Monday, February 5, 2018

Having & Raising White Children With Today's Climate & Future Prospects

If there is one thing that defines me as a man above everything else, it is being a father. Not only just being a father, but living my life in a way which ensures for my daughter the safety, stability, health, love, and overall well-being every child deserves. Sadly, in today’s Talmudic world it has become exponentially more challenging to raise children in an environment most conducive to long term mental and psychological wellness. The reasons for this are innumerable, but the cultural decay as a whole and the destruction of traditional family values go hand in hand with one another. Add to that the financial squeeze more and more individuals are feeling due to the handiwork of the Jewish-engineered swindle operation, and the resultant emotional distress, and an endless cycle of dysfunction has become the norm.

If all of this wasn’t disheartening enough on its own, some of us are fighting a battle on another front at the same time. Those of us who have been “blessed with the curse,” so to speak — awakening to the uncomfortable truths of the world — and who have become thoroughly Jew-wise, are tasked with navigating the trials and tribulations of parenthood in ways that demand almost herculean resolve and fortitude. As a parent (a good one at least) you operate at all times as a protector, instinctively. As a Jew-wise individual you operate under a perpetual state of defensiveness, as the world around us represents a threat in a myriad of ways which are as well-known as they are numerous. When these two dynamics manifest themselves in unison it can and does have a debilitating effect, forcing upon those of us who experience this a daily, profound exercise in compartmentalization, introspection and self-reliance. We are thrown onto a battlefield, essentially, fighting a war which defies the emotional limitations we’d otherwise have ascribed to ourselves. 

One particularly devastating aspect of this challenge is guilt. Speaking for myself, as I would imagine can be said for many others, managing the guilt I feel at times, for bringing a precious life into a world offering very little in the way of hope and a great deal in the way of anguish, is a daily struggle. Some of us were already tuned-in to the terrifying realities of the world when we chose to become parents; some of us were oblivious to it all at the time, only coming to their senses after the child/children came along; still others may have been in the process of learning, at various stages of this transition. Regardless of which of the three best describes one’s situation, guilt to some extent will unfortunately be present. It’s almost unavoidable considering the responsibility we bear as the ultimate protector, doing everything within our power to shield our children from any kind of harm. In my case, I will admit the intensity of this guilt and the burden it has caused me to carry around for the duration of my child’s life. Although when I chose to bring a child into this world I hadn’t quite reached the level of understanding I have achieved now, concerning the state of things in the present and what lies ahead in the future, I was nonetheless substantially awake and very far along in that process. A process that in fact was initiated for me about seven years prior to the conception of my child. This has taken a toll on me, and it likely will until the day I die. 

On the flip side of that — a burden of guilt for knowingly bringing a life into a seemingly hopeless situation — many would argue, not without considerable validity, that as Jew-wise white men we have an obligation to procreate for the greater good of our people and our people’s future. Paradoxical as it may be to an extent, this argument is not wrong. The continuation of our race in an attempt to fight back against the systematic erasure of our people from this planet is extraordinarily important, and it’s one of the very few means of control we have over the situation. But furtherance of our race in and of itself does not even represent the singular trait we are tasked with preserving in order to have any semblance of a chance at reversing our fortunes. With being tuned-in, discerning, Jew-wise white people, comes the intellectual and philosophical traditions necessary to keep a glimmer of hope alive. Just as our bloodlines will continue to fade into obscurity as we stop bringing children into the world, so to will the knowledge and desire to fight we pass down as we as Jew-wise parents raise our children. As dire as our current situation is in terms of the total lack of genuine truth-seeking individuals, the situation will inevitably deteriorate even further, and rapidly, should we opt for the stance that we simply spare any future inheritors of the world the nightmarish circumstances awaiting them. To say finding oneself squarely in this dynamic is being conflicted, is something of an understatement. From a slightly more positive perspective, feelings of immense guilt for the reasons mentioned are unquestionably reconciled by the aforementioned unspoken obligation. Going either route, therefore, comes with its own deep struggle; just as each can be justified through totally understandable reasoning. 

Something else to consider along with this dilemma and inner conflict, is the positive impact children can have on their parents; often, inspirational, life-changing impact on the outlook and functioning of the parent’s life is evident. In actuality, this impact can mean the difference between a bright, charismatic, knowledgeable, talented and, above all, wide awake Jew-wise individual, leading a life that’s headed nowhere, and that abundance of gifts being utilized in a way that makes great contributions to our cause. On a grand scale this can — in theory — mean the difference between total failure and defeat, and making profound strides towards achieving our objectives. Children change people’s lives for the better in this way all the time, and it applies just the same in this particular context. 

For those of us who have indeed brought children into this world — whether as a conscious decision to take up that role in the struggle, or as parents whose eyes were opened after the fact — the difficult decisions and complicated scenarios that inevitably present themselves come with an array of distinctive implications. From our perspective, there are additional elements involved in navigating these waters. Being fortunate enough to be in a position to home-school can substantially mitigate the rampant debasement from which even the smallest children are no longer off-limits. Unfortunately, the “values” we’re now force-fed — largely byproducts of the deranged mind of the Jew — pervade throughout all of society, reaching far beyond just the public edJEWcation system. Keeping up with, and to whatever extent it is plausible countering, this program of institutional brainwashing and corruption of young minds, in itself becomes a full-time job. All the while, there’s a delicate balance to be struck between allowing a child to be a child, and gently contravening what are markedly pernicious or unhealthy ideas. 

The environment in which we now find ourselves has established a set of ideological edicts that are both opaque in nature and hypocritical in practice. The only moral code promoted and sanctioned is that one is not to possess or advocate any at all, lest they be deemed “intolerant,” “bigoted” or “hateful.” Multiculturalism is the de-facto state religion, reinforced both overtly and in subtleties, the latter of which is of particular importance when it comes to programming children outside the confines of the official institutions. Most problematic of all, the anti-white agenda being facilitated by the Semitic merchants and all their variations of loyal slave-goys, gains intensity by the day. Children are, of course, extremely vulnerable in how trusting and impressionable they are. Needless to say, tuned-in, Jew-wise parents have our work cut out for us. The system is designed to weaken us and break our spirit. Those who are in tune with the situation and refuse to assimilate into it are, in most instances, set up to fail.

For better or worse, the path we choose to take in regards to bringing children into this world can be interpreted as a fairly accurate reflection of where we stand in our fight, and what our chances are of ultimately being victorious. It's easy to feel dejected, and just as easy to accept defeat. However, I believe if one has already accepted defeat they likely wouldn't even be reading this. There is something to be said for even consciously confronting the realities we face on a daily basis. There are undoubtedly many, many other otherwise smart enough individuals who cannot even bring themselves to take this final, most challenging step. Hell, I've bitched and complained and even written about these people on numerous occasions. If you've come far enough in this journey to recognize and acknowledge that the Jewish Question is at the heart of just about every problem facing humanity, and that we as white people are targeted for extermination because we represent the single, most capable force in thwarting the Jew's plans for world domination, then the will to fight is already there. That fire burning inside you has not yet been extinguished. How that translates when deciding whether or not to bring children into this struggle is something for each one of us to determine on an individual basis. And just as surely as there is no 'correct' conclusion, there is certainly not an easy one either.

