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Jesuit/Catholic Scapegoating and the Real Power Apparatus

Perhaps not a trend, or even some sort of new surge, but maybe more apparent to me specifically lately, has been a steady barrage of attacks and slanders of the Catholic Church, and more specifically the Jesuits. Far from simply citing allegations that may or may not be valid, my observation has been a deliberate and narrowly-oriented campaign which seeks to implicate the Catholic Church as the primary culprit responsible for almost every injustice, conflict, crime against humanity and conspiracy plaguing the world today. This tactic of deflection and gate-keeping in relation to Jesuit/Catholic conspiracy is one utilized by many disinformation agents, and there is no shortage of this brand of obfuscation floating around. As such, I'm no stranger to it, and have cited one charlatan who specializes in it with a previous post on one Karen Hudes. What has caught me somewhat off guard is my observance of more and more individuals whom I had assumed were armed with enough knowledge and discernment to avoid getting caught up in this trap. What I want to address and how I want to address it can make for an exhaustive process, so I aim to be as concise and on-point as I can possibly be. Though it must be noted, for as much background information that accompanies this area of analysis, the more relevant facts and overriding theme are pretty straight to the point and not all that difficult to grasp in a coherent manner.

First off, let me establish a few points to preface this which exhibit my unbiased stance as it pertains to Catholicism and religion in general.

One, I am agnostic, having thoroughly studied religious scripture and found myself at a dead end. I have no animosity towards religions of peace such as Islam and Christianity. I do not believe religion has had a positive impact on mankind, and in fact find it to be an extremely effective form of mind control. From my point of view, however, it is not religion itself where the resultant problems stem from, but human inability to channel religious faith in a way conducive to progress rather than regression.

Two, while Catholicism is included in that, I harbor no delusions or denial when it comes to the many heinous crimes for which the Catholic church is responsible. Nor do I view it in a positive light by any stretch,

Three, although (as I will explain) I have no doubts as to the identity of the supreme exercisers of power and influence in the world, I am not, however, of the belief this group possesses a God-like character where absolute control exists over every last event or development transpired, movement organized, decision made and word spoken, with any diverging or conflicting interests or struggles for power existing only within the group's sphere of influence. I cannot believe in an omnipresent-type power structure like that because if it were indeed that simple it would not survive in relative secrecy as efficiently as it does.

Moving on, it is important to point out that the Jesuits -- and really the Catholic church as a whole -- have taken on a character that bears little resemblance to what it was intended to represent in centuries passed. This is not to imply we've passed from an historical period of righteousness and nobility into one of utter depravity as day is to night. The sickness many human beings are infected with has always been present, and repugnant tendencies both within the church and among humanity as a whole have not spontaneously appeared out of nowhere. The transformation undergone by the Catholic church, primarily in the 18th century, was largely the consequence of infiltration by nefarious groups of conspirators who made up what was the early stages of a Jewish-Masonic plot that would persevere (though not without some roadblocks along the way) all the way into our present day. As the 'Illuminati' (as they did indeed call themselves at one point), the Masons, various other secret societies, and the foundation for the Jewish-Communist conspiracy started to take form and converge, the Catholic church was, of course, in the cross hairs. The Jesuit infiltration by these conspirators, of course, was underway as they sought the destruction of the church and the empires in which the former occupied an integral part of society.

