Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Why it's important for race realists & white nationalists to befriend intelligent non-whites under the current climate

I had a long night last night; I didn't sleep -- at all. As is always the case when this happens, I do a lot of thinking. Pondering issues that are both meaningful and troubling. Early this morning before I got ready to shave my head and shower, certain thoughts began to enter my mind which I immediately became engrossed in. I started thinking about a buddy of mine who is black, and with whom I can have conversations no different than those I would have with like-minded white friends. I do not feel hesitant to say certain things to him; our conversations flow naturally and it is a beautiful thing. This friend of mine shares my disdain for the Jews and has an unusually enlightened grasp on the current state of affairs and the way anti-white attitudes pervade our society. He is not your typical grievance-mongering black dude who blames all his problems on nonsensical ideas such as "white supremacy" and "institutional racism." In short, he gets it. And admittedly, this is due in no small part to the time we've spent talking to one another. (Of course, even with some help along the way, it nevertheless requires a certain level of awareness, discernment and intelligence in order to develop an appreciation for the truth which flies in the face of everything he, as a young black man, had likely had drilled into his head.)

At this point I started thinking a little deeper about the relentless anti-white agenda being peddled by our Jewish MSM and how it correlates with my personal experience with friends, acquaintances and yes, even family (I have two mixed race half-sisters). I have no shortage of non-whites playing some level of a role in my daily life, and it struck me how different these individuals are than the perpetually pissed off, entitled, hate-filled, self-pitying people of color the JMSM parades out there on a daily basis to hammer home the false notion of a nation operating within the confines of "white supremacy" and institutional "oppression" of minorities. 385-pound LaQuanda yelling and screaming in her beastly manner, as she's being interviewed by some Mexican "journalist" about God knows what, on the corner of 185th and MLK Blvd in some hell-hole ghetto about how she's unable to lift herself out from underneath the weight of "white supremacy" (as a bullet fired by an 8 year old whizzes by her head mid-interview) is precisely the type of individual this dastardly, malicious plot of incitement wishes to make the face of all chaos and instability being procured. In contrast to this extreme case of anti-white incitement there consists a -- likely much larger percentage -- of non-whites who have not been incited to the point of joining the collective aimed at demeaning and criminalizing whites and white identity in general. Perhaps they feel some sort of injustice has been foisted upon them, yet at the same time they are level-headed enough to go about their lives and come to grips with the fact that these perceived injustices are not exclusive to blacks, and that at this point it is simply unrealistic to expect some sort of handout to make up for them. 

Beyond that, most importantly, we have blacks and other non-whites -- such as my aforementioned friend -- who possess a level of understanding which far exceeds that of the majority of their peers. They are rational, intelligent, open-minded and in a tremendous change of pace, lack the impulsiveness and emotional volatility which separates them from the mobs of hysterical, child-like followers who are utterly devoid of the ability to formulate opinions or ideas on a purely autonomous basis. When it comes to people like this friend of mine, that repugnant victim-complex mastered by the Jew is absent, instead in its place we find legitimate critical thinking skills. It is these (non-white) individuals in whom we as race realists, white nationalists and national socialists should be seeking friendship and alliances wherever possible. 

First of all, it is crucial that I mention one particular thought that kept running through my head pertaining to why these alliances are valuable and there for the taking in numerous numbers. I believe the JMSM portrays this movement of white hatred and minority grievance as being much larger and more widespread than it actually is. Larger, and more voracious. If my theory is correct, it would follow that our battle is more so against a media machine and the perception it creates than it is against a group of people who actually wish to do us harm. By no means am I implying we do not have a very serious problem on our hands; we absolutely do. A battle of grave consequence. The implication, rather, is that there is an opportunity for us to begin gaining an advantage where we may have previously been unaware one existed. This potential advantage lies in developing friendships and allegiances with individuals who may not appear to be natural allies -- for obvious reasons. It is entirely possible that  preconceived notions and a complete lack of dialog have stood in the way of a bridge being gapped between unlikely allies who, together, comprise a formidable and diverse opposition to what poses a serious and urgent danger to the well-being of us all.

Those such as my friend mentioned early on, in my opinion, are not an endangered species. Rather, they are more abundant than it may seem, only unidentifiable as a result of the very media responsible for creating this atmosphere of tension and distrust. Pernicious as this psychological assault on the public conscience has been, it remains largely a matter of perception which sustains this divide and renders nearly the entire public suspicious of one another, at the very least. What is a race realist or white nationalist to do in order to form these alliances -- which on the surface may seem unappealing or even counter-intuitive, but could very well make a world of difference in turning the tides on the battle we're waging to regain our lives and livelihood from the singular enemy of not just us whites but of all Gentiles -- and where does one begin the process of earning a degree of mutual trust necessary to accomplish goals which our very future could depend on? It would be incredibly difficult, to say the least, to randomly approach people -- who will possibly be suspicious of you before a word is even uttered -- and begin engaging in conversations both controversial by their very nature, and involving subject matter that could very well set off a hostile interaction due to the people you're attempting to engage with. Instead, start opening yourself up more to non-whites you tend to encounter on a regular basis. Let them know through both word and deed that you are not Derek Vinyard from 'American History X.' Make casual conversation which gradually evolves towards subject matter you both find problematic. From there, you will know soon enough if you've found a person with whom the Jewish Question can be discussed. Once that door has been opened, you have just found yourself an ally in the making.

Additionally, casual yet serious conversation should be broached as often as possible, with the key being to leave out ANY and ALL references to the circus known as party politics. This will not only spoil the relationship before it even begins, it is a sure-fire sign that it's time to move on from this person, as anyone framing their political or social discussions around the fraudulent two-party system is in no way, shape or form capable of becoming an ally in a fight that is being waged FOR REAL, not for theatrics. 

