90% of the way and set up shop for the long haul, despite possessing all the ability in the world to continue their journey and venture into areas they've been led but from which they are being held back for whatever reason. In my humble opinion, there is a paradox of sorts in play. The seeker of truth, even the most exposed and pessimistic among us, at some point along the way, situate themselves within a comfort zone. This comfort zone offers a level of stability in the sense that, moving forward, as one absorbs new information, most everything brought into the fold can be neatly placed within an established set of (often very well informed and thoroughly researched) ideas and explanations. Often this approach will largely work from a factual standpoint, which in return reinforces the comfort zone. Unfortunately, the longer this approach is employed and the higher the volume of new information absorbed, the more the flaws begin to show and the cracks in the wall start spreading. Does this comfort zone, so to speak, represent a facet of the greater deterioration of public consciousness as a whole? I wouldn't go that far; as I type this many names and  individuals both on twitter and even in real life fly through my head, and these individuals are by and large way, way ahead of the curve.

Another explanation for the apparent unwillingness of some of the brightest, tuned-in among us to make the final leap and give full effort to putting the puzzle pieces in their proper places, is specializing. There is nothing inherently wrong with specializing, and in fact all of us who have stepped outside the matrix do this to some extent. Certain subject matter and areas of study appeal to us in more personal ways than they would the next guy. For example, in my case, I have made a point of emphasizing the subject of vaccines in my decade of being "unplugged." More so in the past few years as I raise a small child. It would be a mistake and almost certainly an egregiously misguided assumption to assume that, just because an individual is not especially vocal or overly informed on the subject of vaccines, that they still don't have a reasonable and likely accurate stance on the matter. Specializing can be a beautiful thing. There are peers of mine on twitter who are far more informed than myself on many things; people I know I could approach with questions and receive informed, articulate answers I personally don't have. As a group of individuals living outside the matrix, we need specialization -- it is an essential building block in the growth process. However (and this is a big-time however),  when specializing entails erecting a wall or boundary to operate behind at all times and under all circumstances, this is an extremely problematic situation. It is this more than anything, I believe, that is present where it counts. What purpose this barrier ultimately serves is lost on me and surely varies from person to person. But in any case, aside from aiding in the disguising and obscuring of the hidden hand in the most serious of matters (9/11 and other false flag attacks, for example), this mode of operation on the part of some of the brightest and most well-informed individuals sets a dangerous precedent for those who will "join our ranks" at some point in the future. In the United States, we are -- for now -- fortunate enough to enjoy a level of freedom of speech, with full-blown thought crimes not yet a real concern. While we still enjoy this relative freedom, it must be taken advantage of whenever and however possible.

In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, it's only right that I reveal my main inspiration for this entry. When we speak of the 9/11 false flag, the JFK assassination, the Charlie Hebdo "attack," the more recent Paris "attack," the apartheid state of "Israel" with its crimes against humanity, and the Jewish Israeli influence (stranglehold or occupation would actually be far more accurate a description) within the United States government, just to name a quick few, speaking of these matters in a watered-down, sugarcoated, or misleading (deliberate or unintentional) way is to contribute to the (Jewish) powers-that-be's ability to continue their terrorist operations unchecked and unpunished.

There will undoubtedly be plenty of individuals who find themselves in disagreement with me here. Were that not the case, the thought of writing this would never have crossed my mind in the first place. That said, simply implicating the Mossad in various false flags or assassinations; simply blaming "Israel" for the 9/11 attacks; merely howling with the crowd day in and day out about the barbaric treatment of the Palestinians and ever expanding illegal borders of the Zionist project -- All of this "activism" falls short. It's no secret at this point that Israelis have embedded themselves into every facet of American society; government, finance, banking, media, pro sports, you name it. No longer does it suffice to merely call attention to this fact alone. There exists a common theme among all the aforementioned topics and among far too many more to even name. This common theme is not new, but in fact ancient, quite literally. This common theme, ever-present the world over and nearly everywhere these types of problems manifest themselves, from false flags to mass immigration, to foreign policy decisions beneficial in no discernible fashion to the nation implementing them, to the needless and cruel wars that follow those decisions, to the global monetary ponzi scheme bleeding the general population dry, and just about everything in between -- from A to Z, East to West, pole to pole -- the common, reoccurring theme is almost never absent.

