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Co-opting of the left: The point of no return?

Over the past several months, I have on more than one occasion expressed my frustration in writing with certain aspects of what I see as blatant co-optation of the left. I’ve bounced around a little bit and focused more on particular symptoms of this co-optation, rather than the phenomenon as a whole, and its broader implications for the entirety of – mainly – Western society. With my views and observations ever-evolving when it comes to matters of sociopolitical importance, I have removed previous entries in favor of what I hope to be a more complete expression of my analysis. I do not believe many individuals truly recognize or understand this form of political and social subversion, as it seems to me in order to do so one must have been a part of that leftist movement and been gradually disillusioned with it, and in a way that doesn’t lead to a drastic reversal in one’s outlook. In addition, a level of paradox that goes hand-in-hand with self-awareness must be accepted and confronted as pure, objective reality. Being conflicted and paradoxical is part of what makes us human. There is a great distinction to be made between inconsistency and idiosyncrasy, and embracing an element of paradox within one’s self, in my opinion, is a sign of maturity and intellectual honesty. With all that being said, what I’ve come to realize about myself is that no matter the dogmas I may have – even loosely – adhered to in the past, I’ve nonetheless remained unfulfilled and with just as many questions as answers. It is my opinion that, in light of the way the establishment has subverted and co-opted leftist movements across the board, those on the left have been rendered chronically incapable of this type of self-awareness. The results are painfully obvious and manifest themselves in a plethora of ways. Social engineering is now a sort of omnipresent force in Western society, and to believe leftists have somehow transcended these types of psychological operations is beyond absurd. Quite the opposite – They, in large majority – flatly refuse to even acknowledge the existence of such forces.

Identity politics as a core element of leftist dogmas

As I’ve written about before, identity politics have taken on an importance in Western society in an unprecedented way. This phenomenon, of course, is anything but organic in nature. The most obvious reason for identity politics to come to the forefront of leftist “activism” is the ‘strategy of tension’ and the benefits the ruling classes reap from keeping proles at each other’s necks, rather than seeing the big picture and responding in a meaningful way. From the ever-more-prominent role of sexual identity, to the agent provocateurs and pseudo-celebrities of the “racial equality” movements, identity politics have spiraled out of control to the point of primitive tribalism and a kind of sectarianism normally associated with nations and societies torn by ancient ethnic conflicts. This is what Western society is devolving into, and it is the left that is leading the charge. How can this be, but for rigorous and sophisticated social engineering tactics deployed against the population? Take for example, the young (often teenagers), sexual identity-obsessed, new age Stalinists. They unwaveringly deify a man who made homosexuality illegal & punishable by years of prison and/or hard labor. Have they never been made aware of this fact? Of course they have. One of the single greatest achievements of social engineering of this sort is to have individuals act against their own interest while believing they are acting of free will. Coercion without force, and on a level that isn’t even manifest at all to the targeted group or individual, is infinitely more powerful than using brute tactics and threats of harm/violence. By no means is this type of manipulation limited to younger demographics, though. It goes without saying that people are largely intellectually deficient across all age groups in Western society today. The Stalinist trans cult, as I now call them, with their hyper-sectarian tendencies and tactics, are not doing themselves or anyone else any favors. What they’re doing is unwittingly setting back the very advances they seek to accomplish in society by way of alienation and confusion. In the same manner, useful idiots who throw their weight behind the likes of Deray McKesson and other Soros-funded “activists,” be they black, white or any other race or creed, are mimicking the reactionary impulses of their purported enemies who for inexplicable reasons don’t see racism, sexism or any other form of oppression as even existing at all in this day and age. A defining characteristic of all the identity politics movements, without exception, is the impulse to exclude and silence voices deemed unacceptable or not adequately representing the explicit dogma of the movement itself. “Cis” men (even gay ones) are not fit to have an opinion on sexual identity; White individuals are strictly forbidden from having an opinion on matters that primarily affect people of color. This is no coincidence, as it is this form of censorship the mainstream media, politicians and intellectual gatekeepers of all walks of life employ in regards to silencing debate or questioning of powerful, state-sponsored narratives that fly in the face of all logic and common sense. They have adopted in their person the very same traits which they ostensibly seek to rid from the establishment and society as a whole. As such, a revolving door of authoritarianism and endless cycle of psychological abuse remains. Identity politics are the grease that keeps the wheels of state-sponsored oppression turning without interruption. With very little exception, the left marches in lockstep with these contrived formulas, and I see no reason to believe that will change anytime soon, or at all. With further technological advances and further concentration of wealth into the hands of a small group of individuals working cohesively together, I expect a dramatic intensification of these patterns. The left cannot collectively come back from the pathetic point they’ve reached unless an unforeseen set of circumstances that shakes the very foundation of Western society manifests itself. Even then, the tribalism they’ve picked up along the way could very well set the stage for chaos beyond what any of us are willing to imagine. Perhaps that’s even the goal.

