Monday, August 10, 2015

The Three-Ring Circus of American Politricks Laid Bare, Courtesy of Donald Trump

It is no secret, nor is it news, that the American political system is pure theater, on par with “reality television” in terms of its legitimacy and real world implications for the vast majority of the American public. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it typically doesn’t warrant even a passing thought for anyone with a shred of common sense and reasonably good grasp on reality. This time around, however, we have ourselves somewhat of an exception. How does a pompous, narcissistic, unabashed racist and overall bastard of the highest order become the most favorable – or at least the most tolerable – candidate in the field? That is exactly what we’re witnessing in the case of Donald Trump. An out-of-touch- megalomaniac who once took out a front page ad in one of the country’s largest newspapers to call for executing a group of children accused (and later exonerated) of rape, has taken on an almost endearing persona in the eyes of many Americans; a true testament to the sheer absurdity and fictional nature of American politics. Trump’s antics have inadvertently laid bare what should have been obvious long ago, and the flagrant dishonesty and disingenuous character of each and every one of his opponents – both Republican and Democrat alike – has been magnified in a way not seen before. In contrast to the array of paid stooges of special interest groups, especially of the military-industrial-complex and the Israeli lobby, what you see is what you get with Trump. As grandiose and obnoxious as the man is, this lack of shameless pandering and calculation has in some measurable form resonated with the public. Does Trump stand a chance of winning the general election or even the Republican primary? Of course not, this is a rigged game, and he showed as much given just a handful of minutes to speak at the “debate.”

The media attack dogs have been unleashed on Trump, and their useful idiots have followed suit. The people in whom Trump’s honesty has not resonated are aghast at the idea of a Trump presidency, as if it could possibly be any worse than what we’ve had at any point since 1963. The controlled media and its faithful patrons alike are in full panic-mode, scrambling to preserve the fantasy world they’ve foisted upon the public at large. Those of us with more than a couple functioning brain cells of course understand that the criticism leveled at Trump holds only superficial significance, as it’s not so much his views and hypothetical policies that disturb people, but his willingness to be straight-forward about them. Proudly proclaiming how he’s bought politicians on both sides of the paradigm, including ones he stood on stage “debating,” is the articulation of the elephant in the room no one within the spectacle or in the media has thus far been willing to acknowledge. Nor will they ever dare to do so. Against this backdrop, and considering the rest of the candidates undoubtedly share most of the same ignorant views and lack of actual credentials to occupy the position of the president of the United States, Trump’s time in the political spotlight has been a sight to behold. You don’t have to like the man or agree with even a single word that comes out of his mouth to appreciate what he has done here. In making a public mockery of the system and the people who are insane and detached enough to still march in lockstep with it, he has also brought full-circle the fraudulent nature of money-politics, using the system against itself. Is it any wonder he has the establishment and its mouthpieces in a frenzy?

If nothing else, we should enjoy this while it lasts. What we’re witnessing may not happen again for a very long time – if at all. Once the dust settles and Trump has finally been removed from the picture, the embarrassment inflicted by him will not be forgotten. The political establishment and its media mouthpieces will regroup and take the necessary steps to try and prevent such an episode from repeating itself. In the meantime, it would be beneficial to recognize the unprecedented way in which the bankruptcy of American politics has been exposed from inside, in the public forum and on a national – and even international – scale. Donald Trump is no worse of a human being than any other marionette who has thrown his or her hat into the race, and it appears, for now, that a sizeable portion of the public would rather have an honest piece of shit than a deceptive one. As for the remaining portion, for the time being we can sit back and watch them expose themselves by crying foul at every little move Trump makes. Savor the opportunity, because it won’t last. In no time, even those whose eyes have been somewhat opened by this segment of American political theater will likely be lulled back to sleep. Even so, I think we all owe Mr. Trump – the asshole that he is – a thank you.

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