This ever-present them, this ever-present problem, is a Jewish one. Not a Zionist one. Zionism isn't a Zionist problem, it is a Jewish problem. The occupation of Palestine, and of America, the widespread false flag attacks, the Mossad's dirty deeds, the house-of-cards financial racket we call the "global economy" -- None of these are Zionist problems, they are decidedly Jewish problems. By no means have I laid out anything close to the full extent of Jewish problems plaguing the world, and I have already written fairly extensively on the havoc they're wreaking on the planet. The purpose of this piece is not to outline and detail the ways in which Jews are slowly turning the planet into a living hell (although that is precisely what they have undertaken), but to voice my frustration with the hordes of sharp, well-informed, well-intentioned truth-seeking individuals who cannot in their analysis bring themselves to openly and without reservation lay the blame at the feet of its rightful owners. Blaming Zionism for this and that requires no courage. I would go as far as saying that being vocally "Anti-Zionist" in this day and age is trendy and incessantly celebrated. Why? It's a perpetuation of the cycle which allows Jewish crimes against humanity to persist full steam ahead, while all the attention is paid to the Zionist movement and its geographical base of primary operations, with the root cause of the Zionist movement and state at no point in time being invoked or even given a passing thought.

The fact of the matter is, one does not necessarily have to be of the opinion that all Jews (however they or you choose to define that word) are inherently evil or in some way "bad" to rightfully acknowledge and call attention to the fact that these examples and many, many others are indeed Jewish problems. It does not actually require a sweeping generalization of any kind to call Jewish crimes, Jewish crimes. By no means must one harbor "racist" or "anti-Semitic" sentiments in order to properly and honestly identify the culprit or culprits as Jewish if they are, in fact, Jewish. To take this even further, if a group of people has an established and extensive record of crimes and tendencies which are, for all intents and purposes, exclusive to them as a group, gang, organization, faction or what have you, why in the hell would anyone deliberately decline to identify them as such? To illustrate the point with as straight-forward an approach as possible, ask yourself: To accurately identify said group, does that necessitate an indictment of an entire demographic, a portion of which may be devoid of those tendencies? Can the generalization be made? Certainly. Is it required? Not at all. Does pointing out the fact that Jonathon Pollard is a Jew imply all Jews are Jonathon Pollards? The Jewish propensity for devious behavior and extreme ideas is not simply a prejudiced pre-conceived notion with no basis in fact. That propensity for such behavior and ideas is a phenomenon established by voluminous documentation and thousands of years of history. Yet still, if you are a firm believer in exceptions to that rule, is it a factual misrepresentation of some sort to identify the guilty party accordingly?

The objective here is not to establish whether or not Jews as a group are this or that, or to what extent they deserve blame for any given set of circumstances. The objective I brought into this piece was to call attention to the miserable fact that many or most of the sharpest, highly-informed matrix exiles on twitter routinely go out of their way to avoid implicating Jews, specifically, in a given situation or crime, even when it is plainly obvious the culpability is theirs and they know damn well that's the case. It's a bad look for an otherwise sharp individual who's leaps and bounds ahead of his/her peers, when they submissively allow their speech to be dictated by people and entities who deserve not a shred of respect, made especially more humiliating by the fact that no real consequences of any kind are a part of the equation. If you are fully aware it was Jews who were behind a horrific crime, and you don't harbor hostilities against Jews as a whole, there is no logical or justifiable reason to consciously circumvent usage of the word. I might suggest, if there is a genuine fear in play in terms of using the word under any circumstances, perhaps a thoughtful reconsideration of the prevalence of the 'exception' is in order. But I digress there.