Friday, February 2, 2018

The white ethnostate: Putting the cart before the horse

There is a lot of discussion taking place in the white nationalist community regarding the formation of an ethnostate — be it as a result of a split of the US, or by other means. The problem with this discussion is the near-total lack of attention being given to the extensive steps absolutely essential to realizing this goal. Comprehensive analysis and planning have apparently gone into this hypothetical scenario, with many essays on the subject laying out concrete rules and regulations to assure the success and long-term viability of the project. This analysis has been done, though, without regard to the arduous task of getting there in the first place. One can assume with relative certainty that should we find ourselves in a position to realistically establish this ethnostate, the most challenging work and problematic obstacles have already been conquered. As a matter of fact, I would say this is all but indisputable. So why is the conversation continually centered around where we go after we triumph, rather than how we triumph in the first place?

It is critical that those who strive to bring such an incredible victory to fruition fully understand what stands in the way, and the true nature of their current, seemingly unbreakable stranglehold over every facet of American society. Government, the judicial system, finance, pharmaceuticals, media, film, education, to name a few, have been fully subverted and taken over by the Judaic cult, and without the removal of the Jew from all of these institutions and positions of power and influence, an ethnostate is a pipe dream. 

It is curious (and somewhat baffling) that — from my experience — most, if not all, of these blogs, groups, writers and others in the pro-white movement, fail to emphasize the Jewish question when discussing the subject of a potential white ethnostate. The fact of the matter is, every last obstacle standing in the way of realizing this future is one of Jewish doing, Jewish character, and Jewish opposition. How, without addressing this situation, would we be able to appropriately formulate the steps needed to realize this goal? It is the Jew and the Jew only that stands in the way, and analyzing the character of this ethnostate without first formulating a plan to remove these subversives from their positions of control, is 100% pointless. It is, without question, putting the cart before the horse. 

So with that said, how do we go about extracting these parasites while they are so deeply entrenched in the American establishment? I don’t claim to possess the answers for that. A whole hell of a lot would have to go right for us in order to even make that stand. However, seeing as planning the ethnostate itself at the moment is little more than a dream, outlining the actions that must be undertaken to even have a HOPE of being successful in that venture, as unlikely as they seem, must be the first and most crucial part of the discourse. 

First and foremost, these purveyors of the ethnostate idea must come to terms with reality, and subsequently begin to include this Jewish problem to enlighten their audience. Whatever the motivations for evading this aspect of the conversation, it must be accepted by white nationalists across the board if they expect to identify ANY quantifiable progress whatsoever. Ignoring this only makes this goal even less attainable. And if enough of us collectively make this reality known to more and more of those sympathetic to our cause, the louder our voices become, and the better chance we have of tweaking the dynamic currently in play which ruthlessly restricts our ability to lay groundwork for change. There is so much work to be done, and if that work is going to produce any sort of change in the trajectory of the desperate state of our nation, it has to begin and end with identifying the real problems we face. Otherwise our entire movement is an exercise in futility. 

The steps required to move forward — however impossible they may seem — must be brought to light. If we as white Americans are going to reclaim our nation, here is a short list of what must be done:

-Jews must be identified in all sectors of the American establishment and society. Lobbyists, financiers, Jewish activist groups, foreign agent spy groups such as the ADL, politicians, media moguls, Hollywood film-makers, and Jews in every other position of influence. They must be identified, exposed for their misdeeds, and removed. By any means necessary and without misgiving. 

-Jews with Israeli dual-citizenship must all be targeted, and ultimately deported to Israel, with absolutely no exceptions. These people are, for all intents and purposes, spies living on American soil. 

-Laws must be passed banning Jews from pursuing careers in the most important sectors of American society; namely, finance, academia, politics and education. Current Jews holding positions in these fields would be immediately removed. 

-Jewish organizations of all varieties must be shut down and subsequently banned from operating on American soil moving forward. The ADL would be first to go. All those currently working with the organization would need to be deported ASAP. If Israel cannot accommodate all those without dual-citizenship, they are to be interned until further notice. 

-Jews who resist these measures and create unrest as a result should be rounded up and interned in our many empty FEMA camps around the country; they are now treated as a threat to national security.

-Jewish enclaves such as Brooklyn, NY, Miami/Hollywood, FL and Lakewood, NJ are to be systematically dismantled with Jewish residents given an opportunity (under some sort of emigration/transition plan) to relocate to Israel, or any number of other locations, without their money and belongings being seized. Should these types of arrangements not be possible for one reason or another, the remainder left here will also be interned until further notice.

This is just for starters. These are events and measures which are damn near impossible to imagine coming to fruition, yes. But without them, an ethnostate will never happen. Keep in mind, though, there is precedent for this — a true hero who was viciously attacked and ultimately brought down along with the annihilation of his country — and who knows if someone like Hitler could once again rise to power. Even if that’s what it takes, I don’t consider it completely outside the realm of possibility. Let's not lose sight of the fact, though, that in order for a leader of that stature, ambition and courage to rise to the occasion, conditions among the public must be favorable, and that is in our hands. 

The role of the Jew in steadily and systematically transforming our nation into the cesspool and ticking time bomb that it is must be brought into focus by all writers and others with a voice in the WN movement. Their deliberate destruction and bankruptcy of our once-great nation has to be emphasized and capitalized on to recruit support for finally removing the parasite from this host. Those who are cowardly or in some fashion reluctant to bring these truths to the attention of a wide audience have no choice but to start putting the greater good over their personal situation and fears, for if they do not, they are useless to this movement and might as well call it quits. Which brings me to another important point...

In order for an advantageous climate to continue to develop, there must be a zero-tolerance policy for allowing Jews to play a role in this movement (the same can be said for post-manifestation of said ethnostate; a strict no Jew policy must be enforced to ensure the survivial of the project). Far too many pro-white commentators hold a wishy-washy position on these matters, even going as far as taking a stance that certain Jews can actually help our cause. This notion is 100% false and it must be abandoned immediately. Jews are, by their very nature, subverters and any allowed to exist within the planning framework pre or post-inauguration of a white ethnostate will doom it all to failure. The rot must be thoroughly and meticulously cleaned out. Any white nationalist arguing to the contrary should be subsequently viewed as a threat to the cause and potential infiltrator themselves. Zero-tolerance policy. Zero exceptions.

Expanding on the cultivation of an environment that's favorable to our cause, and therefore taking practical steps towards the culmination of an ethnostate, it is incumbent upon us all who have been red-pilled to make it known we are not going down without a fight. The nation-wreckers must be made to feel unwanted, reviled, and uncomfortable on a day-to-day basis. The faster we can get them to leave the better, and the potential opposition consequently shrinks. These people don’t belong, and they most definitely do not deserve any kind of pass or omission from our examination and assessment of the current state of things, as they have too often been afforded by the voices of white nationalism who are already making plans for our collective rise to power. The nation-wrecking Jews must be shamed and driven away by all legal means possible. 