The left and Israel

It would be woefully inattentive not to mention Zionism’s role in the intellectual and psychological subjugation of Western society, and in particular that of American society. After all, the Western media is almost entirely owned and run by Zionists, who make up an enormous percentage of the ruling elite whose interests are protected by these psychological operations. Israel, being the polarizing subject it is, has begun to firmly take its place in the relevant leftist discourse. Not only that, but leftist movements that are geared specifically towards Israel and its heinous human rights abuses and ongoing practice of operating a virtual concentration camp of nearly two million people, have themselves been co-opted. ‘Palestinian solidarity’ and ‘Anti-Zionism’ are not anymore so much movements in the true sense of the word, but rather empty slogans used by leftists both directly involved in this breed of “activism,” and those well outside it. The Jewish state of Israel continues unabated to operate in utter defiance of all international norms, laws and precedents, in no small part due to the way leftists adhere to the strict control placed on discourse on the subject. What the Jewish state of Israel exemplifies above all else is the frightening ability of one group or entity to exercise a degree of control over the rest of the global population. Israel was born of terrorism and regularly commits horrific terroristic acts across the globe to this very day. Yet, not once has Israel had to answer for its crimes in any real way. Bearing that in mind, along with the explicitly racist, supremacist nature of the Jewish state, leftists should be the most fierce and vocal opponents of this hideous monster that exists in Palestine. This is not the case. “Opposition” has been watered down to meaningless rhetoric and half-hearted criticism, from “activists,” alternative media personalities and useful idiots alike. If there is one area where leftists, no matter how radical they fancy themselves, resemble nothing more than impotent liberals, it is on the subject of Israel and Palestine. Looking beneath the surface for a moment, it is not hard to understand why. The truth is, the co-optation of the leftist circles in the West has turned collectivity into exclusivity, disparity and isolation. The left has no connection with Palestinians because their struggle is entirely foreign to what now is represented in leftist dogmas. In fact, whether they realize and/or admit it or not, the left identifies much more closely with Israeli Jews. Why? The primary two reasons being: 1) Victim complex. They are the sole bearers of historical and contemporary oppression, or at the very least, bear the heaviest burden. No one else’s plight can possibly compare with that of their particular group or faction. This is the Israeli battle cry. And yes, more often than not, it is the Jewish battle cry. It is the lifeblood of Israeli society and of Jewish exceptionalism. What it is now as well is the lifeblood of Western leftism. The parallels to be drawn are actually striking. Reason 2) Even if only on a subconscious level, Western leftists are drawn to the overt tribalism that defines Jewish supremacy. I have my suspicions, without going into details, that many leftists and especially those identifying as Communists, have falsely taken on a “Jewish” identity for themselves where none in fact exists, seemingly for an enhanced brand of victimhood, authenticity and sectarian superstardom. The behavioral patterns of identity-politricking leftists and supremacist Israeli Jews reflect the exact same pathology. Therefore it should not be the least bit surprising that “Pro-Palestine activists” and other Western leftists have no interest in calling the situation for what it truly is, or acquiring any kind of justice for the real victims of the terrorism, land-theft, occupation and extermination – the Palestinians. To be sure, it’s far easier and more convenient to obscure the truth under the false notion that Israel is a mere client state of the USA, and therefore only acts under the direct supervision and guidance of its imperial master. This notion is proven abjectly false when one actually understands the history of Zionism and the extent to which Zionist Jews have infiltrated the United States in just about every position of power and influence imaginable. But alas, by blaming the United States for Israel’s merciless terrorizing of the Palestinian people, it implies that those leftists living in the United States are experiencing forms of oppression even remotely noteworthy in the context of the Palestinian struggle. Thus, we’ve come full circle and it all starts to make sense. It is painfully obvious that, at the absolute least, Israel exercises a bizarre and unconscionable level of influence over US lawmakers, and especially over American foreign policy. To deny this can only mean that an individual has ulterior motives and is not actually a believer in universal justice or equality of any sort. This self-serving position is distinctive in that it is uniquely dishonest, disingenuous and hypocritical, separating it from supporters of Israel and its policies on the right, who simply have no shame about their callousness and will brazenly put it on display for all to see. They have nothing to hide because their position cannot be compromised or called into question in the same manner. What you see is what you get. In the end, just as with the tireless identity politricking back stateside, this manifestation leftist inadequacy has been carefully cultivated and engineered in order to subvert what was once a real threat to the status quo. The opposition must be controlled at all costs, and everything I see tells me this goal has been a resounding success.