In the bigger picture, self-censoring of this magnitude is indicative of either intense insecurity, questionable candor, or a paralyzing fear that can only be attributed to the very group and dynamic the individual refrains from mentioning. What these poor souls evidently fail to understand is that this self-imposed speech restriction is exactly what allows the Zionist movement and state to function as it does. It is this ingrained notion of thought crime which continues to strengthen the Jewish-controlled establishment with all of its injustices and deterioration of our quality of life, and really perpetuates everything the individual seeks to expose and bring an end to. A vicious cycle, and counter-productive at best. I cannot claim with any honesty that I have hope in the possibility of our society and way of life ever changing for the better. It is far more likely it will not, but will only continue to get worse. What I can confidently say, however, is that until self-styled truth-seekers who for all intents and purposes have good heads on their shoulders, overcome their penchant for self-censorship within a context of unparalleled importance, the downward spiral will pick up speed, the little bit of freedom we still enjoy will increasingly erode, and the power and control wielded by the (Jewish-controlled) establishment will expand and spread in an aggressive way. If we stand any chance of at least slowing this process down and securing some semblance of a normal life for our children and beyond, those people and entities responsible for annihilating quality of life the world over and bringing inconceivable death and suffering to millions upon millions of people, the guilty parties must be honestly, enthusiastically and relentlessly exposed, with no regard for ADL-type intimidation tactics. There can be no hiding behind slogans and "safe" terms, no using Zionism or the "state" of Israel as a means to obscure or downplay the larger and much more far-reaching sickness that spawned the demon child that established statehood on top of Palestine. Israel does not operate under a totally different set of rules (none whatsoever) than the rest of the world due simply to the fact that the United States "protects" them. Israel's unique ability to play by its own rules is not some spontaneous phenomenon where Zionism all of a sudden, and for no apparent reason, assumed the role of Supreme Commander of the World without so much as a whimper from the international community. The Zionist regime operates as it does for the same reasons tuned-in, bright people are scared to death of uttering the word Jew. Jewish criminals are Jewish criminals. Period. Jewish supremacy, power, influence etc are just that -- Jewish. Israel was and is a product of Jewish power,  it was not a self-germinating and self-sustaining entity who in a mere 70 years managed to inject its influence and operatives into almost every country on the planet as some rogue, independently-inspired Frankenstate. 

If the Zionist regime was indeed where the real problems begin and end, we would not be at liberty to say so without severe repercussions, just as it would be the Z word carrying so much dread and provoking barrages of vitriolic retaliation from every direction. If this state of affairs is not loudly called for exactly what it is, the beast will grow stronger. If honest, well-informed individuals cannot muster the courage to use the word Jew in any context, no matter how appropriate or relatively harmless its usage, any time and effort invested in pulling people out of the matrix they're living in is essentially wasted time and effort. It's one thing to be well-informed, it's another to use that knowledge to challenge such unwritten rules of intimidation and coercion. Refusing to defy that intimidation and passively surrendering your speech rights will assure the state of decline builds steam, culminating in total loss of that right to free speech and thought-crimes as a reality, enforced not by twitter trolls but by the courts.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Running list of charlatans, operatives, disinfo agents, gatekeepers,limited hangouts & various shills

I'd like to keep a running and often updated list of every charlatan, operative, disinformation artist, asset, agent, limited hangout, gatekeeper, provocateur, shill and imposter of any kind. Basically, any individual who has inserted themselves into the 'activist' or 'truther' sphere in any meaningful fashion and has a legitimate following or audience. This list will include everything from 'alternative media' personalities, 'intellectuals,' writers/bloggers, and media heroes, to actors, musicians and everything in between.

This is by no means a complete list as I, like everyone else, am continually learning, growing and gathering new information. However, I'd like to cover as many individuals as possible and am always open to suggestions on who should be included that isn't already named here. 

I will also include a list of individuals who may or may not belong on this list but who, at the present time, I am unsure of or have raised some sort of suspicion for me.

I'm sure this can be helpful to some degree for those trying to wade through the cesspool of disinformation and confusion within the 'truth-seeking' community, and also generate some important dialog.

Without further ado...