Granted, this uphill battle seems near-insurmountable. But it isn’t until this battle starts being waged in a practical manner, where the prospect of an ethnostate is discussed as contingent upon a dramatic, dedicated and fearless effort to making the opportunity possible in the first place; rather than a utopian vision devoid of tangible scenarios for how to arrive there. The chances of any of this happening are, of course, slim at best. What’s more relevant here, is that with the way these ethnostates are discussed, gives the impression its commentators are almost waiting for this to be given to them. It won’t be. And if you can’t identify who and what stands in your way — because you’re a coward or just straight stupid— your discourse is no more serious than a couple of school kids playing superheroes. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Revisiting and expanding on the hero-worship of Jew-puppet Putin

I’ve been examining the topic of Vladimir Putin and Russia’s place in the state of the world — and the dynamics of world Jewry — for some time now, including this short piece I wrote several months back. But that piece left a lot unexplored, and I felt this topic was more than worthy of extensive critical examination. Even more so now that since that last post, I have begun to see most things through a racial lens. That is as important an angle as any other, considering Putin's popularity among the pro-white and White Nationalist demographics. 

I was at one point a somewhat measured supporter of Putin; not-so-coincidentally, well before my red-pilling had been fully completed. Short on powerful and influential figures worthy of admiration in today’s hyper-Jewish world, Putin gets a considerable amount of support from race-conscious individuals around the world. White nationalists often point to Russia under Putin as a model for western nations to emulate. This is flawed thinking on many levels. I believe this support and even admiration for Putin can be explained in large part due to the often-accurate rationale that because the Jewish establishment and its mass media arm are constantly feeding the public negative, often hostile narratives about Putin, the truth must naturally be the exact opposite. In this particular instance, however, the truth is not so cut and dry. 

The West’s ostensible hostility towards Russia has roots in the Cold War period where, in the aftermath of WWII and American and British moral and material support for Stalin’s cause, while reprehensible, served as a means to a common goal — the destruction of National Socialist Germany. Once that goal was realized, and American military technology was in Russian hands thanks to a nest of Jewish spies, the Soviets had their own agenda, and the despicable partnership with the US and Great Britain was severed. Some would say the Soviet Union under Stalin took a turn away from Jewish subservience, and to some extent this is probably true. But the Cold War was a whole lot of theatrics that served a common purpose for each side. A primary reason why Kennedy was viewed as such a threat -- and why he was ultimately snuffed out -- was his ambitions to end the Cold War simply did not jive with the motives and interests of the ruling class, chief among them the Jewish elite. We are witnessing similar 'Cold War' theatrics now, a half-century later.  

To the extent that the West and Russia are enemies, it does not hamper the bottom line of the ethnic clique who runs either country. Not only does business proceed as usual, but the narrative of tension between the two, peddled by the Jewish media machine of each country, makes a lot of people a lot of money. (As a side note, the same can be said for Russia’s “defense” of Syria — its a business decision more than anything else.) There are very few truly sovereign nations remaining in the world — which are under siege in constant sabotage operations— and Russia, under the “leadership” of Putin, is not one of them. 

Where the Jews have set up shop and occupied national governments, the bottom line is the same across the board. You will often hear vague stories about “Putin kicking out the Jewish oligarchs,” and other such nonsense. To understand the truth behind these claims, one must understand the true nature of the Jew (to whatever extent it is even possible to grasp the nature of a hostile, alien species). These creatures are cold, calculating, self-serving and cutthroat. They will, if need be, stab one another in the back and throw other tribe members under the bus if the end justifies the means. Competing factions of Jews on a small scale are not uncommon, but such instances will never interfere with or undermine the aims and status of the tribe as a whole. They retain their privileged status, positions of authority and power, and free reign to swindle the goyim wherever their heart desires, because of this submission to the tribe as a whole. As I touched on in the first piece, Putin was aligned with a particular clique, or faction if you will, of Jewish criminals who, like rival gangs or mob families, were warring with another group of Jewish criminals. The details are not pertinent enough, in the interest of time and succinctness, to warrant extensive coverage at this particular time. Putin’s “kicking out the Jewish oligarchs” is really quite simple and can be adequately understood in principle by the aforementioned explanation. It should also be borne in mind that Russia does NOT, in fact, have a nationalized central banking system. This is a prevalent misconception as well, and is perhaps THE most important indicator of whether or not a nation has been subverted and occupied. Russia’s central bank is an “independent entity” — in other words, it’s a swindle operation in the hands of Jewish criminals, with no real accountability or oversight by the Russian government. Not unlike the federal reserve of The United States. It is also a member of the Bank for International Settlements. Needless to say, the Russian Central Bank, like the US Federal Reserve, does not operate for the benefit of the Russian people.

With that out of the way, let’s take an honest look at some of the problematic aspects surrounding Putin and his presidency. Vladimir Putin not only surrounds himself with Orthodox Jewry and his own personal rabbi, but disturbingly maintains a close relationship with Chabad Lubavitch, the extremist, global, Jewish organized crime syndicate. It goes without saying that, under these circumstances, his decision-making is at best compromised. At worst — and in all likelihood — the most impactful decisions are being made for him. To believe otherwise is foolish and indicates a level of cognitive dissonance I would hope to never find among like-minded individuals. A quick google search for "Putin and the Jews" will produce seemingly endless examples of Putin's deep kinship with the tribe. He makes no secret about it, wasting no opportunity to proclaim his profound admiration for, and partnership with, the "Jewish community." This dedication to serving Jewish interests extends to Israel, where many Russian transplants reside, and where he and their psychotic Prime Minister have quite the special relationship. Allegedly an ally to Iran and Syria, where a Russian military presence was established to protect the country from hostile forces (i.e. Israel), anyone with a functioning brain can plainly see the conflict of interest there. You can't be a reliable partner in protecting the sovereignty of one nation if you're simultaneously engaged in a close partnership with the hostile forces that pose a threat to said nation. Especially in this particular scenario, where there is no indication of an impartial and earnest attempt at brokering peace between the two, since the attacks on Syria have not ceased. We can speculate as to the many motives for Russia's involvement in Syria, but what is not up for debate is that one of those motives is NOT to fight back against "American" and Israeli attacks on the nation. 

In 2015, Putin opened what is said to be Europe's largest mosque in Moscow. Now, I am not one to demonize Islam as a whole (Despite what is now happening in Europe due to disastrous immigration policies -- if you can even call them that. The blame for that lies at the feet of the Jews who are systematically destroying white European homelands, but that's a story for another day.), and in fact I consider Sunni Islam little more than Talmudic crypto-Judaism. That said, this is relevant to the discussion because, as touched on earlier, many White Nationalists tend to cite Russia as an outlier to the pathological drive to transform every white nation into a multicultural (read: non-white) "utopia." Building a 10,000-capacity mosque in your capital city is not exactly a ringing endorsement of traditional, white, christian values. Of course, we already know his emphasis on traditional christian values is a farce, given who he actually surrounds himself with. He has also on several occasions made public calls to both Muslims and Jews abroad to immigrate to Russia. Sounds awfully pro-multiculturalism to me.

The most damning indictment of Putin, though, is probably his complete and undeniable adherence to the official lies about WWII and the "Holocaust" which continues to bring about calamitous outcomes for the white race in particular. There is just no conceivable way to reconcile the belief in Putin as a force for good, with his furtherance of "Holocaust" mythology, anti-German hatred, and all the other wretched narratives that coincided with and followed WWII. There is simply no excuse for his collaboration in this Jewish-driven defilement of historical record and ongoing campaign to use the "Holocaust" as a weapon against anyone they choose, to the detriment of all other peoples of the world. Putin's constant glorification of the Red Army and Russia's role in "defeating fascism" is not only an affront to all that is right and just, it directly contributes to the anti-German attitudes that were cultivated by the "Allies" and their Jewish puppet-masters during the war, which persist to this day. For what it's worth, I'm not asking Putin to go full-Ahmadinejad and publicly call the "Holocaust" what it is -- a myth. I would, however, consider it a more than reasonable expectation, of a world leader who is purported to be one of the few who is attempting to steer the world back in the right direction, that the memorialization of the many pernicious and vengeful lies borne out of WWII would begin to cease, and that a more neutral position towards that part of history be taken. That has not been the case. Putin has continued in earnest to reinforce the mythology of WWII that has held the world hostage for over 70 years now. No matter what the issue, you will almost certainly find Putin on the wrong side of it.