Should you spend any amount of time in your daily life with non-whites who have never given any indication of hostility, ignorance or a general unwillingness to engage in friendly conversation, it's time to test the waters. A good starting point is always something the two of you may vaguely have in common. An icebreaker is a fail-safe, regardless of what transpires afterwards. Odds are, however, most of us will succeed in finding these people worth befriending for this purpose. More people of color are Jew-wise than one might suspect; possibly due to the older generation of black folks being far less conditioned as grievance-mongering victims-in-their-own-mind, and also FAR more inclined to be suspicious of world Jewry and other (less significant) PTB. In a stable household, these views are often passed down, if only to a minimal degree. 

The harsh reality is, we cannot win this battle alone. Not when the Jew is assembling a team of anti-white crusaders from ALL other races, ethnic groups and walks of life. We need allies, and many, many black folks realize we are not their enemy. It is up to us to communicate that loud and clear to those receptive to the message. In whatever way possible, we need to show without a shadow of a doubt that it is the Jew who bears the responsibility for just about all legitimate grievances the black community lays claim to. In doing so, and in forming allies instead of unnecessary enemies, we are killing two birds with one stone. 1) we are awakening an increasing number of people to the realities the world faces as it pertains to the Jew's aspirations for world domination and enslavement of ALL goyim. And 2) We are simultaneously weakening THEIR ranks; because as more and more of the black community faces the truth and allies with white nationalists -- even if only to achieve one common goal -- others among them will follow. Not only will those who are apathetic become energized in many cases to join their brethren; but many of those who are currently under the Jewish trance of White hatred and the pinning of blame on whites for just about everything they can conjure up, will change course, if for no reason other than it is in their nature to FOLLOW and join whatever movement appears most prevalent at the time. Whatever their reason, none of us should give a rat's ass. It's not important at all. What's important is the result, and the results are damn promising. 

Lastly, it's worth mentioning -- especially in light of what we've grown accustomed to seeing from those in the black community spewing their white-hatred -- that those in the black community who are "awake" -- not to prominent themes in the black community such as Communism, hero-worship of CIA-backed commie "revolutionaries" such as Fidel Castro, or "the fight against police brutality," however the hell they plan on doing such a thing -- are an extraordinarily interesting and compelling bunch to have intense, intellectual conversations with. Considering the dichotomy in the way they're conditioned to strive towards contradicting ends, and the bombardment of lies they're fed about us whites, the development of a friendship and alliance in this struggle makes for an intriguing dynamic. 

I think we can all agree that what we believe in, stand for and fight for does not match up with the hate we whites find ourselves the target of from seemingly every direction. Be that as it may, I see no good reason why we should not be making every effort to form potentially effective alliances in the interest of defeating a common enemy. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Clarifying what makes a Jew, the "good Jew" myth & semi-Jew-wise coward "truthers"

Confusion as to what actually makes a Jew a Jew has abounded for time immemorial. Despite this fact, there are indeed answers to this question; answers very few in the "truther" movement seem either unable or unwilling to come to a firm grasp on. Why is this? Well, there are a variety of explanations, mostly depending on what an individual's motivation is and what level of historical knowledge said individual possesses -- if any.

To go along with this confusion of sorts is the myth of the "good Jew," which, upon sincere scrutiny simply does not hold a shred of truth when we consider the larger, global picture; from the near-absolute control the Jew holds over every aspect of Western life, to the 2,000+ year old war they've waged against Gentile -- and more specifically White Christian -- society. Indeed, victors of wars and those who possess the most power are afforded the ability to write history as they see fit and as it benefits them and their insidious agenda. Fortunately, if one takes the time and effort, an accurate, truthful historical picture exists; and it is within the realm of this version of history that we find undeniable proof that the notion of the good Jew is false -- and frankly dangerous. This narrative must, for the sake of mankind, be taken apart and cast into the garbage bin of history.

Crucial to not only sustaining this "good Jew" myth but also to circumventing the issue altogether exists a large (in twitter terms) and vocal group of semi-Jew-wise "activist" types who get a hell of a lot right, and who nevertheless bring a good deal of important information to the table for those in the earlier to intermediate stages of finding their way as an unplugged, "awoken" member of a dying society. It is a terrible shame that in so many of these folks we find high intelligence, great knowledge, and a large following; yet something is missing from their work. We will come back to this particular segment of this post shortly.

To begin in earnest, let us return to the subject matter in the opening of this piece. What is a Jew? Is it a race? A religion? A culture? A club of sorts? Actually, the correct answer is all of the above -- although overlapping at times, each represents its own unique Jewishness. First and foremost, Jews are absolutely a race, as genetic testing has proven over and over again; and as many Jews themselves boastfully attest to. Jews are also a religion -- practicing the dreaded, Gentile-hating, violent, sadistic, abusive, child-molesting, savage-in-every-way-imaginable Judaism. Both the Talmud AND the Torah contain what appears to be endless examples of unmatched depravity and heinousness. From savage murder and human sacrifice; to theft; to deception of the highest level; to molestation and rape (including necrophilia); and just about every sort of criminality and barbarity one could possibly come up with. (come to think of it, most of us Gentiles are not even capable of conjuring up the sort of filth, violence and degeneracy the Jews have made core pillars of their disgusting cult.) 