-Gordon Duff
-Stanley Cohen
-Sibel Edmonds 
-Karen Hudes
-Noam Chomsky
-Julian Assange 
-Eddie Snowden
-Thomas Drake
-Webster Tarpley
-Seymour Hersh
-Jacob Appelbaum
-Alex Jones
-David Icke
-Mark Dice
-Abby Martin
-Max Blumenthal
-Molly Crabapple
-Jeremy Scahill
-Glenn Greenwald
-Shaun King
-Matt Taibbi
-Rania Khalek
-Kevin Gosztola
-Owen Jones
-Tony Cartalucci
-Robbie Martin
-Justin Raimondo
-Adam Kokesh
-Russell Brand
-YourAnonCentral, YourAnonNews and most 'Anons' in general
-Lupe Fiasco
-James Corbett
-David Duke

Currently on the fence:
-Jim Fetzer
-Dane Wigington

I'm sure I am missing quite a few that will come to me shortly. This is just right off the top of my head to get this rolling...

Setting the record straight on the "differences" between Zionism and Judaism

As criticism of the illegal Jewish "state" of Israel continues to grow, so too does the "movement" of "Jews against Israel" and the rallying cry of Jews and Gentiles alike -- "Zionism isn't Judaism!" and "Zionism is a perversion of Judaism!" Is there a distinction to be made between the two as so many "activists" insist? Is Zionism really a "perversion" of Judaism? Let's try and clear this up as best we can.

For anyone possessing a reasonably sufficient knowledge on the Jewish religion and tradition, their "holy" doctrine, and of the long, cruel, bloody history of the "state" of Israel and its policies, it is plainly evident that the parallels between the former and the latter are unmistakable. Let's keep in mind, first of all, and leaving the Talmud aside for the moment, that the Torah is Jewish Law. While not on par with the Talmud in terms of unfathomable depravity (really, nothing is), the Torah is nonetheless a collection of laws and rituals depicting and demanding of adherents obedience to barbaric practices and cruelty towards the disobedient heathen -- aka the goyim -- which are shocking to say the very least. Again, unlike in the case of Christianity, where the Torah represents merely a segment of the faith's history, for adherents of Judaism, these books are the Law. One need not invest a great deal of time and effort to discover the brutality contained within the Torah. Read it for yourself and determine if this collection of laws and rituals is indicative of a religion of peace, tolerance and compassion, and whether it has any place in today's world. The Talmud -- a continuation of the Torah and "spiritual guide" for the majority of adherents to the Jewish "faith" -- is chock full of reprehensible and downright inhuman filth including but not limited to, rape, theft, pedophilia, necrophilia, murder and all sorts of behavior which defy all conceptions of moral decency. Again, a quick overview of its contents is more than sufficient to leave the average person disgusted and shocked. It is crucial for one to familiarize themselves with these "holy" doctrines in order to accurately conclude if indeed there exists a distinction between Zionism and Judaism, and if so, what exactly distinction is to be made.

So having established that, the question must be asked, from where does the opposition to Zionism and the "state" of Israel on the part of these alleged anti-Zionist Jews originate? What is it, exactly, that places them in alleged opposition to the formation of the Jewish "state" and the endless horror that has accompanied it? There are a variety of possible explanations for this alleged opposition.

The first being, these "anti-Zionist" Jews diverge from their Zionist counterparts in theological interpretation. In other words, the formation of the Jewish state at this chronological stage is incompatible with their interpretation and strategy relating to the fulfillment of their theological endgame. From their point of view, the Zionist entity is an impediment to the culmination of Judaism as the victor over "evil" and the manifestation of the Jewish "messiah." Therefore, it is important to remember that this type of opposition is by no means humanitarian in nature, and that the occupation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people represents not actions or values contradictory to the Jewish "faith," but merely an obstacle on the path towards ultimate supremacy of the Jewish "faith" over the world of sinners and heathens. What can be said, then, of the Jews who are vocal specifically about their opposition to the atrocities committed by the Zionist regime? That brings us to our next possible explanation...

We've seen them all over social media, blogs and in the "alternative" media -- These Orthodox Jews expressing their "outrage" over the brutality of the Zionist regime. However, when we consider the fact pointed out earlier, that even "non-Zionist" Jews (think 'True Torah Jews') are strict adherents to the Torah and consider it their Law, it's difficult to imagine just how these Jews reconcile their "outrage" over Israeli brutality with their devotion to a Law which that very Zionist regime is carrying out each and every day with equal or even greater devotion. The obvious takeaway from this inconsistent stance is that some "anti-Zionist" Jews are actually not anti-Zionist at all, but doing their part to maintain for Judaism a positive, humane appearance. In successfully maintaining this positive image for Judaism, the focus remains solely on the Zionist "STATE" as the source of not only the plight of the Palestinians but the problems facing the entire world which are attributable to Israel and are therefore in reality Jewish problems. In this way, the Zionist regime and the "anti-Zionist" Jews are two ostensibly opposing forces working within the same dynamic to achieve the same goals, only with very different but equally important roles.