Setting aside a largely superficial military effort in Syria, and some meaningless platitudes about world peace and stability, Putin has given absolutely no indication that he is an ally of the pro-white movement, or to traditional values in general, strong nationalism being chief among them. The Putin regime is one giant, living, breathing tribute to Jewish exceptionalism and power. From the $50 million Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, to his unrelenting professions of affection for the Jewish people and Jewish cause, to his close relationship with the headquarters of the global crime syndicate, Israel, to his predominately Jewish inner circle, and his enthusiastic reaffirmation of heinous WWII lies, which remain the life blood of Jewish power, Putin epitomizes the scourge of Jewish subversion and power. 

Any and all arguments to the contrary go something like this: "He's 'playing ball' because he knows the only way to ultimately make a positive impact is to do so for a while. He's playing the long-game. He's smart, he knows what he's doing, and he's gotta be strategic. He's playing chess. Once all the conditions are just right, he'll make his move."

The two biggest and most obvious problems with this argument are 1) it is pure speculation, with zero tangible evidence to support it, and 2) the conditions will never be just right. Things are getting worse, and very rapidly. Conditions are only going to deteriorate from here on out, and time is of the essence. Under just what kind of scenario, where the state of things has grown even more dire and irreconcilable, does Putin's so-called long-game strategy pay off and suddenly come to fruition? What does that look like? What is he waiting for, exactly?

What's interesting about the man's popularity is that it seems to come from people on both the 'right' and the 'left.' I believe this is because he sends mixed signals, and is, to a degree and in some respects, intentionally ambiguous. He appeals to the right because of his lip-service to traditional values and secure borders, and he appeals to the left because he has lent a hand -- minimal as it is -- to the the Syrian effort to counter the aggression and destabilization tactics spearheaded by the US. But while supporters see a master strategist at work, I see a typical, pliable, weak-willed politician who dances to the tune of a gaggle of Jewish overlords. There is no need to take my word for any of this, as Putin's own words and actions speak volumes as to whether he's really a force for good in the world. A very nice collection of links can be found here.  

Looking at the facts objectively, Putin does nothing to distinguish himself from all the other current heads of state who are not being actively sabotaged and/or attacked, except, perhaps, being even more in tune with, and sympathetic to, Jewish interests. Despite some western leaders and politicians feigning outrage over this or that, Russia under Putin has actually done nothing to rebel against the "international community," otherwise known as being firmly under Jewish control. They play ball like everyone else. In pretty much every area imaginable. I'd be more than happy to take a look at any evidence to suggest everything I laid out here is wrong. Unfortunately, to this point, said evidence does not appear to exist. On the contrary, the evidence suggests, overwhelmingly and decisively, that Vladimir Putin is little more than another Jewish marionette, albeit one with great fanfare. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Flat Earth Psyop: A Classic Case of Poisoning the Well

You’ve all been introduced to them by now. Their movement garnering enormous attention, and their presence is being established on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. They’re everywhere, and they’re aggressive in their attempts to convince you of something so absurd that, had this not become the threat to the “woke” community at large that it has, would be comical. They are “flat-Earthers,” and they are a scourge that has  gifted the Jew mainstream media a new weapon to employ against genuine seekers of truth. This unfathomable belief and the movement it has created must be exposed for the ‘distract-and-divide’ psychological operation that it is.

The point of this piece is not to analyze their arguments and disprove them; some of the beliefs held by these people are so preposterous and off the wall that had you never heard about this movement, one would be inclined to think they were being trolled. The inanity of their position makes productive discourse of any sort utterly impossible. I have spent time taking in the material that they believe supports their argument. I have read, watched their videos, and so on. The more I learn about their stance, the more nonsensical it becomes. I’m not here to disprove claims which any adult with an IQ over 80 should see plainly are cartoonish. 

Rapper B.o.b is perhaps the most fitting example of what this flat Earth psyop is intended to do. Personally, I happen to really enjoy him as an artist. His music is technically rap, but most of it bears little resemblance to the gutter trash rap music being churned out under the direction of largely Jewish executives and “advisors.” More to the point, B.o.b is aware of, and speaks about, many legitimate and deeply disturbing issues. He speaks truth about the nefarious and depraved people who currently call the shots, and the crimes they are perpetrating on us. But, sadly, he goes off the rails with his flat Earth peddling. As this article — from the publication that employs my most fanatical twitter hater, Benjamin Norton — illustrates perfectly, flat-Earthers are now being associated directly with other awake individuals whose focus is on meaningful, impactful subjects of the “conspiracy theory” variety. When flat-Earthers are being connected with, or equated to, “Holocaust™️ deniers” (informed, well-read, logical researchers of the holohoax and WWII), we’re now in dangerous territory. The mere association by the Jew media between activists for subjects such as 9/11 truth, orchestrated or outright fake mass shootings, historical revisionism etc, and flat-Earthers, is enough to discredit in the minds of the uninformed public, anything and anyone that challenges the official stories Mr. Jew and his mass media talking-heads are concocting and feeding to the public. Guilt by association. “Oh god, you’re a Holocaust denier? I’ll bet you think the Earth is flat, too.” Whether B.o.b is some sort of agent of the establishment and its intelligence apparatus, deliberately spreading this and other trickery to confuse and divide genuine truth-seekers, or merely a guy who escaped the sordid entertainment industry and consequently latches on to whatever “anti-establishment” theory or movement that comes along, his fame has been weaponized — whether he realizes it or not. I tend to believe the latter of the two scenarios, but unfortunately, even if his intentions are good, his contribution to this psyop has been substantial. 

That being said, the flat Earth phenomenon doesn’t even need a celebrity spokesperson. Over the past year or so, it has steadily gained traction, and many of its adherents waste no opportunity to inject the subject into discussion. To no one’s surprise, there appears to be an army of flat Earth bot accounts popping up on twitter and YouTube  — a coordinated operation, clearly — spewing identical, or near identical comments. This phenomenon has undoubtedly been engineered. For instance:

This screenshot has been making the rounds on sites and other blogs which have also decided to warn people about this exercise in confusion, disruption and division. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the message, although it would make perfect sense. There is nothing organic about the way flat Earth became a “thing,” and ultimately a pervasive one. 

This type of “opinion modification,” I’ll call it, is nothing new. Twitter alone is absolutely infested with these bot accounts (at least it was when I was a frequent user), along with a maddening abundance of seemingly real people who are doing nothing but peddling disinformation and distraction. Truthfully, the flat Earth concept is so spectacular in its fatuity, that only through a comprehensive program of saturation could they recruit such a massive following. There are covert machinations underway to spread the flat Earth far and wide.