The Talmud is, of course, where one finds the worst of the worst, sure to make the stomach of the average gentile turn like a GE washing machine on super duty. Please, take a look for yourself. Or. at least to start, see my twitter timeline from yesterday (July 9, 2017) for a handful of gems to get your feet wet and get a vague idea the level of sickness we're dealing with. The Torah -- that being the first four books of the bible -- while ever so slightly less intense in its barbarity, also contains horrifying instructions and laws that defy what humans are capable of not only dreaming up, but following as law and carrying out. To call the contents of these books shocking wouldn't even begin to adequately describe the nature of it all. It's worth noting, Jews acknowledge only those four books of the bible, and it is those four books which set themselves apart from the entirety of the rest of the book in terms of unfathomable violence and cruelty. In the interest of a reasonable length to this post, I will again refrain from spelling out specific verses which can easily be found in any bible. Emphasis should be given to the book of Leviticus, where perhaps the worst of the worst is found within.

Having reached this stage of the piece, I must pose the question: Can "good Jews" be identified somehow among this lot? Unless your idea of the concepts of good and bad, wholesome and evil, run contrary to the ideals which are universally accepted, the obvious answer is a resounding "NO."

Another group of people identifying as Jews are racially or ethnically Jewish. These "people" belong not to the human race as far as I'm concerned, but represent an alien force whose traits and characteristics are such that they share nothing in common with the rest of the Gentile world. They are thieves, liars, manipulators, murderers, deviants, and criminals of every variety. Again, both history and our modern state of affairs attest to this fact. Truth is, they were born and raised this way and carrying on their destructive ways is, and always has been, deeply ingrained in their psyche as inseparable from Jewishness itself. The examples of havoc they have wreaked on innocent people for thousands of years are impossible to even take inventory of. From the financial crimes they're responsible for which have ruined the lives of millions worldwide, to the 60 million native Russians savagely slaughtered by the Jewish Bolsheviks, and so on. They actually take pride in the unparalleled suffering they've caused across the world. Why is this? Well, we know from certain genetic studies that, for one, these creatures are above and beyond when it comes to predisposition to serious mental health issues. Schizophrenia and personality disorders among the most prolific. Of course this explanation is but one of many, and only helps to scratch the surface on peeling back the layers of their otherworldly -- so to speak -- pathology. As time goes on and technology becomes more and more advanced, the case for racial/ethnic Jews belonging to something of another species only grows more convincing. 

It is important to bear in mind that these creatures, along with an often high IQ and sociopathic tendencies, are well adept at concealing their true nature. It is for this very reason, after all, that they've achieved such immense success as a collective. And with that being the case, they have an uncanny ability to fool unsuspecting and uninformed Gentiles into believing they are just like the rest of us. Do not be fooled. Avoid these "people" if at all possible, and if not possible to remain at all times separated from them, treat them as you would any criminal who you fear presents a danger to your well-being in any way. Be alert and be vigilant.

Last among those who identify as Jews are a segment who neither practice the "religion" or are of predominantly Jewish blood, but who were simply born into a situation where for one relatively arbitrary reason or another, carry around this label for no good reason other than it's what they've grown accustomed to; it's part of their identity and they see no reason to drop it. These Jews present the most challenging case for putting to rest the "good Jew" myth, primarily due to how others see them. That is to say, from their point of view, Jewishness does not stand at the forefront of their identity as an individual. Unfortunately for both this Jew himself and his friends and acquaintances, that identity comes with such an array of terrible deeds and an historical and cultural element of (well-earned) criminal connotations, that it is impossible to ignore or whitewash for the sake of exonerating this Jew, and therefore rendering him just another individual of the world. As long as this Jew insists on identifying as such, he is by default associating himself with everything mentioned previously in this post, like it or not. 

So what is this particular Jew to do? Or rather, what does he want, and how does he wish to be perceived by the world around him?  This segment of ignorant, wishy-washy Jews are by no means confined for life to a designation of hostile aliens whose identity represents all that is evil and all that has troubled the world for thousands of years. Sincerely disavowing this identity and thus joining the rest of humanity should seem an appealing proposition; accepting of which would be enough to emerge from the dark side and re-enter society at large and the norms that come with it. Perhaps I am being naive in thinking that, should the ramifications of holding this identity be made clear to those belonging to this group, a fervent rejection of that label would be in order. After all, the overwhelming majority belonging to this sub-category are largely to totally oblivious of all it represents. With newfound knowledge in hand, a decision to carry on wearing that label would only further prove what I am laying out here. Whether ignorant or not, and regardless of the choice made when faced with the knowledge spoken of, no one belonging to this group can possibly be considered a good Jew. Disavowing the label no longer makes them a Jew, and henceforth their case is irrelevant.

In some cases being a Jew is a choice; in others it is not. That aspect of this discussion, however, has no bearing whatsoever on whether the notion of a "good Jew" is one rooted in any kind of truth. It doesn't change a thing, and there is indeed no truth in the notion, despite people's personal feelings towards personal friends. Your Jewish friend, simply because he's your friend, is not a "good Jew," until he disavows the label entirely, in which case he's a former Jew.

Now to briefly return to the matter of the "awake truther" or whatever you choose to call him or her. It is an undeniable fact that once a seeker of truth in a world full of lies and disinformation reaches a certain point in their absorption of knowledge, the Jewish Question will ALWAYS enter the equation. Not only will it enter the picture, it will become the focal point to which all roads eventually lead, providing answers and piecing together puzzles one could not previously make use of in any sort of profound way. If you've spent years digging and discovering hard  truths most are completely oblivious to, and you've done outstanding work exposing misdeeds and the people behind them, only to ultimately arrive at the JQ, the noble and honest path to pursue has to incorporate the relevance of the JQ going forward -- vehemently highlighting its role as the driving force behind everything you've been working towards unraveling -- as it undoubtedly is and will be. 

