Saturday, November 14, 2015

Global Muslim Persecution: A Different Take On Christ and the Scriptures

Yet again, here in the Orwellian, post-9/11 world of Muslim boogeyman hysteria, "Islamic terrorism" has reared its ugly head, this time in Paris. As I've been discussing on twitter this morning, the trauma-based mind control exercise of the 9/11 attacks has inflicted upon the world -- and especially the United States -- a state of paralysis and hypnosis, leaving the masses intellectually, emotionally and spiritually defenseless against the countless false flag terror attacks that have taken place in its 14-year wake. None of this is new, of course; not the "terrorist attacks," not the fear-mongering, and certainly not the universal attack and grotesque defamation leveled at the Muslim community. It is a continuation of a 14-year process, although it has become clear the process has intensified -- and in a big way. While the overwhelming majority of tuned-in individuals recognize this campaign as the disgusting fraud it is, there is an extremely important aspect to this saga that is almost entirely overlooked.

I spent a sizable portion of my adult life as a professing Christian, and even after I had lost my faith in that belief system, I rigorously studied the New Testament, going as far as breaking down sentences word by word with the assistance of a Greek lexicon to find whatever truth was buried underneath the distortions, manipulations and mistranslations. I studied the Gnostic Gospels and sought parallels and discrepancies between the two. I studied the Quran (though not to the same degree) and, as with the Gnostic Gospels, I made connections that were there to be made with the New Testament. (As a side note, I generally disregard the books of Paul, as there is strong evidence that he was an "infiltrator," so to speak, and his writings simply do not fall in line with the rest of the New Testament in any case.) Ultimately, I found myself an Agnostic, and eventually lost all interest in the matter altogether, However, after coming to my senses about Communism and ridding myself of that perverse ideological adherence, and consequently opening myself up to the notion of a conspiracy which my previous persuasion prevented me from entertaining in full, I began to revisit within myself some aspects of what I had learned in my study of scripture, and it became increasingly clear to me that, even though I would still classify myself as Agnostic, there are truths in those pages that eluded my understanding at the time; truths which are not only relevant to our current state of affairs, but represent crucial pieces to a puzzle that so many come close to solving, and yet so few have successfully solved.

To be perfectly clear, one is by no means required to possess a faith in the Christian scriptures -- or even take a theistic view overall -- to entertain the idea that within the words of the Gospels as told by Christ, can be found clues that bring clarity to the disastrous state of the world we live in today. It is my opinion that the man called Jesus of Nazareth did indeed exist, and his words found in the New Testament and other scriptures do indeed have a factual historical basis, however distorted they have become along the way (And strong evidence exists to validate this opinion). Leaving aside all dogma and dubious interpretations meant to fit religious narratives, I have slowly become convinced that, for those seeking to expose the purveyors of evil and gain greater understanding of the who, what and why of it all, one would do a great disservice to themselves in not looking to the words of Christ as a key element of the bigger picture. Knowing that the current Talmudic Zionist Jew crime syndicate has its origins in times long predating Christ, and that Christ himself  fiercely chastised the members of this cult who existed during his lifetime (It could be said, quite accurately, that he was the "anti-Semite" of those days), there is much to be learned by giving attention to this aspect of the conspiracy.

The "Jews," who began as the Levites -- whose characteristics and practices of all sorts of treachery mirror those of the "chosen" ones of today -- have embarked on a full-scale and relentless campaign of Muslim persecution spanning the entire world. This much is obvious to any and all with more than six or seven functioning brain cells. Unbeknownst to most, however, is that the Talmudists are, first and foremost, haters of Christ and of Christianity as a whole. Their attitude, and even more so their "holy" scriptures, are so full of virulent Christ-hating filth that I suspect many a goy might find themselves a bit queasy just reading the words. So what happened? How has it come to be the case that Christians, in large part, adore and even worship Jews, and that burning hatred the latter holds rarely expresses itself in any meaningful way? Why is it that, throughout recent history and especially since 9/11, it is Islam that has become the subject of a program of slander, defamation and persecution unlike perhaps anything ever witnessed? The contemporary Christian community has been thoroughly co-opted and neutralized. It began with the toppling of the Christian empires in Europe in centuries passed, and has now been achieved with astonishing efficiency. One plausible -- and perhaps the single most obvious -- explanation for how this co-optation has been completed would be the overwhelming presence of Zionist Jews in every aspect of American society; government, media, film, and so on. By taking near-full control of the world's greatest "superpower," it's fair to say American Christians didn't stand much of a chance. By extension, as "American" influence in Western Europe is, well, pervasive, this co-optation would naturally be exported. Coupled with the lesser, but still tremendous influence the cult maintains throughout Europe, the aforementioned explanation is certainly applicable here as well.

With their number one enemy neutralized and doing their bidding with gusto, the Muslim community has assumed the role of international enemy to mankind. The examples one could cite to illustrate just how callous and aggressive this international witch hunt has grown to be, are quite literally in endless supply. A book on the matter would not suffice by a mile, but such a collection of documentation would require an alphabetical series of encyclopedias. Frightening as it is to ponder, this is likely only the beginning. The Muslim community, in a major way, represents the last true resistance to the nefarious plans of the Talmudic conspiracy to usher in their 'new world order' of Gentiles worldwide occupying the role of subservient slaves to the whole of the "chosen" Jewish body (their "messiah").