The Bible Factor

Many adherents to the flat-Earth religion (as that’s pretty much what it’s become) cite the Bible as their preeminent proof that us “brainwashed globe worshippers” are wrong. These “Christian” flat-Earthers cite almost exclusively Old Testament scriptures, thereby proclaiming their disregard for the Jewish Question. None of this is inconsequential with regard to the agenda behind flat Earth saturation the internet-wide. The overwhelming majority of Christians have a bizarre infatuation with the Jews; they are thoroughly brainwashed and programmed to show reverence to the tribe (who despises them). While I don’t agree with the notion that Christianity was created by the Jew as a means of control (European history verifies the hatred Christians once had for Jews), I do believe that the Jew has co-opted Christianity for its own benefit, aided by the Bible. Admiration of the Jew is an integral part to today’s Christianity, and if the Jew can introduce to the public a new “revelation” which gives validity to the Bible as the only real truth, the “Christian” will instinctively latch onto it and consequently it will continue to strengthen that dysfunctional relationship contemporary Christianity has with the Jew and its psychotic death-cult it calls Judaism. So as you can see, like with all psychological operations and other assaults on the minds of the public, it is the Jew first and foremost who reaps the rewards.

The flat Earth dogma naturally raises questions with regard to other, REAL conspiracies going on, which have REAL consequences for all of us. Trying to reconcile the flat Earth dogma with some of what is taking place behind our backs and in our faces can be extremely problematic. One such actual conspiracy— if you want to call it that — is geoengineering. Geoengineering has all but been copped to. TPTB have been drip-feeding stories into the Jew-MSM for years now, often approaching it from a speculative or hypothetical standpoint. Certain aspects of weather modification have long been out in the open. Couple that with the decades of studies and other documents relating to geoengineering, and what you can see with your own two eyes, and this attack on the stability of our environment and life as we know it, is not much of a secret at this point. The entire motivation and purpose behind geoengineering, aerosol spraying and other various forms of weather modification cannot be reconciled with the flat Earth dogma. The notion that the Earth is a disc enclosed by a dome would render all the science behind geoengineering useless. One wonders what the purpose of decades of work related to geoengineering actually has been. To further the “lie” of a spherical Earth? If that was the case, it’s puzzling that so much of that work has continued to be withheld from the public — if, after all, all that work gives further validity to the globe Earth “deception.” 

This is only part of the picture, of course. Perhaps the most relevant aspect of the equation is the effect a psyop like this has on the continuity of the “truther” community at large. A movement as outlandish as flat Earth is inherently divisive. We in that demographic are of course no strangers to controversy, but many of us also draw a line between what is controversial but worth standing for, and what will damage our credibility due to outright implausibility, rather than potential pushback. By planting this ridiculous idea within this community, T(Jewish)PTB knew full well the in-fighting that would follow — and indeed it has. Admittedly, I myself have become wary and suspicious of any “truther” who adheres to the flat Earth belief. For many of us, if you hold such a belief, you instantly become, well, to be completely forthright... toxic. We don’t want to be associated with them, and we have now started to ask ourselves the question: “What else can they get you to believe?” This was the only possible natural outcome, and so here we are. 

By inducing in-fighting, and creating separation between “truthers” of the flat Earth belief and “truthers” who reject that flat Earth idea, it becomes ever more difficult to bring certain uncomfortable truths to the attention of a wider audience. The concept of strength-in-numbers is a legitimate one; the more support being thrown behind an idea or movement, the harder it is for T(Jewish)PTB to silence. The more voices being lent, the harder it is to ignore. Flat-Earthers have proven this over the past few years. (Of course, since their beliefs are demonstrably moronic, with nothing concrete to show people and no negative repercussions to be felt by the people, their movement can only reach so far.) As I briefly touched on earlier, there is the guilt-by-association mentality being pushed by the JMSM. The public at large remains impressionable to a child-like degree, and they are being told not to make a distinction between a flat-Earther and a person who questions any other prevailing narrative, past or present. Try broaching the subject of 9/11 or Holocaust™️ revisionism with an individual who already associates the two with the belief in flat Earth, and you stand almost no chance of recruiting a receptive listener, at the very least. They’re already closed off to other, legitimate uncomfortable truths, because their perception of those ideas has been poisoned with flat Earth foolishness. It’s difficult to imagine just how far this psyop has set us back, but there is absolutely no question that it has done just that. 

The end result of all of this is clear: More people remain in the dark when it comes to any number of important truths that are critical for people to awaken to if we’re ever going to liberate ourselves from the current power structure that exists. The JMSM using the flat-Earthers as a weapon to silence and discredit any dissent or inconvenient truths which are contrary to the official story, further strengthens this existing power structure. Flat-Earthers have made our job exponentially more difficult. At the very top of this established power structure is the Judaic death-cult, and all the hidden truths which are imperative if we’re going to start putting cracks in its foundation, sit on roads that always lead back to the Jew. This entire establishment has been built and molded to promote, further, and protect Jewish interests and well-being. The flat Earth psychological operation, therefore, serves to protect Jewish interests and the Jewish power structure that has been slowly erected over — in the United States at least — the past 100 or so years. I’m not sure there’s any path to bringing the believers back to reality; they appear steadfast in their delusion, and so the idea will persist. All we can do then, is expose this movement for the abomination that it is, hopefully preventing some from falling into the trap, and in the meantime doing everything we can to disassociate from it ourselves, and the legitimate issues we bring to the table. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Why it's important for race realists & white nationalists to befriend intelligent non-whites under the current climate

I had a long night last night; I didn't sleep -- at all. As is always the case when this happens, I do a lot of thinking. Pondering issues that are both meaningful and troubling. Early this morning before I got ready to shave my head and shower, certain thoughts began to enter my mind which I immediately became engrossed in. I started thinking about a buddy of mine who is black, and with whom I can have conversations no different than those I would have with like-minded white friends. I do not feel hesitant to say certain things to him; our conversations flow naturally and it is a beautiful thing. This friend of mine shares my disdain for the Jews and has an unusually enlightened grasp on the current state of affairs and the way anti-white attitudes pervade our society. He is not your typical grievance-mongering black dude who blames all his problems on nonsensical ideas such as "white supremacy" and "institutional racism." In short, he gets it. And admittedly, this is due in no small part to the time we've spent talking to one another. (Of course, even with some help along the way, it nevertheless requires a certain level of awareness, discernment and intelligence in order to develop an appreciation for the truth which flies in the face of everything he, as a young black man, had likely had drilled into his head.)

At this point I started thinking a little deeper about the relentless anti-white agenda being peddled by our Jewish MSM and how it correlates with my personal experience with friends, acquaintances and yes, even family (I have two mixed race half-sisters). I have no shortage of non-whites playing some level of a role in my daily life, and it struck me how different these individuals are than the perpetually pissed off, entitled, hate-filled, self-pitying people of color the JMSM parades out there on a daily basis to hammer home the false notion of a nation operating within the confines of "white supremacy" and institutional "oppression" of minorities. 385-pound LaQuanda yelling and screaming in her beastly manner, as she's being interviewed by some Mexican "journalist" about God knows what, on the corner of 185th and MLK Blvd in some hell-hole ghetto about how she's unable to lift herself out from underneath the weight of "white supremacy" (as a bullet fired by an 8 year old whizzes by her head mid-interview) is precisely the type of individual this dastardly, malicious plot of incitement wishes to make the face of all chaos and instability being procured. In contrast to this extreme case of anti-white incitement there consists a -- likely much larger percentage -- of non-whites who have not been incited to the point of joining the collective aimed at demeaning and criminalizing whites and white identity in general. Perhaps they feel some sort of injustice has been foisted upon them, yet at the same time they are level-headed enough to go about their lives and come to grips with the fact that these perceived injustices are not exclusive to blacks, and that at this point it is simply unrealistic to expect some sort of handout to make up for them. 