Shamefully, however, this is not the case, more often than not. Such individuals approach a proverbial gate that reads "DO NOT CROSS." For whatever reasons they have -- and there are many -- they choose instead to circumvent the powerful conclusions they've reached, opting instead for an intense focus on subject matter that, while important and useful, carefully tip-toes around that which is the MOST controversial, for reasons we can likely guess with significant accuracy. The JQ is an open secret of sorts in these circles, and great caution is taken to appear ruthless in their pursuit of truth while simultaneously assuring themselves no accusations of "anti-semite" await them. At the end of the day, this is pure cowardice. What's worse is, it distracts from the all-important JQ and actually encourages others to adopt the same methods of circumventing it. It's dangerous and it is in no small part contributing to the downfall of all the Jew seeks to destroy. It sets us back and helps foster an attitude and prevailing belief that one must not venture into the realm of the Jewish problem the world has and always has had, lest they face the wrath of, well... just about everybody. The longer this crowd stops short at the JQ, the harder it becomes to broach it in general, without facing persecution, harassment, ridicule, and ultimately criminal punishment. those are the consequences being nurtured by this crowd of seemingly bright, informed seekers of truth, who tremble in fear at the Jewish Problem. 

Aided by the internet and twitter, we've come far enough now that T(J)PTB are getting nervous (Look no further than Britain and PM May). Knowledge is at an all time high. But we've hit a stalemate, and with that being the case, I will no longer stand side-by-side with "truthers" who are scared of the JQ/JP, no matter how superior the quality of their other work is. If they're stopping short of where they need to continue on, they're now a hindrance and are quite clearly not all that interested in changing the trajectory of things for the better, with the "people" making life hell for all of us being given a free pass. It is downright unacceptable and what's become clear is I and others like me are on a different mission, part of a different "team." I write this not with anger but full of immense disappointment and sorrow. I can only hope that these folks realize before it's too late that we need them all-in, on our "team," with the mindset of having nothing to lose (because we don't). 

If you're being held back by what you perceive as a "good Jew" here and there, that's about as weak and impotent excuse as I can think of. Not only because 1) there are none, and 2) you're declaring loudly that a handful of alleged good Jews are more important, well-being more valuable, than the other billions of people on the planet. Or -- and this is the ONLY other possibility -- you're nothing more than a small-time gatekeeper yourself.

No matter which it is... Not a good look. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Time to face the facts: Putin is a Jewish puppet

Far too many of the otherwise knowledgeable and Jew-wise among us still cannot come to grips with the fact that Vladimir Putin is not the anti-imperialist crusader and strong, independent leader they so badly wish him to be. No, Mr. Putin is a Jewish puppet of the highest order just like the overwhelming majority of world "leaders," especially those of the Jew-occupied West. Last night and this morning I took to twitter in an attempt to make this abundantly clear, and what I will do here is present screenshots from those tweets, then briefly elaborate on each. When all is said and done, there should be little, if any, remaining doubt that Russia's president is little more than a Jewish puppet who cannot be trusted.

To begin:

It is often cited by Putin defenders -- as perhaps the primary reason as to why we should believe he is a force for good and even feared by world Jewry -- that he "kicked the Jewish oligarchs out of Russia,"  If we're being generous, this is a half-truth -- but more so a misrepresentation of the facts. The story being referenced involved competing factions of Jewish power-players, one of which Putin allied with, the other standing in opposition to him. The latter, indeed felt Putin's wrath. The former, well... I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

It is well-known even among Putin defenders that Russia's central bank remains under the control of Jews, not the Russian state, and therefore does not serve the interests of the Russian people. Enough said.

As far as the second part of that tweet is concerned... Not long ago Russia announced it will no longer renew dual-citizenship for Russian nationals living abroad -- largely in Israel. This was interpreted by many as a "stick it to the Jews" measure, while in reality this move was made as a favor to the Jewish state in the midst of an ongoing trend of Jews leaving Israel at a rate significantly higher than those migrating to the Jewish state. The short-sighted reaction by Putin stans is unfortunately quite indicative of the analysis utilized in the bigger picture.

When Russia inserted itself into the Jewish-American-created conflict in Syria -- as an "ally" of Assad, but really to secure its own national interests in the region -- they offered assurance to Israel that any violations of Syrian airspace by the Jewish state's military would not be met with force, as would normally be standard protocol seeing as the Russian military is present at the behest of the Syrian government to aid militarily in the defense of the nation. A peculiar development, to be sure, especially when one considers the fact that Israeli violation of Syrian airspace accompanied by unprovoked acts of war, in defiance of international law, has been a regular occurrence. 

 Another development upon Russia coming to the aid of the Syrian government was Netanyahu immediately being flown to Russia upon Russia's formal entry into the conflict. Whatever the purpose for the visit may have been, it's more than fair to assume that Putin has an obligation of some sort to secure the approval of the Israeli Prime Minister for whatever action might be taken. With that being said, the commitment to defending the Syrian state comes into question, and consequently just how dubious the nature of Putin's loyalty to Assad may be.

Continuing along the lines of Putin's questionable loyalty to his "allies," Iran represents a critical aspect of this discussion. Iran, of course, being under a constant threat of unprovoked aggression on the part of Israel -- and the United States as well -- possesses very little in the way of a formidable defense, militarily, in comparison to its enemies. Russia, ostensibly being Iran's single ally capable of adequately defending Iran in this regard, cannot be seen as reliable given its already questionable motives as it pertains to Syria. The picture is further complicated by the fact that, while Israel unceasingly takes an aggressive and threatening posture towards Iran, Putin not only maintains a cozy relationship with Israel, but has not once rebuked the latter in a meaningful way for their hostilities towards his supposed ally. Therefore it begs the question: Were Israel to attack Iran, what would Putin's response be? Something tells me his response would be almost non-existent; and whatever lip-service he may offer up to address such an egregious act would be met with the usual "it's part of his long-term grand scheme!" rationalization his loyal apostles employ any other time a logical explanation escapes them. So it goes...

