Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Charlatans, Operatives and Disinformation Agents - Epsidoe III: Sibel Edmonds

As I and countless others have stressed over the years, the events of 9/11/2001 and the official lie that has been told to "explain" those events, are of unparalleled importance when it comes to making a proper assessment of the goings-on in the world in the subsequent fourteen years. Understanding the facts of 9/11 (at least the ones we know of at this juncture) is absolutely crucial to countering the establishment propaganda machine and piecing together the reality of the situation we live under in the post-9/11 world. The official lie of 9/11 is the glue that holds together countless successive lies and psychological operations that have led to a state of global chaos and suffering from which we may never fully recover. It is with this in mind that I have chosen to zero in on Sibel Edmonds as the third subject of this ongoing series. Before getting into Sibel herself and why she qualifies for this post, let's review some basic facts about 9/11 that anyone reading this should be well acquainted and fully at terms with:

1) The 9/11 attacks were not orchestrated from a cave in Afghanistan and carried out by boxcutter-wielding Muslims affiliated with 'Al Qaeda.'

2) Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11, and literally zero evidence has ever been produced to suggest otherwise.

3) In all actual fact, the available evidence suggests significant if not primary responsibility lies with the Israeli Mossad and its agents embedded throughout the United States.

4) 'Al Qaeda' is a creation of the CIA and Israeli Mossad.

5) Only once in all of history has a skyscraper collapsed due to fire. On September 11th, 2001 -- and it happened to three of them.

6) Since 9/11, the United States and its allies (puppet regimes) have waged relentless and uninterrupted war across the Middle East and North Africa, killing, maiming and displacing countless millions of people.

7) The primary beneficiary of these wars, by and large, and on multiple fronts, has not been the US or its client states, but Israel.

8) The 2000 PNAC document entitled 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' states the need for a "catastrophic or cataclysmic event -- like a new Pearl Harbor."

9) Prominent Zionist Jews had been on-record predicting a 9/11-style attack for up to three decades.

10) 'The Yinon Plan' for "Greater Israel" calls for a massive expansion of Israeli land "from Egypt to the Euphrates." 

All of that and much more borne in mind, it will become clear that Sibel Edmonds is another charlatan, limited hangout, or worse.

Edmonds is an FBI translator turned "whistleblower" who was fired from her job after what she alleges to be retaliation for various complaints on her part pertaining to impropriety and misconduct within the FBI. These allegations led to a congressional investigation and ultimately her allegations were found to have some merit to them, although no action was ever taken. Additionally, she is the founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), whose membership sports the likes of Daniel Ellsberg (AKA the original Eddie Snowden) and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, among others. She has been the recipient of a great deal of acclaim and praise, not only from certain elements of "truth-seekers," but also from many in official government positions and current and former intelligence circles. Needless to say, although not the media darling Ellsberg and "Snowden" were. this can rightly be taken as red flag number one.

For all the hullabaloo and fanfare, the "most gagged woman in America" has lived up to the moniker exceptionally well. What exactly is it she is "gagged" from speaking about? Based on claims she has made and her "whistleblowing" activity to this point, not to mention the attention she has garnered as a result, it is safe to assume that the secrets she has allegedly sat on are rather inconsequential. That is, if any secrets do indeed exist.

Her claims regarding the 9/11 attacks are centered around "the government let it happen," with "rogue" elements of the FBI and other outside influences preventing the "good guys" from properly doing their job, and therefore impeding a proper investigation. In typical "muddy the waters" fashion, she offers up vague and ambiguous implications, while remaining hesitant to, you know... blow the whistle. She has alluded to involvement in the 9/11 attacks on the part of Turkish and Pakistani intelligence, and consistently maintained the narrative of Saudi responsibility, at least in large part. The true masterminds of the attack, the Israeli Mossad and its agents embedded within the United States, are virtually nowhere to be found in Sibel's claims, allusions and implicit indictments. For someone with a significant degree of insider knowledge of the investigation, or lack thereof, this is alarming -- and of course very telling. When one consider's Sibel's April, 2011 article entitled Is Israel the Sole Determinant of US Presidential Elections?, in which she is upfront and candid about Israel's unrestrained influence over US politics, and even congratulates them for achieving such power, it becomes ever-more difficult to accept at face value the genuineness of her crusade.

The 'good guys' in the FBI

Allow me to backtrack for a moment and touch upon this notion of hers that many low-to-mid-level FBI 'field agents' are actually the 'good guys.' It should be abundantly clear at this point to any sane, truth-seeking American that there are no such thing as 'good guys' in the FBI. Nor are there any in the NSA, DHS, DIA or any other alphabet soup agency currently raping the American people of the last shred of individual freedom and privacy we still cling to. Such an assertion is patently absurd, for obvious reasons that we see play themselves out on an almost daily basis. Seeing as there can be no 'good cops,' owing to the complicity in the repressive and destructive behavior exhibited by their peers, the same rule applies to the aforementioned federal agencies -- only to an even greater extent. Anyone with the best interest of the American people -- and, really, humanity as a whole -- at heart cannot but realize the danger these agencies pose.