Beyond that, most importantly, we have blacks and other non-whites -- such as my aforementioned friend -- who possess a level of understanding which far exceeds that of the majority of their peers. They are rational, intelligent, open-minded and in a tremendous change of pace, lack the impulsiveness and emotional volatility which separates them from the mobs of hysterical, child-like followers who are utterly devoid of the ability to formulate opinions or ideas on a purely autonomous basis. When it comes to people like this friend of mine, that repugnant victim-complex mastered by the Jew is absent, instead in its place we find legitimate critical thinking skills. It is these (non-white) individuals in whom we as race realists, white nationalists and national socialists should be seeking friendship and alliances wherever possible. 

First of all, it is crucial that I mention one particular thought that kept running through my head pertaining to why these alliances are valuable and there for the taking in numerous numbers. I believe the JMSM portrays this movement of white hatred and minority grievance as being much larger and more widespread than it actually is. Larger, and more voracious. If my theory is correct, it would follow that our battle is more so against a media machine and the perception it creates than it is against a group of people who actually wish to do us harm. By no means am I implying we do not have a very serious problem on our hands; we absolutely do. A battle of grave consequence. The implication, rather, is that there is an opportunity for us to begin gaining an advantage where we may have previously been unaware one existed. This potential advantage lies in developing friendships and allegiances with individuals who may not appear to be natural allies -- for obvious reasons. It is entirely possible that  preconceived notions and a complete lack of dialog have stood in the way of a bridge being gapped between unlikely allies who, together, comprise a formidable and diverse opposition to what poses a serious and urgent danger to the well-being of us all.

Those such as my friend mentioned early on, in my opinion, are not an endangered species. Rather, they are more abundant than it may seem, only unidentifiable as a result of the very media responsible for creating this atmosphere of tension and distrust. Pernicious as this psychological assault on the public conscience has been, it remains largely a matter of perception which sustains this divide and renders nearly the entire public suspicious of one another, at the very least. What is a race realist or white nationalist to do in order to form these alliances -- which on the surface may seem unappealing or even counter-intuitive, but could very well make a world of difference in turning the tides on the battle we're waging to regain our lives and livelihood from the singular enemy of not just us whites but of all Gentiles -- and where does one begin the process of earning a degree of mutual trust necessary to accomplish goals which our very future could depend on? It would be incredibly difficult, to say the least, to randomly approach people -- who will possibly be suspicious of you before a word is even uttered -- and begin engaging in conversations both controversial by their very nature, and involving subject matter that could very well set off a hostile interaction due to the people you're attempting to engage with. Instead, start opening yourself up more to non-whites you tend to encounter on a regular basis. Let them know through both word and deed that you are not Derek Vinyard from 'American History X.' Make casual conversation which gradually evolves towards subject matter you both find problematic. From there, you will know soon enough if you've found a person with whom the Jewish Question can be discussed. Once that door has been opened, you have just found yourself an ally in the making.

Additionally, casual yet serious conversation should be broached as often as possible, with the key being to leave out ANY and ALL references to the circus known as party politics. This will not only spoil the relationship before it even begins, it is a sure-fire sign that it's time to move on from this person, as anyone framing their political or social discussions around the fraudulent two-party system is in no way, shape or form capable of becoming an ally in a fight that is being waged FOR REAL, not for theatrics. 

Should you spend any amount of time in your daily life with non-whites who have never given any indication of hostility, ignorance or a general unwillingness to engage in friendly conversation, it's time to test the waters. A good starting point is always something the two of you may vaguely have in common. An icebreaker is a fail-safe, regardless of what transpires afterwards. Odds are, however, most of us will succeed in finding these people worth befriending for this purpose. More people of color are Jew-wise than one might suspect; possibly due to the older generation of black folks being far less conditioned as grievance-mongering victims-in-their-own-mind, and also FAR more inclined to be suspicious of world Jewry and other (less significant) PTB. In a stable household, these views are often passed down, if only to a minimal degree. 

The harsh reality is, we cannot win this battle alone. Not when the Jew is assembling a team of anti-white crusaders from ALL other races, ethnic groups and walks of life. We need allies, and many, many black folks realize we are not their enemy. It is up to us to communicate that loud and clear to those receptive to the message. In whatever way possible, we need to show without a shadow of a doubt that it is the Jew who bears the responsibility for just about all legitimate grievances the black community lays claim to. In doing so, and in forming allies instead of unnecessary enemies, we are killing two birds with one stone. 1) we are awakening an increasing number of people to the realities the world faces as it pertains to the Jew's aspirations for world domination and enslavement of ALL goyim. And 2) We are simultaneously weakening THEIR ranks; because as more and more of the black community faces the truth and allies with white nationalists -- even if only to achieve one common goal -- others among them will follow. Not only will those who are apathetic become energized in many cases to join their brethren; but many of those who are currently under the Jewish trance of White hatred and the pinning of blame on whites for just about everything they can conjure up, will change course, if for no reason other than it is in their nature to FOLLOW and join whatever movement appears most prevalent at the time. Whatever their reason, none of us should give a rat's ass. It's not important at all. What's important is the result, and the results are damn promising. 

Lastly, it's worth mentioning -- especially in light of what we've grown accustomed to seeing from those in the black community spewing their white-hatred -- that those in the black community who are "awake" -- not to prominent themes in the black community such as Communism, hero-worship of CIA-backed commie "revolutionaries" such as Fidel Castro, or "the fight against police brutality," however the hell they plan on doing such a thing -- are an extraordinarily interesting and compelling bunch to have intense, intellectual conversations with. Considering the dichotomy in the way they're conditioned to strive towards contradicting ends, and the bombardment of lies they're fed about us whites, the development of a friendship and alliance in this struggle makes for an intriguing dynamic. 

I think we can all agree that what we believe in, stand for and fight for does not match up with the hate we whites find ourselves the target of from seemingly every direction. Be that as it may, I see no good reason why we should not be making every effort to form potentially effective alliances in the interest of defeating a common enemy. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Clarifying what makes a Jew, the "good Jew" myth & semi-Jew-wise coward "truthers"

Confusion as to what actually makes a Jew a Jew has abounded for time immemorial. Despite this fact, there are indeed answers to this question; answers very few in the "truther" movement seem either unable or unwilling to come to a firm grasp on. Why is this? Well, there are a variety of explanations, mostly depending on what an individual's motivation is and what level of historical knowledge said individual possesses -- if any.

To go along with this confusion of sorts is the myth of the "good Jew," which, upon sincere scrutiny simply does not hold a shred of truth when we consider the larger, global picture; from the near-absolute control the Jew holds over every aspect of Western life, to the 2,000+ year old war they've waged against Gentile -- and more specifically White Christian -- society. Indeed, victors of wars and those who possess the most power are afforded the ability to write history as they see fit and as it benefits them and their insidious agenda. Fortunately, if one takes the time and effort, an accurate, truthful historical picture exists; and it is within the realm of this version of history that we find undeniable proof that the notion of the good Jew is false -- and frankly dangerous. This narrative must, for the sake of mankind, be taken apart and cast into the garbage bin of history.