Another commonly cited occurrence Putin die-hards stand by as a testament to his authenticity was his public acknowledgement that the Bolsheviks were predominantly Jewish. This is no secret, especially among Russians. This admission, in itself, was nothing more than an inconsequential public relations move aimed at reinforcing in the minds of the Russian people his honesty and transparency -- an appeasement of sorts, given the justified anti-semitic sentiment among a large portion of Russian society, 

It's important to note, at this juncture, that it is not what he said in this case, but what he didn't say, and even more imperatively all that relates to his omission when alluding to that particular subject matter. Namely, the extent and magnitude of Bolshevik atrocities, how they are almost entirely overlooked, and how instead world war 2 lies and mythology are perpetuated with enthusiasm by Putin himself. What better example of this dishonesty and acquiescence to the power structure he is alleged to stand in defiance to, than his draconian Holocaust denial laws -- some of the harshest in the world? But it doesn't end there; anti-semitic interpretations of the bible have also been outlawed. To say this is pure insanity would be an understatement. 

I will close with this:

I stand by this statement. Best of luck to anyone who believes they can effectively counter the arguments I've just laid out here in a sound, logical way. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The making of a "conspiracy theorist"

"Conspiracy theorists" -- those of us who do not take government and media narratives, official versions of events, both of the present and historical variety, at face value -- have always been the object of ridicule; originating from both those aforementioned malicious entities and the public at large. We are steadfastly marginalized and painted as an unstable, fringe group, existing among an otherwise "civilized" society. We are portrayed as uninformed, delusional and dangerous. The interesting part, though, is not the lies and slanders told about us to the JMSM-watching public, but characteristics assigned to us which actually hold some degree of truth, and just why that is the case.

We are portrayed as disgruntled -- and we are.

We are portrayed as maladjusted -- and we are.

We are portrayed as believing we have been given an unfair advantage -- and we have.

We are portrayed as depressed and possibly angry -- and why in the hell wouldn't we be?

You see, when viewed through the lens of a society that in itself is inherently backwards and sick, it is understandable why it is us who presents the problem. But as we are now all fully aware, these traits which we have come to possess -- varying to one degree or another from individual to individual -- are a reaction to a societal and global program embodying everything unnatural, counter-intuitive and downright disastrous to our future. This we can all agree on, yes? However, things get a little more gray and uncertain after that. In fact, some of these traits ascribed to us do, in fact, manifest themselves prior to being unplugged and awakened to the sad realities of this world we all must now confront on a daily basis. To illustrate with the utmost clarity, I will briefly use myself as an example:

I had a very troubled early childhood which, although after the first half-dozen or so years of my life became a great degree more stable and "privileged," if you will, carried over into my teenage years and into early adulthood. I was consistently described throughout my teenage years as "extremely bright and gifted, yet defiant, reckless and emotionally troubled." I dealt with "depression," in the most general sense of the word, never actually being given a diagnosis of such, or displaying the "debilitating" effects or behavior commonly associated with "clinical depression." I was frankly just a pissed off kid. I was kicked out of public high school for the type of insubordination a few teachers and staff readily admitted was relatively unprecedented and legendary, in their experience, for that small school. I developed severe substance abuse/addiction problems and got myself into a world of shit in my late teens and early 20's, until, with the help of a few very positive influences in my life at the time, I cleaned up my act. It was then, in my early 20's, that the way I saw the world around me began to change rapidly and dramatically. Finally being of sound mind and body, I began the process of withdrawing myself from the false reality manufactured and imposed upon us. As time went on my understanding and discernment grew -- all the way to the present day, as it still does even now -- and I would briefly stumble a few more times, taking my lumps, but never completely losing my grip. Now, a decade or so later, I lead a very uneventful life -- in a good way. I have a family, a comfortable job, and while I in no way do I live lavishly or care-free, I do not have any real complaints to speak of.

 In stark contrast to how my life has changed dramatically in that respect, what has remained the same, and actually only grown more intense with time, is my understanding of just how fucked up things really are and the demonstrably catastrophic path the world is taking. Having said that, it's reasonable to wonder if there isn't a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario going on here that underscores and perhaps provides insight into the state-of-mind that leads us to the sort of simultaneous despair and enlightenment I just detailed. Are we "conspiracy theorists" dealing with underlying "issues" that have manifested themselves in the form of fervent distrust of government, media and authority in general? Truthfully, I don't think it an entirely inaccurate or unfair assessment. I also don't see this as a poor reflection on any of us -- quite the opposite, in fact. We are aware there is a problem, that something is off, and it causes us distress. If this foreboding and distress made itself known in ways other than being inclined towards "conspiracy theories," or preceded the moment or process of our gaining a sense of clarity about the world, in no way does it invalidate our concerns or discredit our ideas. If anything, it can be seen -- I believe -- as a sign that, at least a good many of us, were tuned in before we even knew it. It can also be taken as a sign of character and self-awareness our oblivious counterparts are severely lacking, as they willfully pretend all is right in the world and well with themselves, while inwardly they struggle desperately with the very same symptoms of depression, pessimism, defeatism, loathing and anger the establishment and JMSM mouthpieces reserve for us "fringe" personalities. Being conditioned on how not only to think and react, but cope and problem-solve (or rather, avoid doing so), they have built up a defense mechanism which allows them to do nothing but hide.

