Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Brief Take: "Islamic Terrorism," "Refugee Crisis," Yinon Plan & a New World Order

Since connecting dots and drawing obvious inferences from a collection of events and developments remains a scarcely-possessed ability in our age of endless psychological warfare, allow me to bring some clarity to an overall muddled and chaotic world scene. Recent history has ushered in a new wave of hysteria over "Islamic terrorism" and a flurry of false flag attacks to compliment the scare-mongering being peddled by the Jewish media. We had the attack in Copenhagen, the fiasco in the Sydney, Australia coffee joint, the Charlie Hebdo production, and most recently the latest, most publicized and sensationalized event in France. The list goes on and on, really. It just so happens that, as this latest round of ramped-up scare-mongering and false flag fuckery is playing itself out, the "refugee crisis" has grabbed the attention of the world simultaneously.

On both accounts, the message being sent to Jews currently residing outside the confines of their "homeland," especially the message emanating from WITHIN the "homeland" is that Jews are no longer safe anywhere. Anywhere except "Israel," that is. This is an age old trick of the Talmudist death cultists which long predates the existence of "Israel" itself. It formed the very basis for that rotten apartheid state's existence, and the same tactic has been employed repeatedly since, most notably leading up to and during WWII, when Lucifer Hitler was gassing a gazillion Jews to death. Well, here we are again. This time around, we have the "refugee crisis" (deliberately engineered by Jewish Israeli figurehead states such as the US, UK, France, etc) to add an additional element of danger, and therefore I believe we have ourselves a game-changer this time. It is this writer's opinion that the dual campaigns of destabilization and fear-mongering now fully underway in Europe will ultimately prove to be a watershed moment in the evolution (if you can rightfully call it that) of the Jewish state and the underlying agenda which gave birth to, and sustains it. With the "refugee crisis" now a part of the equation, it has become clear what is unfolding before our eyes is the culmination of many, many years of previous conspiracies and entanglements whose purpose differed from that of the current developments only in its deliberate chronological placement.

It is at this juncture where the aforementioned developments and "crises," should they achieve what I believe to be the desired effect, converge with the Oded Yinon Plan for a "Greater Israel" and with the notion of the 'New World Order.' The former is well-established as the supreme aspiration of the Jewish state, and the latter -- depending on how you choose to define it -- is either already here or has made tremendous gains towards actual realization. If an accurate description to adopt for the 'New World Order' would be diminishing or abolition of national sovereignty, undermined by a small ruling group who hold near-total control of global finance, media, technology and so forth, then we are at the very least so close to this scenario that we have been left powerless to reverse its gains and ultimately halt its ultimate victory. With the existence of this power network having been established, one cannot but identify the ethno-religious character which predominates in this power structure. Finance: check. Media: check. Destroyers of national sovereignty: check. There is no mystery as to whom this power overwhelmingly belongs. The Yinon Plan and the 'New World Order' are therefore two concurrent, final manifestations of the same program. The current developments in Europe, undoubtedly part of this program, come with the frightening potential of the Yinon-NWO two-headed beast achieving unprecedented gains. Further erosion of national sovereignty, financial ruin, and mass migration of "Jews" to the "homeland" are all in the cards.

Should the Assad government fall, and further territorial gains are accomplished for "Greater Israel," do not think for one hot second that the emboldened Talmudists will hesitate to use a crippled collective of European nations, through all means of blackmail and extortion, to lend their support to an expanded Jewish "safe haven" initiative. The continuation of this phase of the 'New World Order' is the key to realization of "Greater Israel," which in turn shall put the finishing touches on a new world order of a new kind; one long-sought but for the most part kept hidden. If and when this very scenario comes to fruition remains to be seen, but the current happenings in Europe are as clear a signal as any that we are most definitely trending in that direction.

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