Crucial to not only sustaining this "good Jew" myth but also to circumventing the issue altogether exists a large (in twitter terms) and vocal group of semi-Jew-wise "activist" types who get a hell of a lot right, and who nevertheless bring a good deal of important information to the table for those in the earlier to intermediate stages of finding their way as an unplugged, "awoken" member of a dying society. It is a terrible shame that in so many of these folks we find high intelligence, great knowledge, and a large following; yet something is missing from their work. We will come back to this particular segment of this post shortly.

To begin in earnest, let us return to the subject matter in the opening of this piece. What is a Jew? Is it a race? A religion? A culture? A club of sorts? Actually, the correct answer is all of the above -- although overlapping at times, each represents its own unique Jewishness. First and foremost, Jews are absolutely a race, as genetic testing has proven over and over again; and as many Jews themselves boastfully attest to. Jews are also a religion -- practicing the dreaded, Gentile-hating, violent, sadistic, abusive, child-molesting, savage-in-every-way-imaginable Judaism. Both the Talmud AND the Torah contain what appears to be endless examples of unmatched depravity and heinousness. From savage murder and human sacrifice; to theft; to deception of the highest level; to molestation and rape (including necrophilia); and just about every sort of criminality and barbarity one could possibly come up with. (come to think of it, most of us Gentiles are not even capable of conjuring up the sort of filth, violence and degeneracy the Jews have made core pillars of their disgusting cult.) 

The Talmud is, of course, where one finds the worst of the worst, sure to make the stomach of the average gentile turn like a GE washing machine on super duty. Please, take a look for yourself. Or. at least to start, see my twitter timeline from yesterday (July 9, 2017) for a handful of gems to get your feet wet and get a vague idea the level of sickness we're dealing with. The Torah -- that being the first four books of the bible -- while ever so slightly less intense in its barbarity, also contains horrifying instructions and laws that defy what humans are capable of not only dreaming up, but following as law and carrying out. To call the contents of these books shocking wouldn't even begin to adequately describe the nature of it all. It's worth noting, Jews acknowledge only those four books of the bible, and it is those four books which set themselves apart from the entirety of the rest of the book in terms of unfathomable violence and cruelty. In the interest of a reasonable length to this post, I will again refrain from spelling out specific verses which can easily be found in any bible. Emphasis should be given to the book of Leviticus, where perhaps the worst of the worst is found within.

Having reached this stage of the piece, I must pose the question: Can "good Jews" be identified somehow among this lot? Unless your idea of the concepts of good and bad, wholesome and evil, run contrary to the ideals which are universally accepted, the obvious answer is a resounding "NO."

Another group of people identifying as Jews are racially or ethnically Jewish. These "people" belong not to the human race as far as I'm concerned, but represent an alien force whose traits and characteristics are such that they share nothing in common with the rest of the Gentile world. They are thieves, liars, manipulators, murderers, deviants, and criminals of every variety. Again, both history and our modern state of affairs attest to this fact. Truth is, they were born and raised this way and carrying on their destructive ways is, and always has been, deeply ingrained in their psyche as inseparable from Jewishness itself. The examples of havoc they have wreaked on innocent people for thousands of years are impossible to even take inventory of. From the financial crimes they're responsible for which have ruined the lives of millions worldwide, to the 60 million native Russians savagely slaughtered by the Jewish Bolsheviks, and so on. They actually take pride in the unparalleled suffering they've caused across the world. Why is this? Well, we know from certain genetic studies that, for one, these creatures are above and beyond when it comes to predisposition to serious mental health issues. Schizophrenia and personality disorders among the most prolific. Of course this explanation is but one of many, and only helps to scratch the surface on peeling back the layers of their otherworldly -- so to speak -- pathology. As time goes on and technology becomes more and more advanced, the case for racial/ethnic Jews belonging to something of another species only grows more convincing. 

It is important to bear in mind that these creatures, along with an often high IQ and sociopathic tendencies, are well adept at concealing their true nature. It is for this very reason, after all, that they've achieved such immense success as a collective. And with that being the case, they have an uncanny ability to fool unsuspecting and uninformed Gentiles into believing they are just like the rest of us. Do not be fooled. Avoid these "people" if at all possible, and if not possible to remain at all times separated from them, treat them as you would any criminal who you fear presents a danger to your well-being in any way. Be alert and be vigilant.

Last among those who identify as Jews are a segment who neither practice the "religion" or are of predominantly Jewish blood, but who were simply born into a situation where for one relatively arbitrary reason or another, carry around this label for no good reason other than it's what they've grown accustomed to; it's part of their identity and they see no reason to drop it. These Jews present the most challenging case for putting to rest the "good Jew" myth, primarily due to how others see them. That is to say, from their point of view, Jewishness does not stand at the forefront of their identity as an individual. Unfortunately for both this Jew himself and his friends and acquaintances, that identity comes with such an array of terrible deeds and an historical and cultural element of (well-earned) criminal connotations, that it is impossible to ignore or whitewash for the sake of exonerating this Jew, and therefore rendering him just another individual of the world. As long as this Jew insists on identifying as such, he is by default associating himself with everything mentioned previously in this post, like it or not. 

So what is this particular Jew to do? Or rather, what does he want, and how does he wish to be perceived by the world around him?  This segment of ignorant, wishy-washy Jews are by no means confined for life to a designation of hostile aliens whose identity represents all that is evil and all that has troubled the world for thousands of years. Sincerely disavowing this identity and thus joining the rest of humanity should seem an appealing proposition; accepting of which would be enough to emerge from the dark side and re-enter society at large and the norms that come with it. Perhaps I am being naive in thinking that, should the ramifications of holding this identity be made clear to those belonging to this group, a fervent rejection of that label would be in order. After all, the overwhelming majority belonging to this sub-category are largely to totally oblivious of all it represents. With newfound knowledge in hand, a decision to carry on wearing that label would only further prove what I am laying out here. Whether ignorant or not, and regardless of the choice made when faced with the knowledge spoken of, no one belonging to this group can possibly be considered a good Jew. Disavowing the label no longer makes them a Jew, and henceforth their case is irrelevant.

In some cases being a Jew is a choice; in others it is not. That aspect of this discussion, however, has no bearing whatsoever on whether the notion of a "good Jew" is one rooted in any kind of truth. It doesn't change a thing, and there is indeed no truth in the notion, despite people's personal feelings towards personal friends. Your Jewish friend, simply because he's your friend, is not a "good Jew," until he disavows the label entirely, in which case he's a former Jew.

Now to briefly return to the matter of the "awake truther" or whatever you choose to call him or her. It is an undeniable fact that once a seeker of truth in a world full of lies and disinformation reaches a certain point in their absorption of knowledge, the Jewish Question will ALWAYS enter the equation. Not only will it enter the picture, it will become the focal point to which all roads eventually lead, providing answers and piecing together puzzles one could not previously make use of in any sort of profound way. If you've spent years digging and discovering hard  truths most are completely oblivious to, and you've done outstanding work exposing misdeeds and the people behind them, only to ultimately arrive at the JQ, the noble and honest path to pursue has to incorporate the relevance of the JQ going forward -- vehemently highlighting its role as the driving force behind everything you've been working towards unraveling -- as it undoubtedly is and will be. 

