Thursday, December 3, 2015

Strategy of Tension Is At A Whole New Level

The crime syndicate behind the occupied US government and the media muppets doing their legwork have officially jumped the shark. Unfortunately for us, there is nothing comical about the fact. I was a young adult during the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, and I remember very vividly the fear-mongering campaign that was unleashed on the public. I can honestly say that what we are witnessing now in the US in terms of relentless fear-mongering has far surpassed the days of the terror alert scale and fabricated stories about weapons of mass destruction. Anti-Muslim hysteria is back with a vengeance, but this time it's part of a fear-orgy trifecta, accompanied by a frenzy over "mass shootings" and Cold War redux scare-theater. In a rather twisted and deranged way, the effectiveness of the triple-psyop playing out before our eyes is a masterful feat -- truly a sight to behold. It would seem there aren't enough hours in the day to accommodate the extent to which this campaign has been initiated, but alas, the establishment media's diligence in promulgating this loathsome project has somehow made it possible. Where there's a will there's a way, right?

As soon as 'ISIS' appeared on the scene we could all guess things were going to take a turn for the worst, but I'm not sure any of us could have imagined just how spectacular a show we were in for. Well, guess what, America? The usurping Zionist Jew cabal is moving in for the kill, and we're its prey. What little resemblance to a sovereign nation state the US still bore is now being washed away by two-headed strategy of tension operation unlike anything the world has ever seen. "Mass shooting" events have now become a weekly occurrence, with each subsequent episode taking on an increasingly political character. Whether the Planned Parenthood "attack" was of the Manchurian candidate variety or an outright fabrication more along the lines of Sandy Hook is irrelevant at this point. Whether a fella named 'Tayyeep Bin Ardogan' is a product of coaxed radicalization or merely a figment of the twisted imagination of the CIA and/or the Mossad, is equally irrelevant. No matter how they choose to get the job done, the outcome is the same. The destabilization campaigns conducted by alphabet soup agencies and their Mossad partners in crime that are largely reserved for neutral or unfriendly nation states abroad, are now in full-swing right here on American soil. The Jewish program of divide and rule outlined in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion has been fully unleashed upon American society and very, very few individuals are aware of it. By design, most Americans (even the more enlightened ones) are in a state of confusion and disorientation, with Cold War redux theatrics and good cop-bad cop dialectics in place to further the whirlwind of chaos and steer generally well-informed individuals in a direction other than where they should  be looking.

With each new "mass shooting" event, "terror threat" and Muslim name making the rounds through the mainstream media whore houses, 'the mob' are incited against one another -- bickering, generalizing, name-calling, postulating for their cause, wherever on the sociopolitical spectrum that may happen to fall. Each and every time, the desired reaction is achieved, the collective will of the American people further weakened, and the agitation of individuals from all religious, political and ideological walks turned up a notch. Racial tension psyops are now a staple of American life and add yet another component to the larger operation. Make no mistake about it, we as a nation are barreling towards a full-blown eruption which threatens to once and for all push us over the edge into a state of despotism and complete subjugation to a cult of totally foreign origins and character.  For those who fail to recognize these psychological operations for what they truly are, the transformation will be swift and abrupt, with no time to react and push back.

The drastic intensification of the fear campaign in the form of politically and religiously motivated "mass shootings," the threat of 'ISIS' and "Islamic extremism" in general, and Cold War hysteria is plainly indicative of a carefully and aggressively orchestrated plot to erode the fabric of American society and deal it a death blow. To this point, the plot has been executed seamlessly, and unless 'the mob' comes to their senses and starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together -- and quickly -- it is only a matter of time before the descent into Talmudic tyranny is complete. Christians and Muslims must become allies instead of enemies; Joe Schmo ideologue must become master of his own mind instead of prisoner of his emotions; Every last genuine, truth-seeking individual must step out of their comfort zone, reflect and do an honest self-evaluation as to whether they're confronting head-on whatever uncomfortable and inconvenient conclusions they may find themselves being led towards. The way I see it, it's better to be wrong than ill-prepared. At least mentally, if nothing else.

 Sure, there are silly elements to the whole situation that one cannot help but laugh at ('Anonymous' "war on ISIS" for example), but the seriousness of it all can no longer be ignored. The psychological warfare is being waged with more and more fervor with each day that passes. We've been given more than enough warning signs at this stage, and the more brazen these psychological operations and destabilization efforts become, the more painful it becomes to watch the vast majority of the American public playing right into their enemies' hands.

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