What genetic, social and environmental factors play a role in bringing us to the point we have now
reached? The answer to that will be different for each individual, but for most, if not many of us, those factors will be used as a weapon to discredit and silence us. In some way, at some stage, our defense mechanism was broken down, and what has been allowed to take root as a result can hardly be seen as anything more than acceptance of a series of fundamental facts about the world: People lie; they cheat; they steal; they kill; they conspire to kill; they seek an advantage at the expense of others. When given the opportunity, the resources and the immunity to do these things on a substantially larger scale and with similar-minded individuals -- especially those who have an innate belief in supernatural chosenness and superiority over all other beings -- the results should be predictable and not at all surprising.

There is a reason we live in a culture and society of mindless distractions. Our "issues" and "disorders" are, in reality, the absence of a comfort zone the gullible, mind-fucked public has been trained like circus animals to live within. How or when this comfort zone was dismantled has no correlation with the credibility of an individual or the "conspiracy theory" he or she subscribes to. To be shielded from the harsh realities of the world can only result in the acceptance of the status quo and a ingrained belief in whatever it is the JMSM, politicians, authority figures and history books have peddled. And although as living conditions for the average American continues to deteriorate at al alarming rate, most remain comfortable enough that asking questions which may disrupt their level of normalcy is simply out of the question. There is no greater builder of character than adversity, and if there exists a connection between those who have experienced tremendous adversity and their tendency to gravitate towards a "conspiracy"-minded approach to what we're witnessing play out at an ever-increasing rate and with unprecedented intensity, it can undoubtedly be attributed to the dynamics I have previously brought to my readers' attention.

The making of a "conspiracy theorist" warrants examination; not by the malicious, pathologically-deceptive, Jewish-controlled establishment & media marionettes -- for their allegations and assumptions lack any semblance of objectivity and serve to further insulate themselves from what would undermine the foundation of the entire fortress of lies they have constructed. This examination must be undertaken with the utmost understanding that once a given individual has experienced, both directly and indirectly, events and realizations that obliterate the sanctity of the notion of relative benevolence at every stage of existence within the manufactured picture painted for us by those who are tasked to uphold it, one cannot simply forget or pretend that things are what they seem. Intelligent people, those who have witnessed the worst, those who have had the misfortune of personally uncovering just how horrific the consequences of this disastrous trajectory our world has taken, and even those who have the "gift" of being burdened by the understanding I speak of -- we all bring a perspective that is both foreign to our detractors and dangerous to our rulers. We are ostracized not because we have nothing to offer, but because what made us the "conspiracy theorists" we have become, represents a threat that absolutely cannot be dismissed by any sort of genuine discourse or sound logic.

This is to say nothing of the intensive and exhausting effort many of us put forth in verifying and proving with sound evidence our claims. The issue of vaccines is perhaps the most glaring example of how those who spend countless hours researching the facts are the individuals who reject vaccination altogether, while JMSM & pharma parrots who slander us and wish our children taken away or dead, largely haven't given the research so much as a passing thought. This is another point in its own right, but nonetheless an appropriate example. The "conspiracy theorist," a derogatory term, holds no weight; this being in large part due to a belligerent unwillingness to understand just how and why those of us who have transcended all the watered-down and downright fictional narratives the permeate, for all intents and purposes, the world over. Our experiences have made us more alert, more discerning, and above all, given us the ability to utilize critical thinking skills. This is indisputable, and I couldn't fucking care less what those particular experiences or predispositions may be, they have given us an advantage. Social or class standing be damned, there are undeniably factors that contribute to our progression and our standing at the "fringes of society," and as we occupy it, there can be no doubt that it is precisely what has gotten us here which should instill the utmost confidence, knowing that citing these troubles we've endured as a weapon against us is as ineffective as it is illogical.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Understanding who/what the Jew really is on a transcendent level

Since making the remarkable transition from -- and I mean this with no disrespect -- bright yet manipulated voting liberal Democrat, to Jew-wise individual with whom I can converse with for hours on end in the most fulfilling manner, my very close friend and I have spent endless time and late nights attempting to dissect the subject of just how the Jew has, over millennia, accumulated and concentrated such immense power, influence and wealth. Sure, there are the obvious answers we all have come to understand, but those explanations are nevertheless incomplete.

The degree to which this very small minority wields power and control over the peoples of the entire world needs no elaboration for those who are interested in reading what I have to write; and therefore I have no intention of reciting the details which illustrate and confirm this. Besides, doing so in one blog post would, for all intents and purposes, be summarizing several years worth the tweets I have produced -- something I neither have the time for, nor feel compelled to repeat. Instead, I feel we as the Jew-wise community at large would be making better use of our time and intellectual abilities by examining this issue on a level deeper than is typically seen -- more than just the simple 'how' and 'why.' In doing so, we are inevitably led to ponder questions which not only have the potential to create a blueprint for defeating this enemy of all mankind, but questions that divide us as a community and send us on divergent paths in our quest to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren -- one without the Jew controlling nearly every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave.

There are two primary schools of thought in terms of the Jewish problem and how to deal with it -- one being spiritually or theologically-based, and the other being more geared towards race and biology. While I don't necessarily find these two approaches mutually exclusive or diametrically opposed to one another, and share some important views with those who stand firmly on both sides of the equation, I have witnessed these conflicting view points create a somewhat troublesome dynamic. And while I believe these types of quarrels can indeed be avoided, they are bound to occur and it is absolutely essential that we address these issues in a productive and enlightening fashion. 

My most frequent observation vis a vis this divergent approach has been a passionate disdain for Jew-wise Christians and Christianity in general, which I admittedly find to be misguided. Without mentioning specific publications or authors (all of whom I retain great respect and appreciation for), I must point out what appears to be counter-productive and somewhat contradictory measures as it pertains to attacks on Jew-wise Christians. Allow me to explain as best I can what I find contradictory about the virulent anti-Christian approach; which, incidentally, ties right back in with the racially-oriented approach and how we have to this point come to make sense of just how the Jew has attained the global status he has....

