Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Cynical Nature of the New 'Radical Left': Justified, Yet Misguided

As the "New World Order" of financial terrorism in the form of unelected oligarchies continue to tighten their grip on developed nations across the world, and especially in North America and Western Europe, the disillusionment of the masses continues to grow exponentially. The result of this has been the emergence of movements on both the 'left' and 'right' that fall far outside the realm of today's political landscape and the character which it has embodied. As the concentration of wealth further accumulates in the hands of a very small group in the upper echelons of society, growing discontent among the general public is becoming ever-more apparent, being equally evident among those representing all positions in the political landscape. From the rise to prominence and political power of self-proclaimed 'radical socialists' such as Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain -- to the gaining steam of quasi-fascist, far-right movements in typically heavily left-leaning parts of Europe -- to the growing support and enthusiasm for the 'non-factor-to-renegade' candidates on both the left and right, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, in America -- public outrage at the near-universal deterioration of living standards has reached a fever pitch.

The newest development and expression of the current public sentiment has come in the UK, where avowed Socialist Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as leader of the long-bankrupt Labour party, and by an absolute landslide. Prior to my semi-exile from Twitter, I observed a great deal of enthusiasm and optimism emanating from the ranks of leftists in the UK, but I observed even more cynicism and even hostility towards what -- by this other faction of radical leftists -- was viewed as another fraudulent political pitch from a man who would eventually take the same route traveled by that of Greek Prime Minister and self-proclaimed 'radical leftist' Alexis Tspiras (more on him later). One would be severely lacking in hindsight and perspective to not find in this fatalistic sentiment a great deal of validity, for very little precedent can be found to dismiss it. While this readiness on the part of the radical left (made up, primarily, of Anarchists, Marxists and revolutionary Socialists) to immediately dismiss such a development as nothing more than superficial bourgeois posturing, is largely an accurate assessment, they nevertheless remain as hopelessly deluded and misguided as those who have placed legitimate hope in the current political process, and to whom Corbyn's victory signals a monumental shift in the political landscape.

The program (or whatever semblance of one) the radical leftists of the Marxist/Communist variety adhere to for the transformation of Capitalist society hinges upon an overthrow of the existing order in such a manner that eliminates a transition period from one structure to another; an overthrow which is dependent on a mass 'awakening,' revolt, and ultimately the organization and action of a monstrous group of individuals who shall then take into their own hands the course of events. I have discussed previously the impossibility of success in such an adventure and its applicability is present in this context as well. Without exploring the flaws in their dogma itself, and without disputing the validity of their cynicism towards the aforementioned developments, the defeatist approach is a destructive one, which aptly summarizes the inherently rigid character of the movement, and serves as one of the predominant reasons as to why it is one of futility. From the Marxist/Communist perspective (a perspective I once adopted), the class structure and its architects and beneficiaries remain standing on a foundation of accumulation of surplus value as gospel, an end to which all existing mechanisms of society are established and synchronized. With little else being given its appropriate analysis, there is no conceivable way in which this cynicism and hostility can be accompanied by an understanding of the true nature of these developments -- and therefore a starting point from where to begin disassembling the configuration that produces these leftist false messiahs. To put it another way, what is expected is the emergence of a modern-day Che Guevara, rising like a superhero from within the ranks of the official order, proving once and for all that, in all certainty, each and every figure who previously came into the picture with compelling rhetoric and lofty promises, was nothing more than a coward and deceiver. It is somewhat puzzling, in that sense, for what reason this faction would pay any attention whatsoever to such a development, if not for the purpose of solidifying for themselves the rightfulness of their own ideological persuasions. After all, what else should the Marxist expect to come of a figure such as Corbyn?

I would dare to go a step further and make the assertion that any substantial swell in leftist sentiment, regardless of the individual(s) or circumstances which have breathed life into it, could be used as a springboard and harnessed in the direction of the more radical leftist cause. Indeed, there would be no more opportune time to introduce the outraged masses to the Marxist cause and therefore cultivate the 'class consciousness' espoused by followers of Lord Marx. Alas, as I have stressed over the last several months, this apparently self-evident formula for success is lost upon these 'revolutionaries.'

I am, in very large part, a nihilist. As such, I cannot offer my support, or even the benefit of the doubt, to a politician or candidate who has risen to a role of recognition and even prominence as part of the political establishment anywhere in the developed world where obedience to the hidden hand is the name of the game. We witnessed the shameful and downright traitorous actions of Greece's Tspiras, the latest and unquestionably the most grievous example of exorbitant promises gone by the wayside. I watched the Trotskyist World Socialist Website (Fourth International) accurately assess the Syriza regime and even more accurately predict every step of the way how those events would play out. But like all other Marxist/Communist factions of the far-left, the fundamental analyses of the causes and conditions that are instrumental in dictating the usual acquiescent outcome are extremely one-dimensional. As I was saying, you will not find me lending an endorsement to any of these establishment figures (although, to be far, Tspiras gave a hell of an appearance as something other than that), nor do I find it useful to invest so much as a half-hearted shred of emotion into such a development, positive or negative. The reason for this lies in the very elements of the established order that, like the naive who see in many of these political figures a messiah, the radical leftists of the orthodox Marxist/Communist faction remain completely blind to.

