Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Continuing To Make Sense of the Current US-Russia "Conflict"

I came across an article over at Activist Post today which, in light of the ongoing "standoff" between Russia and United States that we're increasingly being led to believe is steering us towards an inevitable nuclear war, raised additional questions, at least in my mind, as to the authenticity of such a seemingly drastic divergence of interests between the two nations, and even the multi-polar character of world developments as a whole. I have continued to focus attention on this subject for a variety of reasons, some obvious and others not so much. What is more important, though, is that the more effort I devote to analyzing this matter, against the backdrop of details and events of an historical nature which I have only recently begun fully understand, is that there are far too many elements of this drama that are being overlooked; not only by the MSM, as this goes without saying, but by just about everyone who has a their own take. I have highlighted Putin's inseparability from the West and the Talmudic death cult in Tel Aviv as it pertains to upholding false historical narratives, and Putin's reverence towards the state of Israel and its Jewish terrorist origins have always been on full display. But for those who fail to recognize the Talmudic conspiracy as the catalyst for much of the negative developments we witness in the world, a more generic approach under the banner of globalism is indeed sufficient for casting doubt on the prevailing narratives.

While I express full support for President Assad and his rule of Syria as a sovereign nation, I do not deny (nor should anyone else) that he has not always represented the figure of resistance to American imperialism which his current status necessitates. Assad, like any other head of state, has played geopolitical roles which are in the best interest of his country and do not resemble the current state of affairs. It was not the United States who made an enemy out of Assad by their own volition, but Israel who has created the situation in which Assad is the new Hitler. I mention this because it further illustrates the shortcomings of a good vs evil, black and white assessment of the current situation. What Russia's increased support for Assad indicates is not confirmation of anything other than Putin reaching the conclusion that such increased support was feasible while still maintaining other, very diverse allegiances much broader in scope, and which cannot be disrupted. The truth of the matter is that the power players in this situation act independently only to a certain extent, and that national sovereignty has all but disappeared in matters of larger significance.

History has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, especially in the case of WWII, that these things are not as they seem, and that power networks of an internationalist character dictate the developments and outcomes of all conflicts in accordance to their own interests which supersede national interests. Nothing has changed, and this fact is even more evident today than it was even 70 years ago. What we are witnessing is order through disorder. National governments play along in order to ensure their own survival in its present capacity and to keep their place at the table. The true dynamics at work must remain cloaked in national disputes and diverging aims in order to continue unabated. If the larger machinations were to be revealed for all to see, and the common goals of all involved parties communicated to the people in a truthful manner, these machinations would cease to function as they do, for no sane individual on this planet would willingly assume their role of subjugation if they truly understood that role.

It is not so much that disputes such as the current one between the US and Russia are a total ruse; it is more accurate to describe them as lacking the significance attached to them. At the end of the day, all involved parties come under the dominion of the same international power networks. As such, the outcomes do not alter the trajectory of the future going forward in the ways we are led to believe. The larger plans for the world remain intact and neither Obama nor Putin possess the ability or even the desire to throw a wrench into those plans for any sort of cause of the greater good. Insinuations of national values or ideologies hold no weight whatsoever. Loyalties are not geared towards national governments or the people they preside over, and to think Putin, as the head of state of one of world's 'big boys' is any different, is pure fantasy. International finance and international Talmudic Jewry, largely working in perfect harmony, still hold the true power in their hands. That will not change with Assad holding the fort and Syria being brought back to life. It will not change with the BRICS. It will not change with Obama leaving office or Putin leaving office. It will not change with the United States losing its role as world hegemon, or even collapsing entirely as a nation.

For every example of ways in which the US (and all of its Western 'allies') and Russia are in disagreement, there are countless more examples of ways in which they are in perfect agreement, or function in the exact same manner. It is the latter that are being almost entirely ignored across the board. Incidentally, it is from within those various ignored elements where the most accurate portrayal of the current conditions must be drawn.

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