I think we can all agree that the "achievements" of the Tribe defy rational explanation. With that being said, is it not safe to also assume that something beyond our human comprehension has at least had a guiding hand in the realization of these "achievements?" I'm confident this perplexing little issue has given many if not all of us fits, as I myself have sure as hell struggled with this. This mystery, if you will, has been the driving force behind the hours upon hours of conversations my friend and I have had. It is with that in mind, and with my extensive background in religious studies, where I find the anti-Christian sentiment problematic. You see, the Jew lays claim to the title of spiritually-superior being, and all of their dogma to that end can with great accuracy be interpreted as a direct inverse of the truth Jew-wise Christians find for themselves in the New Testament. It is hardly a stretch, therefore, to conclude that "the Synagogue of Satan" to which Jesus referred is just that -- a demonic, otherworldly entity -- whose modern-day descendants are those who call themselves "chosen." I am not an adherent Christian, nor do I believe one must be in order to see the validity in something we simply may not fully understand. There is far, FAR too much scripture which supports the notion that the Jew is indeed a different spiritual being for the New Testament and Christianity in its purest form to be nothing more than a Jewish psyop. If nothing else, this would be a terribly risky psyop for the Jew to roll the dice on. When you consider the primitive-in-comparison eras of the past, it becomes all the more dangerous of an operation on their part. The bottom line here is this: Judaized Christianity is a very real and very rampant problem, but it does not in itself render the Christian-oriented resistance to Jewish tyranny utterly invalid and without substance. There is merit to the theory of inverse pathology behind the Jew's "chosen" status as it pertains to the origins of Christianity. I would argue, in fact, that an outright dismissal of this approach necessitates an outright dismissal of an unseen advantage altogether, at which point we return to the racial/biological approach mentioned previously...

The Jew's propensity for claiming superiority in the intellectual realm is as well-known and pervasive as their claims of spiritual superiority. For a variety of reasons -- not the least of which includes generations of inbreeding leading to various genetic abnormalities and mental disorders -- this bravado is patently absurd, and I've yet to encounter a blatantly anti-Christian Jew-wise individual who would say otherwise. What, then, are we left with as we attempt to make sense of the vast, nearly omnipresent power and influence this small minority has amassed for itself? If they are not, in fact, aided by an otherworldly force which cannot but find its roots in Christianity and its resistance to the Jew; and they are also quite obviously not a group possessing intellectual capabilities significantly greater than their Gentile counterparts, a starting point from which to piece together this puzzle remains nowhere to be found. We all know very well the tricks they've used; the tactics they've employed; the simultaneously communal and cutthroat dichotomy which seems innate in their very being. All spanning the course of recorded history as we know it. Yet, as we try and find a logical explanation as to how this pattern developed and maintained itself against so much resistance for so long, we continue to go in circles. And that is exactly what my friend and I have done so many times. Each time, we end up back at square one; chicken and egg in the most depressing manifestation imaginable. 

In order for us to defeat the enemy, we must understand the enemy to whatever extent humanly possible. Less than 2% of the world's population does not write and re-write history, then call an obvious lie the truth only for the masses to fall in line with stunning obedience; they do not subvert powerful nations & dictate to those nations the killing of countless millions of innocent human beings; they do not occupy positions of power, influence and authority in all but a handful of the world's nations while enacting policies that are overtly harmful to the very planet we inhabit; they do not commit the most heinous of crimes and act in the most barbaric of ways while convincing the entire world it is THEY who are perpetual victims... They do not do these things without the presence of a yet-to-be-revealed advantage which has made it all possible, starting thousands of years ago. Whether this advantage is biological, theological, or some strange mixture of the two, it has become undeniable to me that it exists in a very real way. All of the patterns, behaviors and tactics that can possibly be cited throughout history do not come close to providing an adequate explanation for how we have gotten to where we are. 

And so it is with that, I ask your feedback. I ask my fellow Jew-wise seekers of truth to shed light on the true origins of this power being exerted, and just how we begin to, at the very least, hinder its progression, before the Talmudic super-state New World Order becomes a reality. There are answers -- I am sure of this. Unfortunately, I am equally as sure of the fact that we have not yet unearthed them. Let us all who have been truly awakened acknowledge not only that our knowledge and brain capacity in this plain of existence is limited, but that without a conscious effort to understand our enemy with more precision, TOGETHER, we are doomed to fail. I am not a Christian, as I stated, so I do not believe that ultimately justice will be served without us doing our part. What I am, though, is a man with an open mind; both enlightened and utterly confounded at the same time. I want to zero in on the source of this depraved group's power by any means, wherever it may lie, and destroy it once and for all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Attempted coup in Turkey: The writing has been on the wall

The attempted coup in Turkey last week has yet again highlighted just how misinformed and easily manipulated most in the 'Truther' community are. Anyone who has followed me on Twitter for any length of time should recall I've been predicting this little development for some time. After all, one need not be a modern day Nostradamus in order to have foreseen what has recently transpired; the writing has indeed been on the wall for all to decipher. The seemingly dominant reaction to the attempted coup in Turkey and attempt to overthrow democratically-elected president Erdogan has been one of celebration, or at the very least indifference -- Erdogan is a maniacal, power-hungry dictator who will stop at nothing to consolidate his power, or so the narrative goes. Whether or not the aforementioned Turkish leader has a propensity for autocratic behavior has no bearing on the subversive activities being imported into Turkey; and in fact, it's not difficult to argue that against the backdrop of continual meddling and interference in Turkey's domestic affairs by some of the most unsavory foreign entities out there, a trend towards power being more and more consolidated in Erdogan's hands is entirely justified.