These secret societies' aims were precisely those of the Jewish Talmudic conspirators who emerged openly much later, and as such any institution built upon a foundation of Christian principles was a target, Like the Talmudists, these Masonic groups hated Christ and Christianity, and so began adopting varying doctrines and tenets (a deception, in reality) in order to subvert the established institutions. This included an ostensible compatibility with Christian doctrine, and before long Jesuits themselves had gone from outright detestation of what these secret societies embodied, to actually being members. This subversion and debasement became the model by which Talmudic-Jewish conspirators eventually expanded their influence and control across a large part of the world, and in its infancy it had grown, in this particular way, from the seeds of the so-called Illuminati and various Masonic organizations (many members of which were Jewish). It is logical to conclude, then, that no matter the character of the Catholic church and Jesuits prior, the misdeeds and wicked ways they operate under hundreds of years later can be attributed almost entirely to those who appropriated those bodies.As we observe the world today and the infiltration and control of governments, social movements, and of many other prominent organizations or networks, it is a matter of indisputable fact that their reach has only grown exponentially. There is absolutely no reason to believe that this conspiracy, as old as it is, and as successful as it has been, would relinquish their grasp on an establishment that is not only one of their most hated enemies according to their doctrine (Masonic and Jewish alike), but for a very long time represented the single greatest threat to the survival of their malicious conspiracy. The Catholic church and all its associated groups are fully under the control of the 2,000+ year old conspiracy now known as Talmudic Jewry, and this has been the case for a very, very long time.

Keep in mind, Talmudic Jewry are virulent haters of Christ, and for obvious reasons they cannot just wipe all Catholics off the face of the Earth. Instead, they attack through infiltration, appropriation and defamation. The first two are distant history, and the subject of this post is the third, which we are witnessing manifest itself with intensity. This methodology additionally serves to keep their true power and true intentions hidden.

 I will by no means dispute the presence of great evil to be found in the Catholic church. There is an abundance of it, to be sure. But when it comes to influencing and exercising varying degrees of control over the happenings of the world, the evidence for the former playing a major role simply doesn't exist. Certainly not on the scale of which I will hereafter illustrate. Let's have ourselves a quick review of just a few examples of Jewish power and influence, and how it is exercised.

- Insanely disproportionate representation of Jews in high office (including dual Israeli citizens), in media ownership (virtually all MSM), Hollywood film actors, producers and directors, banking (how many non-Jewish big bank CEOs or Fed chairs have we had?).

Government, film, media, banking. That pretty much covers most aspects of our lives right there. I will add, not only have they held office publicly, but have a documented history of unofficially "advising" just about every president since Wilson, and drafting international treaties involving nations to which they have no loyalty.

 How many Jesuits enjoy this type of prominence in all aspects of society?

-Speech-crime (Reserved exclusively for anti-Jewish speech): Criticism of Jews, including merely considering the notion of Jewish power in disproportion to their percentage of a given population, can at best earn you pariah status and ruin careers. At worst, such as in many European countries, land you in prison. "Holocaust denial" is a criminal offense in many European countries, with Germany being especially enthusiastic in their enforcement, often imprisoning individuals for up to five years.

Last I checked, hatred and vicious attacks on Catholicism are not a crime, and in fact are often congratulated.

-The Jewish lobby groups in the US

No further comment needed.

-Wars fought for the benefit of Israel

The notion of any wars fought on behalf of Vatican or Catholic interests is preposterous, and there hasn't been a single war in which evidence exists of them benefiting in a tangible way. On the other hand, we have witnessed attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and others, all benefiting Israel to varying degrees. In the case of Iraq and Syria Israel's status as primary beneficiary is unequivocal. Going back further, WWII was, ultimately a war instigated by, and fought to further the agenda of, the Zionist Jews and their aspirations. The same can be said of WWI, the only real difference being that it transpired during the earlier stages of those aspirations.

If the aforementioned examples of who it is that possesses real power is still somehow insufficient, we need only take a glance at the mainstream news outlets across the internet each day. There is hardly a single day that goes by where articles involving 'THE Holocaust' are not to be found. More often than not, multiple publications run these stories on a given day. The public is bombarded with stories about 'THE Holocaust' on a near-daily basis in order to rigorously continue the program of reinforcing the narrative in the public mind, to the extent that it becomes a matter of the subconscious; of infallibility. Long story short, it is mind control. This regiment of persistent reinforcement of the establishment narrative some 70 years after the fact not only assures that eliciting emotion and sympathy towards Jews never ceases, but it makes one wonder why, if this narrative is truthful, it would be totally unnecessary to hammer it home day in and day out. At the very least, any rational person should find it peculiar that this one particular historical event is given attention so far in excess of any other that it borders on dehumanization of all other victims of persecution and mass murder in history. If this is not a glaring example of Jewish power and influence to the reader, intellectual capabilities are now in serious doubt.