Shamefully, however, this is not the case, more often than not. Such individuals approach a proverbial gate that reads "DO NOT CROSS." For whatever reasons they have -- and there are many -- they choose instead to circumvent the powerful conclusions they've reached, opting instead for an intense focus on subject matter that, while important and useful, carefully tip-toes around that which is the MOST controversial, for reasons we can likely guess with significant accuracy. The JQ is an open secret of sorts in these circles, and great caution is taken to appear ruthless in their pursuit of truth while simultaneously assuring themselves no accusations of "anti-semite" await them. At the end of the day, this is pure cowardice. What's worse is, it distracts from the all-important JQ and actually encourages others to adopt the same methods of circumventing it. It's dangerous and it is in no small part contributing to the downfall of all the Jew seeks to destroy. It sets us back and helps foster an attitude and prevailing belief that one must not venture into the realm of the Jewish problem the world has and always has had, lest they face the wrath of, well... just about everybody. The longer this crowd stops short at the JQ, the harder it becomes to broach it in general, without facing persecution, harassment, ridicule, and ultimately criminal punishment. those are the consequences being nurtured by this crowd of seemingly bright, informed seekers of truth, who tremble in fear at the Jewish Problem. 

Aided by the internet and twitter, we've come far enough now that T(J)PTB are getting nervous (Look no further than Britain and PM May). Knowledge is at an all time high. But we've hit a stalemate, and with that being the case, I will no longer stand side-by-side with "truthers" who are scared of the JQ/JP, no matter how superior the quality of their other work is. If they're stopping short of where they need to continue on, they're now a hindrance and are quite clearly not all that interested in changing the trajectory of things for the better, with the "people" making life hell for all of us being given a free pass. It is downright unacceptable and what's become clear is I and others like me are on a different mission, part of a different "team." I write this not with anger but full of immense disappointment and sorrow. I can only hope that these folks realize before it's too late that we need them all-in, on our "team," with the mindset of having nothing to lose (because we don't). 

If you're being held back by what you perceive as a "good Jew" here and there, that's about as weak and impotent excuse as I can think of. Not only because 1) there are none, and 2) you're declaring loudly that a handful of alleged good Jews are more important, well-being more valuable, than the other billions of people on the planet. Or -- and this is the ONLY other possibility -- you're nothing more than a small-time gatekeeper yourself.

No matter which it is... Not a good look. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Time to face the facts: Putin is a Jewish puppet

Far too many of the otherwise knowledgeable and Jew-wise among us still cannot come to grips with the fact that Vladimir Putin is not the anti-imperialist crusader and strong, independent leader they so badly wish him to be. No, Mr. Putin is a Jewish puppet of the highest order just like the overwhelming majority of world "leaders," especially those of the Jew-occupied West. Last night and this morning I took to twitter in an attempt to make this abundantly clear, and what I will do here is present screenshots from those tweets, then briefly elaborate on each. When all is said and done, there should be little, if any, remaining doubt that Russia's president is little more than a Jewish puppet who cannot be trusted.

To begin:

It is often cited by Putin defenders -- as perhaps the primary reason as to why we should believe he is a force for good and even feared by world Jewry -- that he "kicked the Jewish oligarchs out of Russia,"  If we're being generous, this is a half-truth -- but more so a misrepresentation of the facts. The story being referenced involved competing factions of Jewish power-players, one of which Putin allied with, the other standing in opposition to him. The latter, indeed felt Putin's wrath. The former, well... I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

It is well-known even among Putin defenders that Russia's central bank remains under the control of Jews, not the Russian state, and therefore does not serve the interests of the Russian people. Enough said.

As far as the second part of that tweet is concerned... Not long ago Russia announced it will no longer renew dual-citizenship for Russian nationals living abroad -- largely in Israel. This was interpreted by many as a "stick it to the Jews" measure, while in reality this move was made as a favor to the Jewish state in the midst of an ongoing trend of Jews leaving Israel at a rate significantly higher than those migrating to the Jewish state. The short-sighted reaction by Putin stans is unfortunately quite indicative of the analysis utilized in the bigger picture.

When Russia inserted itself into the Jewish-American-created conflict in Syria -- as an "ally" of Assad, but really to secure its own national interests in the region -- they offered assurance to Israel that any violations of Syrian airspace by the Jewish state's military would not be met with force, as would normally be standard protocol seeing as the Russian military is present at the behest of the Syrian government to aid militarily in the defense of the nation. A peculiar development, to be sure, especially when one considers the fact that Israeli violation of Syrian airspace accompanied by unprovoked acts of war, in defiance of international law, has been a regular occurrence. 

 Another development upon Russia coming to the aid of the Syrian government was Netanyahu immediately being flown to Russia upon Russia's formal entry into the conflict. Whatever the purpose for the visit may have been, it's more than fair to assume that Putin has an obligation of some sort to secure the approval of the Israeli Prime Minister for whatever action might be taken. With that being said, the commitment to defending the Syrian state comes into question, and consequently just how dubious the nature of Putin's loyalty to Assad may be.

Continuing along the lines of Putin's questionable loyalty to his "allies," Iran represents a critical aspect of this discussion. Iran, of course, being under a constant threat of unprovoked aggression on the part of Israel -- and the United States as well -- possesses very little in the way of a formidable defense, militarily, in comparison to its enemies. Russia, ostensibly being Iran's single ally capable of adequately defending Iran in this regard, cannot be seen as reliable given its already questionable motives as it pertains to Syria. The picture is further complicated by the fact that, while Israel unceasingly takes an aggressive and threatening posture towards Iran, Putin not only maintains a cozy relationship with Israel, but has not once rebuked the latter in a meaningful way for their hostilities towards his supposed ally. Therefore it begs the question: Were Israel to attack Iran, what would Putin's response be? Something tells me his response would be almost non-existent; and whatever lip-service he may offer up to address such an egregious act would be met with the usual "it's part of his long-term grand scheme!" rationalization his loyal apostles employ any other time a logical explanation escapes them. So it goes...

Another commonly cited occurrence Putin die-hards stand by as a testament to his authenticity was his public acknowledgement that the Bolsheviks were predominantly Jewish. This is no secret, especially among Russians. This admission, in itself, was nothing more than an inconsequential public relations move aimed at reinforcing in the minds of the Russian people his honesty and transparency -- an appeasement of sorts, given the justified anti-semitic sentiment among a large portion of Russian society, 

It's important to note, at this juncture, that it is not what he said in this case, but what he didn't say, and even more imperatively all that relates to his omission when alluding to that particular subject matter. Namely, the extent and magnitude of Bolshevik atrocities, how they are almost entirely overlooked, and how instead world war 2 lies and mythology are perpetuated with enthusiasm by Putin himself. What better example of this dishonesty and acquiescence to the power structure he is alleged to stand in defiance to, than his draconian Holocaust denial laws -- some of the harshest in the world? But it doesn't end there; anti-semitic interpretations of the bible have also been outlawed. To say this is pure insanity would be an understatement. 

I will close with this:

I stand by this statement. Best of luck to anyone who believes they can effectively counter the arguments I've just laid out here in a sound, logical way.