Once I had snapped out of my Communist delusion and re-directed my focus towards the real issues at hand, I couldn't help but think, "If the Jews harbor such burning hatred for Christians and Muslims alike, to the point of making a priority the annihilation of both faiths in totality, perhaps I was wrong to completely abandon any consideration of validity within these faiths. Maybe, just maybe, there is something to this; something, somewhere within these faiths where the truth resides. After all, if these faiths were as silly and baseless as I myself believed for a very long time, what purpose does the vicious and tireless agenda seeking their destruction serve? What is it that this Jewish cult is so fearful of?" Not that Christians go unscathed from the wrath of Jewish persecution entirely. To be sure, they sit on the receiving end of more than their fair share of disrespect and ridicule. However, the tactics employed in this instance are very different -- disguised, somewhat subtle, and carried out by proxy. The program of Muslim persecution is as overt as it gets; the program of Christian persecution is covert. While Christians are not being collectively blamed and defamed universally for violent extremism (almost entirely the work of governments and intelligence agencies anyway) the way Muslims are, Christians are equally targeted for general mockery, harassment and any number of methods of humiliation. (True) followers of Christ must be vanquished for what they represent, and the methods in use today are little more than maintenance and upkeep. In other words, so long as this group remains in their current role and all that comes with it, the final stage of the game can be ironed out with Christianity being as an ant stepped on by a size 12 boot. Little more than an afterthought.

I will refrain from citing bible verses where Jesus eviscerates the Pharisees (the predecessors to today's Talmudic Jewish cultists), as these can easily be found with next to no effort. However, it is imperative that I point out, upon reading these verses (should you decide it's worth your time), he emphatically refers to this group as the 'Synagogue of Satan,' scathingly pointing out that they are not what they claim to be, full of deception, vanity and hypocrisy, and so on. Comparing these "vipers" to  tombs that have been whitewashed, he exclaims they "look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of filth." Just a couple of minutes of reading Jesus' castigating of the Pharisees is sufficient for the well-informed reader to recognize the striking parallels therein with their 21st century incarnation. Again, it is not necessary to believe that Jesus was God in the flesh, the son of God, or even a divine figure of any kind. It is not necessary to believe in Satan, or even that such a phrase as that mentioned previously can be interpreted any way but in the literal sense. I am not asking anyone to entertain any specific ideas pertaining to the validity of the scriptures as a whole, a monotheistic-oriented position of any kind, or even the exact nature of the man known as Jesus of Nazareth. As I have established, my own personal views on these matters are inconclusive and will likely remain so. Instead, I am merely calling attention to an overlooked component of a gigantic, far-reaching, ever-expanding conspiracy so many of us are working to expose for all to recognize and understand. And considering how far back in history this arrangement lays its roots, this very component may well be of unrivaled significance.

We know "Muslim extremism" is not actually responsible for 9/11, nor for virtually any other attack for which they're scapegoated (Unless a deliberate creation by CIA, Mossad, MI5, etc). We know the Christian community has been neutralized and brainwashed into worshiping Jews and their apartheid state "homeland." We know what view Talmudic and Orthodox Jews take regarding Christians and Muslims alike, and the absolutely loathsome, vulgar, reprehensible words they use in reference to Jesus and Mary. We know that with each passing day in the West it becomes more and more frowned upon to practice the two Abrahamic faiths which do NOT condone just about every vile human behavior one can think up. We know that in all areas of society, including in the media and other professional settings, Christians and Muslims are human punching bags, while Jews are 110% shielded from criticism, no matter what particular troublesome situation a Jew may find himself in. What remains somewhat of a mystery, on the other hand, is just how such a dynamic has become so thoroughly entrenched throughout the world when the "Jewish" population overall is so small.

I am compelled to wonder, therefore, if there is indeed a concrete answer to how we have reached this state of affairs, is it outside the realm of possibility that within those pages of a manipulated, mistranslated, misused, misinterpreted book, that answer is to be found? I have had long discussions with a close friend of mine regarding whether or not something less material and more "mystical" has played a decisive role in ushering in this current order and dangerous predicament the world now finds itself in. Some aspects of this life will forever remain unknown, beyond our comprehension. That being said, considering all that we do know, along with all that we witness unfold before our eyes, I have arrived at a point where I cannot discount the possibility that there are forces at work which cannot be seen and which defy our our conception of material existence, While favoring supernatural explanations, ultimately, is unlikely to be my personal inclination, a leap such as that is far from the only inference to be drawn using the Gospel component to draw a more complete picture. I find disregarding the source, for this purpose, in its entirety, equally as rigid and obstinate as the dogmatic belief in the same source, in its entirety, as being literally inspired by God himself. Would it be out of the question that this man, Jesus, was nothing more than a radical in his time; a brilliant man who came face-to-face with the earlier figures of the conspiracy which has now materialized in dramatic fashion? If that were the case, would it not be an important segment of history that has immense relevance today? Furthermore, if that were the case, what other decisive, revealing anecdotes are buried in there?

There is no case to be made that the bible itself is just a huge forgery. What it actually contains in terms of untampered testimony is another matter entirely. If nothing else, it is a collection of historical manuscripts, and despite extensive manipulation and lapses in proper translation from language to language, it is entirely possible that the New Testament contains valuable information for this purpose. It is of no concern to me how any Christian interprets their book or what they do or do not believe about this verse or that speech. This is not a new beginning (or do-over, to put it more accurately) for me, or the early stages of neglecting all the information I have amassed over the years in favor of blind faith an easy answers. What I intend to do here, as I encourage anyone reading this to do as well is: Completely cast aside all established ideas and norms in relation to the man of Jesus and the New Testament scriptures and, coupled with all that has previously been established here, consider the possibility that billions of people have searched in the right place for the wrong answers. Consider the notion that those scriptures are not in any way prophetic, but rather a portion of recorded history that, as we can generally agree, tends to repeat itself.....

Jesus did say, "..they will hate and persecute you because of me..."

If you can buy into the fact that he did in fact exist, who it is doing the persecuting and who it is being persecuted because they represent him, is for you to decide...



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