Having established irrefutably the overwhelming influence and unrestrained power of Talmudic Jewry with only a small handful of examples, the only possible rebuttal in favor of Vatican or Jesuit control and influence that is being proclaimed, is to make the claim that Zionism/Jewry is actually all a big front, or scapegoat, for the Jesuits/Vatican; the polar opposite of what I have outlined here. This is a claim I've seen circulate, and as ludicrous as it is, we might as well put the nail in the coffin of this anti-Catholic conspiracy theory drivel. The history of Talmudic Jewry and their destructive endeavors is more than sufficient in itself to dismiss such a notion. Seeing as the Jewish conspiracy along with their subversion of nations and kingdoms predates the Jesuit order itself by well over a thousand years, and that their activities have not changed but continued with astonishing consistency, there is simply no case to be made for those activities being directed by Jesuits behind the scenes. Furthermore, anyone relatively familiar with the doctrine of the Torah-Talmud is easily able to observe that doctrine in action today, just as it can be found throughout documented history. Once again, the time of origin of Levitical Law contained in the Torah renders this allegation null and void.

What is to be gained by the Catholic church using Talmudic Jewry and the fulfillment of their Law in material manifestation, as a front for their own secret control? If such a purpose does exist, the evidence for it does not. Beyond that, what is the Catholic church end-game in this alleged use of Jewry as their shroud and front? Is world domination under the rule of the Vatican a theory being thrown around? If so, is this agenda merely arbitrary in nature, or do we then move into the realm of the Vatican and Satanism? If the Vatican is secretly the house of Lucifer, how does the extensive documentation of Talmudic Jewry's transgressions fit into this? Ultimately, as the absence of evidence for this conspiracy theory becomes more and more troublesome in the face of actual facts and documentation making clear who actually possesses the control, the theory takes one in circles with nothing of relevance to piece together. Also problematic in the absence of hard facts and reliance on indiscernible premises in attempting to build a case for this conspiracy theory, there is an element of mysticism with pseudo-religious pretexts that, to whatever degree one adheres to beliefs of this nature, pile more speculation on top of the extraordinary level already having been demonstrated.

In order to buy into this notion, all existing evidence and documentation of power exercised by Jewry must be discarded in favor of pure speculation. The entire premise of this allegation as a whole is dependent on speculation and selective compiling of the facts. It is not a matter of dismissing altogether whatever influence the Vatican may have, or denial of Jesuit crimes and subversive activities. It is certainly not about downplaying the power the Vatican DOES possess, that we know of for a fact, or the vile, repulsive, inhuman abuses and general malfeasance much of the world has come to associate with the institution. What this is about, what must be emphasized, is that the crimes of which the Catholic church is actually guilty of do not in any way indicate an all-encompassing, omnipresent apparatus of world domination. The Jesuit/Catholic conspiracy theories being circulated are, of course, part of an ongoing campaign of deception, disinformation and scapegoating at the hands of the Zionists, Talmudic Jewry and their agents embedded in every aspect of society. It is this Cult who are the true bearers of the power to dictate developments all over the world, subvert and appropriate governments, and impose their will in ways that are seemingly inconceivable. It is they who instigate wars, enjoy privileges that make second-class citizens of the rest of humanity, operate under double-standards unlike anything one can imagine, and insert themselves into positions of power and prestige without qualification and without any questions being asked. None of this can be said of Jesuits, or Catholics on the whole. The 'front' argument, absent of evidence and logic, and with some of the miscreants disseminating it, cannot be taken seriously by any individual of sound mind. The factual aspects of Catholic/Jesuit crimes and nefarious undertakings are, in reality, a separate issue, and a topic for another day. Because, as is abundantly clear, their status is far from that of the modern-day incarnation of the ancient Levites.

Don't fall for the tap. Know your true enemy.    

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