Marxist dogma – living in the past

As the vast majority of leftists now adamantly reject the questioning of establishment narratives and write them off as “conspiracy theory” like the good little mental slaves they are (which I will expand on next), it naturally follows that they’d look to the past to try and validate their positions. The present, its problems and their causes are completely obscured by the psychological operations that have become a staple and a way of life in Western society, rendering these pathetic individuals intellectually restricted or even incapacitated in regards to all matters outside their dogma. There is no material basis from which to formulate concrete solutions to these problems, because through the lens with which they see the world in the present, at the root of the most pressing problems we face we find nothing but childish fairy tales. The overwhelming majority of Marxists, along with their ‘amendments’ to the doctrine of Communism, have established strict rules and historical prerequisites that only further alienate pragmatic individuals who have genuine motives. As a belief system that historically rejected religion as an impediment to the progress of social equality, it is somewhat ironic that adherents to Communism have in large part become obsessed and overcome by religiosity. It reminds me of the new-age, free-spirited Christian community who I unfortunately have a great deal of past experience with. It is a cult-like environment where everyone is out to one-up everyone else; an environment where an adherent is at all times being watched, sized up and judged, where the first inclination of a thought or action that doesn’t jive with what the watchers have so studiously compiled as their dogma, the individual is attacked and ultimately “excommunicated.” Another example of how ‘divide and conquer’ is the go-to weaponry for the bankrupt left and the ruling elite who manipulate them. This militant emphasis on dogma rather than seeing fluidity and inclusivity as a potential tool to build something more in tune with the year 2015 is not itself so much a direct product of mass manipulation as much as it is a secondary reinforcement of the reoccurring theme. That is, how leftists in general have abandoned socialistic ideals and tendencies in favor of the exact opposite. If nothing else, these cultists will eventually tear each other limb from limb until there is nothing remaining of leftism to even speak of. We see in many wealthy European countries where Social Democracy along with a strong focus on human rights and social safety nets has always been the norm, a sharp turn to the right. Don’t think for a second this turn towards right-wing politics is completely unrelated. The utter failure and disingenuous nature of leftist politics throughout the Western world is starting to become clear, and this is no doubt happening in many different ways and through many different platforms. Should this trend continue, and all the left has left is a handful of arrogant, religious demagogues, what little opposition once existed to the emergence of a full-blown, technocratic, dystopian police state, will evaporate. Without question, this emerging order is already developing and leftists are for the most part absolutely oblivious to the fact. This is, of course, one of the primary reasons the left is impotent and withering away. How can one possibly create a legitimate opposition to the suffocating oppression of the ruling elite in virtually every aspect of life, when they so belligerently refuse to see the methods and tactics the ruling elite have adopted for maintaining their grip on power? You can’t fight what you do not understand, and you cannot successfully resist an enemy that is little more than a figment of your imagination. ‘The system’ as their enemy is one that exists only within the pages of history books and the ‘permissible’ Marxist literature. The establishment has adapted, refined and fine-tuned their game plan, while all walks of the left have refused to do the same.