Same old red herrings

We have witnessed the obstructive and evasive character of many alternative commentators when it comes to assessing the attacks of 9/11, so Sibel is far from alone in this matter. What makes her somewhat unique is the inside perspective from which she established her voice among 9/11 "truth" movements. This lends her a degree of credibility and benefit of the doubt that most others within the movement would certainly not be afforded, and it is precisely this fact that has allowed her to maintain her "cred" while revealing very little of the information she supposedly possesses. In one of her more forthright moments, in 2009, she made the claim that Osama bin Laden had been working with US intelligence right up to the day of the 9/11 attacks. It is no secret by now that, at the time of the attacks, the former CIA asset was gravely ill, and by all indications died just a few months after 9/11, in December of that year. Although it is not wholly outside the realm of possibility that some sort of communication took place, it is extremely unlikely and in any event utterly irrelevant. In light of the fact that he had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks, inserting bin Laden's name into the equation serves one purpose and one purpose only: To solidify the Zionist-occupied government's fundamental version of events, of which the boogeyman bin Laden is the centerpiece. The 'Saudi involvement' red herring is perhaps the most crucial element of a controlled opposition campaign, and by now should be considered the most obvious as well. This is not to say Saudi Arabia does not have a lengthy track record of support for violent terrorist movements, because it absolutely does. However, we must recognize that such support is always given either at the direction, or with the explicit approval of, the United States, who in turn operate, almost without exception, under the guidance of the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv. 

The enduring theme of Sibel's narrative is this Saudi involvement and an ongoing, strenuous effort by the highest echelons of the US government to cover up for "mid to high level al Qaeda operatives." This, my friends, is textbook disinformation. To summarize, we have the 'stating the obvious' factor ("The government is lying and there is a cover-up in place!"); the reluctance to elaborate on the claim in any meaningful fashion ("I have secrets -- really BIG secrets -- but I can't tell them to you because I'm gagged!"); and the "revelations" that she "can get away with" ("Bin Laden! Al Qaeda!"). She will, from time to time, muddy the waters with various references to other nations and entities without offering much in the way of substantiation for their connection, but the central theme remains intact. Does it seem fishy yet? I should hope so.

The 'what' of the matter (i.e. the blatant disinformation) is irrefutable. What is not at all clear is the 'why' (i.e. her motivation). The complexion of the deep-state apparatus is, of course, not fully discernible, and various elements and networks, each serving their own purpose and achieving a multitude of individualistic ends, exist within it. The more exhaustive the effort undertaken to pinpoint the precise role of a single actor in the larger machinery can be an arduous and ultimately unfulfilling task. In this instance, as in the case of all controlled opposition polluting the 9/11 truth movement, an individual's personal motivation is of a secondary nature anyway. I have seen it suggested that Sibel has a Jewish background, though I am thus far unable to verify that claim. And while it would indeed make sense that concealing the Jewish Zionist role in the 9/11 attacks would be all the motivation such a person would need (and indeed, these gatekeepers are to be found in every nook and cranny of the American power structure), the spreading of disinformation about 9/11 serves that very purpose above all else, regardless of personal ambitions. It is evident that this is an area Sibel has no interest in venturing into, and what she HAS said about the 9/11 attacks leaves little room for doubt that whatever it is she has allegedly been sitting on also conveniently avoids the hard truths of the matter at hand.

If Sibel Edmonds is in fact privy to damning information that can shed light on the truth of 9/11, bring some sort of justice to the families whose lives were ruined in the process, and perhaps even change the direction our society has taken as a consequence of those attacks, I would urge her to take one for the team and air that shit out. In the absence of such a development, we are left with no real reason to believe she is anything other than just another controlled opposition figure and cog in the establishment disinformation machine.    


  1. You are spot on about this woman. I never trusted and you just laid it out as to why. I hope more people read this article and do NOT subscribe to Newsbud, her latest disinfo venture.

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  3. By your logic, there are no good Americans, either, since we are all implicitly supporting a highly corrupt system whether we are aware of it or not. And I am guessing that you are one of those fanatics who believe every Jewish person on the face of the earth is inherently evil no matter how innocent or ignorant they may be of the zionist cabal. "The Jews," "the CIA," or "the" anybody is a gross oversimplification of the multifaceted factionalist struggle for supreme dominance. That jockeying for power & position is incestuous & universal all at the same time, dictated by the expedience of the moment.
    I can't help but be curious if Alex Jones has been mentioned in this expose of controlled opposition disinformationalists, as his absence would be a giant glaring red flag for me.