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Charlatans, Operatives and Disinformation Agents - Episode II: Karen Hudes

Not exactly a household name among 'truther' circles, but with a growing following and bringing forth claims of a particularly scandalous nature, Karen Hudes is the subject of my second edition of 'Charlatans, Operatives and Disinformation Agents.' Karen is a bit of an aberration in terms personalities making up the 'alternative' or 'fringe' information network. Without question, she occupies a space all her own in that regard. When one imagines the prototypical "tinfoil hat-wearing, nutty conspiracy theorist" that's so often the subject of ridicule by arrogant, brainwashed subjects of the establishment, Hudes would probably be the best representation you could find. The best disinformation agents offer up a heavy portion of truth with just enough horse shit mixed in to cook up the perfect recipe of mind-fuckery to be digested by those of us who have wandered off the beaten path. Alas, in the case of Karen Hudes, this particular pattern isn't really replicated. From what I have personally gathered, there isn't much in the way of hard truths being told outside of the obvious. Rather, there is an element of shock value and a tactically over-the-top style, which would explain the lack of acclaim and recognition she has thus far achieved. That being said, each operative and agent has their own particular role, and speculation relating to her popularity and recognition is rather inconsequential for the purpose of this piece. So, who is Karen Hudes?

Karen Hudes is best known as the World Bank "whistle-blower"who "revealed" the corruption within the institution (Because previously we all assumed the WB was nothing but honest, noble and responsible) and was subsequently sent on her way after 20+ years in her high-ranking position. She now has apparently made it her life's mission to expose not only the unscrupulousness of the World Bank, but also a variety of other "secrets" that pose grave threats to humanity. Among those secrets are cone-headed aliens occupying the Catholic priesthood, multiple alien species living on Earth, and Vatican influence and control over literally every single event taking place in the world. If the heavy-set teenage girl at the KFC drive-thru fucked up your order, you can be sure the Vatican was responsible in some way. She has also made dubious claims such as 40% and 60% of US tax dollars go to the United Kingdom and the Vatican, respectively. Predictably, in all her alleged "revelations" and commentary on world affairs, what's missing is any mention of Israel and Zionism. Even her take on the JFK assassination makes no mention of the Mossad and/or Israel. Is it any surprise, therefore, that Hudes and her husband are both Ashkenazi Jews? Speaking of her husband...

Her husband, Barry Spergel, also spent time working for the Rothschild-controlled World Bank. In addition, he has worked with the UN and Rockefeller-funded WWF on numerous "environmental sustainability" projects that, for what it's worth, coincide with the aims and provisions of the infamous Agenda 21. Through his extensive work with the WWF, which receives a large percentage of its funding from the World Bank itself, he has developed ties to the Rockefeller dynasty, the Walton family, USAID, the British monarchy and other unwholesome characters and entities. The couple currently resides in Washington.

Another important part of this story is close colleague of Hudes and fellow anti-Vatican crusader, Eric Jon Phelps. Phelps is an Israeli diamond merchant, virulently anti-Catholic Zionist who, like Hudes, implicates the Vatican and the Jesuits as the root cause of every manifestation of evil imaginable. The targets of Phelps' attacks and "Jesuit agent" accusations are too many to list, with members of the 9/11 truth movement -- and the movement itself -- being part of the equation. Without going to great lengths in summarizing Phelps, he could best be described as a raving lunatic, overt provocateur and brazen trickster. You can read much more about Eric Jon Phelps and his dirty deeds here and here.

But let us return to the subject of this piece, Karen Hudes herself. The first, most obvious question that must be asked is: What sort of evidence does she offer to back her claims of Vatican and Jesuit culpability in the voluminous array of crimes and malicious activities she attributes to them? The answer to that question is none. Zero. What evidence does she offer to support the claim of cone-headed aliens masquerading as Catholic clergymen? Again, evidence of any kind is completely absent. Certainly, in the case of the latter, one should not expect otherwise. The claim itself is absurd and doesn't warrant much of a discussion in the first place. The next observation that must be made and borne in mind is, with connections to the types of groups and people Hudes has (of which I have barely even elaborated on here), suspension of disbelief on an enormous scale is required to accept at face value her status as legitimate whistle-blower. No less important -- and perhaps even more so -- is the presence of the limited hangout/disinformation agent common denominator: The complete omission of Israel/Zionism from the "revelations" and discourse. Most reading this need no further explanation as to the pertinence of this factor.

Assessing the veracity of the whistle-blower claim from another angle, I am compelled to invoke one aspect of the Eddie Snowden Rule. If this international cabal of Jesuits and Jesuit agents is as all-powerful and omnipresent as Hudes would lead you to believe, would she be afforded the opportunity to continue "exposing" them as she does? If her claims held a degree of validity, would those "revelations" ever even see the light of day? When she "blew the whistle" on the World Bank, would that not precipitate a series of measures to limit what additional "revelations" would be aired out to the public? Where was the damage control? Any kind of damage control. Not only is she alive and well, she hasn't even gotten the Dominique Strauss-Kahn treatment. She's been given free reign to run around "blowing the whistle" on this or that, and making heavy-handed accusations that, if true, would shake the foundations of modern civilization. As in the case of Fast Eddie Snowden, it is preposterous to believe the deep-state, or in Hudes' world of alien Jesuit boogeymen, the "Order," would not make quick work of these "whistle-blowers" and say nighty-night. Michael Hastings comes to mind, and Hastings wasn't touching on anything even remotely consequential in comparison to claims being made by Hudes. All things considered, the narrative being disseminated by this individual has gone beyond far-fetched and frankly has entered the realm of lunacy.

What we have witnessed time and again, with each so-called dissident, whistle-blower, truther, and any other form of opposition or resistance, are patterns of inconsistency, obfuscation and deception by omission. Any analysis of world power structures, crime syndicates, financial treachery, terror networks, etc, that absolves or outright excludes the Jewish and/or Zionist component is misleading and deceitful. Whether that omission is derived from fear of being shamed or is the product of a willing participant in the establishment's protection of Israel/Zionism does not alter its dishonest character one iota. When our so-called whistle-blower or dissident goes to extreme lengths to keep Israel and/or Zionism out of the equation, it becomes plainly evident we're dealing with an operative whose job is to propagate false and misleading information, manufacture the suitable red-herring and sow confusion among the 'unplugged' segments of society.

This is merely a personal assessment, not a biography of the individual. To cover in totality or in large part the ins and outs of Karen Hudes would require more time to articulate in writing than I have, or that I am willing to put forth. That said, taking into account her background, connections, the nature of her claims, the freedom she enjoys to make those claims, and what is conspicuously absent from them, to make a case for her being a Zionist operative wouldn't prove to be a difficult task. While it is conceivable yet near-impossible to prove that is indeed what she is, what is unmistakable is that she is not a genuine "whistle-blower," and is in fact engaged in some sort of contrivance and diversion. Just another psychological warfare operation.

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