Mindless adherence to establishment narratives/Selective dissidence

Of all the destructive and self-defeating characteristics our fearless leftists embody, none is more self-contradictory and shameful than their willful disregard of logic and actual fact in favor of obedient acceptance of establishment narratives. This can be seen plainly in both a modern context and historical context. In terms of the former, leftism is now firmly entrenched in the camp of power and their misleading of the public on: false flag terror attacks, geoengineering and weather modification, the dangers of vaccines and other nefarious inventions of the medical industrial complex, the enormous influence of Zionist Jews in the foreign AND domestic affairs of the United States and various types psychological operations being deployed against the public at large, to name just a few. In a historical context, “anti-revisionism” is the common sentiment. In other words, any attempt to revisit or reevaluate the veracity of the establishment’s version of events in any given context or particular subject is strictly forbidden. It might be claimed that a more accurate description would be objection to ‘the West,’ and more specifically the US, re-writing history (in particular that of WWII) after the fact. This is laughable as the US and Russia share equal credit for the pervasive mythology surrounding WWII that has been near-universally accepted as fact. In reality, this position is nothing more than protecting the legacy of their precious god-like figure Joseph Stalin – who, by the way, had a body count that dwarfed that belonging to Adolf Hitler. At any rate, the establishment’s version of events of WWII must be preserved and rigorously defended at all costs in order to continue to prop up their ideology that so heavily revolves around historical romanticism. Other, unrelated events whose official story is pure fiction, such as the assassination of president John F Kennedy, are either ignored or taken at face value. It cannot be any other way, because honestly confronting one event will inevitably open doors to other inconsistencies and easily disproven lies that could ultimately weaken the foundation of the wall they’ve built around themselves. All of a sudden, the sanctity of the very ideological prejudices themselves get called into question. The contradictory nature of presenting oneself as anti-establishment while simultaneously and repeatedly underestimating the lengths power will go to in order to protect their interests should require no explanation whatsoever. It is flat-out double-speak. In the case of the official lie of 9/11, it is not enough to simply deny Israeli/Mossad involvement. Instead, the majority of leftists get in line behind the official story entirely, despite – among other things -- the entirely obvious financial rewards to be reaped by defense contractors and perpetuation of global US hegemony, especially in the oil-rich Middle East. A truly appalling display of cognitive dissonance, indeed. Upholding such absurd narratives as the 9/11 lie only further tightens the grip the establishment has on the lower echelons of society. It keeps people in a state of fear and dependency; it lends credibility to a government that has caused untold suffering, misery and death all across the planet; and it gives said government a pretext to continue doing the same. If the official lie ever collapsed and the public was widely exposed to the truth of 9/11, there would be no more excuse for mass murder under the guise of the “war on terror.” The brutal occupation of the Palestinians by the genocidal Israeli state would immediately end. It would likely shake the entire foundation of the existing order and bring utter humiliation upon the American empire. The global ramifications of killing the 9/11 myth and exposing those truly responsible cannot possibly be understated. All of this is apparently lost on contemporary leftists.

Similarly, the capabilities and intentions of the ruling class are downplayed when “Socialists” or “Communists” whore themselves for the vaccine agenda by simply refusing to believe multi-national companies with billions of dollars at stake would ever deliberately mislead the public. All evidence aside, the business aspect of this alone should be enough to warrant at least a healthy level of skepticism. How can one claim to be a dissident and proponent of anti-Capitalist values when they shamelessly give a pass to multi-billion dollar corporations? How can one claim to be anti-war while peddling stories that directly enable the war machine to continue its operation? How can one decry the soulless nature of the military industrial complex and in the next breath dismiss the notion of geoenginnering and weather warfare being utilized by these criminals (To say nothing of the extensive history of the US government and military deliberately poisoning its citizens)? This all goes to show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the utterly hypocritical, disingenuous and self-serving character of first world leftism.

Ideology as a substitute for diligence

What is abundantly clear to anyone who is unplugged from this absolutist dynamic and way of thinking is this: The politics and methods of the left are almost entirely indistinguishable from those on both sides of the mainstream Democrat-Republican circus show. All are equally prone to impulsive, reactionary and petulant behavior for which they have no shame. There is no more lucidity to be found among most Marxists than there is among your average flag-waving neocon – a negligible amount at best. This is what it’s come to – a product of mass manipulation and social engineering – ideology as the whole of an identity. Categorization of individuals in the interest of simplifying the human condition and elevating oneself to a position of importance in society, without which next to nothing takes on any additional meaning or relevance. Crucial to sustaining this strangle-hold on the large majority of Western society, operatives and assets are placed at every level of potential influence on the leftist crowd. From widely-respected yet clearly toothless and cowardly gatekeepers at the top, such as Noam Chomsky; to middle-tier, disinfo-peddling presstitutes in the mold of Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill; all the way down to the social justice warriors of the social media age who have been groomed or scooped up by domestic NGO-type organizations, such as the charming Deray McKesson; all play decisive roles in perception management and channeling energy towards establishment-approved schools of thought and means of voicing displeasure. Reliance on this meticulously constructed pyramid of opposition is but one illustration of the absence of critical thinking skills that plagues leftist movements. There are those who correctly assess the intentions of those in the leftist alternative media, but do so nevertheless through the lens of their particular ideological constraints, namely orthodox Stalinism. The common thread that persists is the practice of substituting ideology for due diligence as it pertains to the struggle against the status quo. A genuine, competent resistance cannot be characterized by an instinctive rejection of inconvenient or otherwise uncomfortable assertions if the end-game of both positions largely coincide with one another. The shortage of individuals on the left who understand and acknowledge this fact is evident, but nonetheless mind-numbing. In the context of all I have posited, it is not difficult to see the nihilistic elements of truth coming from the Edward Bernays of history.