To elaborate a bit more on this point, lets ponder for a moment a scenario in which this "opposition" to the Zionist agenda from within the ranks of Jewry was totally absent, and Jewry, along with their religious endgame, constituted a unified voice. Would this agenda continue to flourish as it has? Would it have accomplished all it has and made it this far, accruing the gains it has over the past six or seven decades? Or would the rest of Gentile humanity have risen up and brought this massive conspiracy to an end? This dissenting voice from within is the lifeblood of the worldwide Zionist conspiracy and with the absence of this alleged opposition only brute force upon the entire planet could be utilized to continue this project. Even in 2016, let alone in the 1940's, 60's or 80's, the probability of success by means of brute force is ZERO. This dissent from within, as you can see, is absolutely crucial and necessary. Along those same lines, it can be said that Zionism, and more specifically the "state" of Israel has served a dual purpose and functions on two different, seemingly contradictory fronts. One being a latter stage of the ultimate fulfillment of the Jewish religion; that being the whole body of world Jewry being united in the "homeland" -- the manifestation of their "messiah." The other being the red herring to end all red herrings; the Zionist "state" as a scapegoat for all the traits, conspiracies, ideals and crimes against humanity attributable in actuality to Judaism itself.

Finally, another explanation for this alleged Jewish opposition to the Zionist regime is an element contained in the previous two, and one straight out of the Judaism playbook, outlined in the Talmud and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Put simply, the principle of taking advantage of, subjugation and undoing of the goyim without the slightest inclination on the part of the latter. As has already been illustrated, this is undoubtedly the most effective means of continuance and ultimate success of not only this agenda, but any which seeks control and supremacy over the populace in virtually any fashion. The third explanation for this "opposition" is therefore pure deception in order to accomplish the agenda of Jewish supremacy over the entire planet, but strictly from the standpoint of following the "spiritual guidelines" of the Talmud -- which in itself is obedience to Jewish Law (the exploitation of the goyim without detection).

The inconvenient and rather unfortunate truth of the matter at hand is that even if the Talmud is excluded from a Jew's observance, the Torah, when taken as Law and adhered to in the archaic manner that the Jewish faith demands, is a set of dogma that is inherently violent, discriminatory and supremacist, with non-Jews taking on the status of second-class citizens at best. Traditions practiced which violate every human concept of decency are not exclusive to the Talmud alone. 'Oral suction circumcision' -- known to normal human beings as child molestation -- for example, is not limited to adherents of the Talmud. The general perception and consensus of a "chosen" people, spiritually superior beings to all non-Jews, is also not limited to Talmud adherents. The Talmud simply zeroed in on the most vile aspects of the Torah and expanded them.

The Zionist regime is, by all accounts, a living manifestation of Judaism as depicted in both the Torah and Talmud. Judaism's dogma and nearly 70 years of history prove this fact irrefutably. The presence of "anti-Zionist" Jews in no way proves otherwise. If you're reading this and still do not accept this, it only means you've yet to become familiar with Judaism's fundamental doctrine and 2,000+ years of history. The only distinctions to be made between Judaism and Zionism are ones of personal perception and/or bias, and that of one being the written doctrine and the other being the actual manifestation of that doctrine. There are, of course, religious Jews who take a very moderate approach to their "faith," choosing to downplay the importance of, or outright reject the more anti-social and anti-human aspects of the religion. There also may very well be religious Jews who aren't really religious at all and in fact know very little about Judaism itself, in the same way many Catholics carry around the label while practicing little or nothing of their religion. In regards to these particular Jews, there is nothing of relevance to be said. The fact that these individuals are a part of the equation to some extent does not alter the character of Judaism or bring any inconclusiveness into the facts of the subject matter. These particular Jews would be wise to gain a better understanding of the religion they profess and cut ties with it, as a result joining the rest of humanity.