When we consider the fact that the doctrine of the Marxists finds its origins in the leader of a revolution that would never have survived a full week if not for the array of behind-the-scenes financial support from Capitalists of the highest order, we can automatically conclude that a fundamental understanding of the power structure that exists is entirely absent. This absence of understanding and its resultant puritanism represents the barrier of the radical leftists to challenge in any way the conditions wherein these 'pseudo-leftists' find their way into the public spectacle -- and therefore the ability to cross over from impotent armchair slander and demagoguery to meaningful criticism. Despite the nihilism in me, what I do hold to be true (at least to some degree) is that a certain level of public understanding and willingness to vocalize the consequences of the established order cannot but influence events moving forward. The likelihood of that level of public enlightenment being attained is another matter altogether, and admittedly, that likelihood hovers near the 0 mark.

Whether or not this post is merely another polemic against an ideological persuasion that has left a tremendously bad taste in my mouth, is for the reader to ascertain. The number of flaws and inconsistencies that surfaced as I made my way into, through and out of that radical leftist stage of my life are certainly bewildering, although the primary direction of this particular post serves to tie these ideological and philosophical deficiencies into the recent events that unfolded globally and led to a sort of rebirth of leftist sentiment among the public at large. If there might be an opportunity presenting itself against the backdrop of these developments, you can be sure the radical leftists of the first-world, clinging like a leech on skin to their orthodoxy, and incarcerating themselves in the prison of absolutism, will lead the charge in slamming that window shut and then boarding the motherfucker up just to be safe.

As we look around the world and especially in austerity-ravaged Europe, and observe a sort of revival of leftist sentiment, it is entirely justified to expect minimal, if any of the changes championed by the likes of Tspiras, Corbyn, etc to actually come to fruition. One would be badly mistaken, however, in attributing that non-fulfillment to such simplistic factors such as inadequate ideas/platforms, callousness and/or blatant dishonesty (which is to say, an underlying sympathy with the ruling elite and their vicious program), or some sort of agenda of pacification to steer the energy of the downtrodden and fed-up masses into a direction of manageability. While I will be the first to tell you, any of these are still possible, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there has come to pass circumstances in which well-meaning and strong-willed figures have assumed positions of high authority, only to fail in what they set out to accomplish. We live in a world where nation-states exist essentially as a formality; where labels and ideologies hold meaning only to those who do not possess the ability to put those ideologies into action; where Capitalists and Communists worked hand-in-hand for a cause that transcends everything open for public debate or scrutiny; where not a single action or event transpires without the approval of, or ramifications from, a ruling group whose self-anointed authority dates back thousands of years.

Though Communism as passed down by Marx, Lenin and Trotsky is no longer of any appeal to me -- and in fact, owing to its true history, is repulsive -- I remain a believer in a Socialist-style economy and governance. With that said, the developments I've spoken to here would be extremely encouraging  from my point of view, if not for the fact that the world is governed by a hidden hand, whose ultimate goal is total consolidation of power and resources under laws that bear no resemblance to the ones the world exists under. Radical leftists are correct in that this current crop of leftist leaders will undoubtedly make little or no difference in changing the order of things or improving the lives of the masses. However, despite their unwavering belief in the idea of a 'real' leftist, riding a wave of 'class consciousness' that overturns the existing order, ushering in a society characterized as a worker's state, it is not a matter of 'class warfare' which persists as the struggle to liberate mankind. Nor does any politician who rises to fame professing leftist ideals offer any real criteria from which to formulate an accurate assessment of their sincerity, acumen, or primary motives. The radical leftist believes that all these figures are fraudulent 'pseudo-leftists' (again, many or all may be) because Communism, and only Communism, is the solution, and yet at the very same time these same figures draw the ire and condemnation of those radical leftists as if expectations were present to begin with. The sad truth of the matter is, the Capitalist is to the radical leftist what Lucifer is to the Christian. Therein lies the source of all the world's ills, with no problem too big or small to be attributed to that great evil. While the millenniums-old conspiracy grows more and more apparent by the day, the radical leftists chase a phantom enemy and make scapegoating of puppets and political theater an art form. The true face of the enemy eludes them. Perhaps if the hidden hand were revealed for most to see, and its choke-hold on the political affairs of nearly the entire planet were removed, the upstart leftist politicians like Jeremy Corbyn could indeed alter the landscape. Until that day comes, speculation as to his motives and character, and designations along the lines of 'pseudo-leftist,' are completely devoid of real meaning or substance.

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