The fate of the left and unprecedented totalitarianism

American “law enforcement” and alphabet agencies have a long, documented history of infiltrating, co-opting and pacifying leftist movements that pose any type of threat to the status quo and ruling order. The same is true throughout the world, to one degree or another, for as long as leftist movements have existed. Arriving where we have found ourselves should therefore come as no surprise. What has changed, if anything, is a more hands-on, intimate approach on the part of agents and saboteurs has given way to strategies that are more subtle and psychological in nature. Coinciding with that has been the increasingly omnipresent make-up of such subversion and co-optation. The state apparatus that functions as guardians of the ruling elite has grown to unfathomable proportions, facing little to no obstacles along the way. Now completely unrestrained and with aspirations that should scare the living hell out of the entire population, leftists no longer seek to dismantle the mechanisms of control, oppression and terror. Instead, they seek to downplay the reach and consequences of this power, perhaps in the childish hope that someday they themselves will have the privilege of using it to their own ends. Reflecting the extent to which state-sponsored psychological operations have taken root in their thought process, leftists make quick use of mindless slander and character defamation towards those expressing unorthodox views or analyses that do not fall within the immediate framework of their “program.” Inflammatory accusations and terminology which have all but lost their meaning at this point play an integral part of the leftists’ devotion to stifling debate and free speech. In the same way the establishment marginalizes individuals and groups with shallow, baseless categorizations meant simply to invoke emotion, the left utilizes the ‘marginalize and excommunicate’ tactic with equal enthusiasm. The irreversible regression and ultimate fragmentation of leftist school of thought has been a triumphant success for the ruling elite, turning their worst enemy into their greatest asset. What likely lies ahead is not going to be pretty for the vast majority of us. With technological advances in many ways reaching a level that has exceeded what would once be considered science fiction, it is dangerously na├»ve to assume it will be utilized in ways that are both responsible and consistent with the values of universal human rights. Equally as mistaken are those who believe technology has to this point made us freer or more empowered. The reality is, it has only enslaved us further. It has introduced countless new ways of exerting control over the population at large. As the establishment has grown more and more powerful over time, the means by which it retains total control have shown to be increasingly violent and cruel. In order to even apply the brakes to the progression of this process, those who claim to participate in a struggle against an unjust power structure must engage in that struggle not selectively, but honestly and from all fronts that manifest themselves. They must have no prejudices towards, or aversions to, forms of injustice that have thus far escaped explanation within the context of their particular ideological program. Above all, all ideological prerequisites that take precedence over the common good and over common goals must be abandoned and recognized as the rotten intellectual vices that they are. The end must justify the means, not the other way around. This is not a program but an analysis. Breaking from the artificial constraints of supremely sophisticated counter-insurgency operations of the psychological variety cannot be accomplished with a program, but only through honest, unbiased observation, internal reflection and being receptive to the idea that the world is 100 times more fucked up than you previously imagined. The relative comforts enjoyed by so many in the first world, combined with the array of petty distractions, opened the door for the “brightest” of the ruling elite to neutralize opposition in a way that was never before possible. Leftists, being in the state of hypnosis that most are, do not have the slightest understanding of their enemy or their enemy’s capabilities. Without that understanding, leftists will continue to be laughably ineffective in their cause, while actually furthering the cause of a cruel and sadistic ruling elite whose totalitarian aspirations far exceed what has come to pass up to this point. For all intents and purposes, it appears as if the point of no return has been reached. There will undoubtedly come the day when people have been pushed too far and a massive reaction will be seen. Unfortunately, by that time, it will be too late, and could in fact be the grand finale of false flag psychological operations to close the deal. The very fact that the “opposition” cannot envisage such a scenario illustrates all by itself that they are in fact no opposition at all. Full of idealistic jargon and a deficient understanding of what it is they actually seek to bring an end to, first world leftists are an abomination, regardless of how they got that way. Even worse, they are an insult to the memory of every victim of the US and Israel’s false flag terror attacks; to the memory of every victim of the US and Israel’s wars of aggression in the Middle East and beyond; to the memory of every child claimed by the greed and callousness of the medical industrial complex; to every man, woman and child ever to have suffered under the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine; and an insult to every last individual worldwide who will henceforth continue to needlessly suffer in the aftermath of these inhuman actions.

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