Zionism is a "perversion of Judaism" the same way a shooting rampage is a perversion of the manifesto the shooter wrote outlining in great detail the crimes he later committed. In spite of the Orthodox Jews holding signs for photo ops and attending pro-Palestine rallies; in spite of the pictures you see on the Internet of a Jew walking down the street next to an Arab Muslim some 100 years ago; in spite of that one Jewish friend you had in college; and in spite of the rhetoric of all the cool people and hasbara accounts on Twitter... Zionism is not, in any way, shape or form, a perversion of Judaism. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Phil Mickelson Greaves is a petulant little commie cockroach and closet Jew

On October 27th, 1917, the Bolsheviks took power in Russia. Phillip did not participate since, after all, this was 1917. However, in Phillip's imagination, he was there, guns blazin', leading the uprising (nearly bloodless coup) and basking in the glory of the victorious Jewish Bolshevik reign of terror and brutality that was about to ensue. Okay, okay, I'm just guessing here, but it's not difficult to imagine for anyone who has had the extreme displeasure of becoming acquainted with this smug, petulant little communist douchebag.  

Phillip Mickelson Greaves is not your run-of-the-mill, know-it-all, Twitter revolutionary. Oh, no, this is Phil Motherfuckin' Greaves, THE undisputed heavyweight champion of Twitter revolutionaries; the reincarnation of Uncle Joe Stalin himself. You do NOT question Phil, or you will be put in your place with all sorts of pseudo-intellectual verbal character assassination, chock full of big words and demeaning commie babble, which he has literally made into an art form. Shortly thereafter, should he realize he is unable to bully you with any effectiveness, you will be blocked. 

When Phillip isn't busy organizing the impending revolution and telling everyone in sight how stupid they are, he spends his down time perfecting his golf game. Yes, Phil, the hardened revolutionary, is a golfer -- and a pretty damn good one at that. Word on the street is he actually came close to making a career of it, but ultimately Phil decided the revolution demanded his full attention and effort. 

Here is a (unconfirmed) photograph of Phil after one of his tournaments: 

Have a look at Phil's pinned tweet. It couldn't be more fitting, really, considering there can hardly be anyone left on Twitter Phil hasn't criticized (to put it politely).

Phil is pretty much the most obnoxious, pompous, smug, arrogant, repugnant, insufferable individual you can find on twitter dot com. This is no exaggeration, and that is quite the honor when you take into account the mind-boggling numbers by which the truly reprehensible communists/leftists are represented there. 

Phil shares a great deal of similarities with his idol, the mass-murdering sociopath Joseph Stalin. 

The first and most pertinent similarity is that which relates to Israel and Zionism. Uncle Joe publicly opposed Zionism, while in private he told his wartime BFFs Churchill and FDR that he absolutely supported Zionism in principle. In fact, Stalin played one of the largest and most important roles in establishing the  "state" of Israel. Phil, while paying lip service to the Palestinian struggle and expressing anti-Zionist sentiment, consistently makes excuses for the Jewish state and its unspeakable crimes against humanity. This shouldn't come as a surprise since communists are almost always sympathetic to the Jews and their supremacist ideals, being that communism was and always has been a parallel movement along with Judaism/Zionism. Phil Greaves himself is in all likelihood a closet Jew, to boot.  

Another trait the two share is their limitless, unabashed narcissism. Phil hates everyone, make no mistake about it. Phil loves Phil. Phil is loyal to Phil. Phil wants nothing but to hear his groupies and followers sing his praises. Unfortunately for those poor souls, even that is often not good enough, and he will "purge" your ass, just like Uncle Joe literally purged the fuck out of anyone and everyone who didn't live up to his expectations, and sometimes even just for the hell of it.

Phil Mickelson Greaves is a hate-filled, self-righteous, low-life jerkoff with absolutely no redeeming qualities and who condones mass-murder, starvation and torture. Hands down one of the three worst people I encountered during my five years on twitter, if not THE worst. Pure and utter scum. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016