A theme I touched on last night in one of my occasional twitter rants was the 'all or nothing' mentality so many in the 'truther' community tend to utilize in their vain attempt to sort out the many troublesome events and circumstances we all follow on a day-to-day basis. This approach has been fully applied in the case of the coup attempt in Turkey, and really for as long as I can remember in regards to Erdogan and Turkey before any overthrow was even attempted. Turkey is, of course, a country which finds itself on the wrong end of some very disturbing and insidious future plans for the world as a whole. Without going into too much detail on all that is currently at stake and how Turkey fits into all of this, I recommend taking in some fine analysis courtesy of Penny's blog here and Scott Creighton's blog here. They seem to be two of the few who a firm grasp on the dynamic in Turkey which has been playing itself out for years now.

Another ridiculous theory making the rounds on the internet is Erdogan "staged" this coup attempt to further tighten his grip on power and carry out Stalin-like purges within the Turkish government. (For what it's worth, any purges that have occurred or will occur as a result of this failed coup attempt are more than justifiable.) At any rate, the main point to consider when analyzing this situation is this: Turkey as it currently exists as a sovereign state represents an obstacle to the "Greater Israel project. As a consequence of this unfortunate position on Jew Inc's (as Greg Bacon over at http://careandwashingofthebrain.blogspot.com/ so aptly refers to them) chopping block, Turkey -- despite being ostensibly an ally of the US and 'Israel' -- has been ruthlessly dragged through the mud and demonized in the Western media and has also been ground zero for numerous black ops, subversive activities and Gladio-style "terror attacks." Let's be realistic here for a moment, folks -- powerful nations who hold favorable standing with the Jewish state and it's proxy regime in Washington are not targeted in the way Turkey has been. It simply does not work like that, and even Russia, one of the JMSM's other favorite fabricated enemies, does not have to contend with the bloody machinations that Erdogan's Turkey has been subject to on a regular basis for years now.

As an aside, speaking of Russia and its alleged status as Public Enemy No. 1 of the Israel/US/Nato Axis of Talmudic evil...
Let's not forget that just months ago Turkish military shot down a Russian jet, killing two Russian nationals, in an event the media conveniently framed as a reckless violation of international law on the part of TURKEY. Forgive me if I just cannot bring myself to believe, all things considered, that Erdogan or anyone allied with him within the Turkish government deliberately shot down a jet of one of the most powerful nations on Earth if said jet did not in fact pose at least a perceived threat to the country by violating its airspace. Unless that shoot-down was concocted by rogue elements within the Turkish military who want to see Erdogan ousted as badly as those previously mentioned foreign entities, that act was a clear and decisive provocation against Turkey in order to elicit the exact reaction it ultimately did. Erdogan is not stupid or naïve, he is fully cognizant of the ever-present threat to his presidency and life, and therefore would never in a million years take such provocative action. Erdogan, of course, was humiliated and forced to atone for his alleged misdeed, in the same way he has been forced into playing nice with 'Israel,' lest he be given even less opportunity to bide his time before the elements of subversion sow total chaos and disorder in his country for the cause of the Kurdistan project and its nasty little Jew World Order sister-scheme "Greater Israel."

This is the reality of the situation here. Turkey is being targeted for balkanization, an endeavor which runs parallel with both the Saudi massacre of Yemen and the "Greater Israel" project on the whole. Additionally, none of this can be achieved without the explicit or implicit consent of almighty Russia and emperor Putin, whose butting of heads with Erdogan over the past couple years is well-documented. The lying JMSM and alternative media alike would have you believe Erdogan is well and cozy with the demented, murderous Jewish land-thieves of 'Israel' and that Putin is the lone powerful opposition to that cult/crime syndicate/rogue "state," when in fact Russia is closely aligned with 'Israel' and controlled in large part from the inside by the very same nexus of Jewish international criminals who currently exercise complete control over the world's other superpower -- Russia's alleged enemy -- the United States of America. If Russia stood in opposition to the plans being drawn up at the expense of Erdogan's Turkey and its status as a sovereign nation, it possesses all the ability in the world to put a halt to the domestic terror operations and unrest that are taking place on Turkish soil. It has no intention of doing so because, as previously stated, Turkey is on the chopping block and the primary players developing these preparations have allowed Russia a favorable seat at the table. 

Furthermore, a not so insignificant detail to this equation is currently residing about 15 minutes from my home in Northeast Pennsylvania -- his name being Fethullah Gulen. He's been kicking it stateside on his lavish compound, undoubtedly under the protection of certain alphabet agencies, since the late 90's when his trouble-making in Turkey was brought to light and he was forced to exile himself in order to avoid his rightful fate of prison or worse. I have long opined to friends and acquaintances that this subversive would find his way back to Turkey immediately upon the overthrow of president Erdogan. Lo and behold, as soon as the coup attempt transpired, Gulen was a hot topic of conversation across the national media. This is clearly not an accident, and for as long as I've known about this man, I've seen him portrayed as some sort of persecuted saint who'd be far better suited to lead a country in turmoil than Fuhrer Erdogan.

Nothing about this coup was staged, and all indications past and present are that Gulen is guilty of precisely what Erdogan has accused him of, for which he has tried in vain to extradite him back to Turkey for the duration of the former's exile. This little chapter of history is far from over, and we should fully expect to see Gulen's name continue to make headlines as Turkey is further bullied and destabilized until the goal of failed-state status and balkanization for the Kurdistan project and "Greater Israel" has been realized.

Lastly, I would once again encourage everyone to pay close attention to how the JMSM portrays Erdogan and especially his ongoing feud with Kurdish terror proxies masquerading as valiant freedom-fighters engaged in the moral war for good, old-fashioned "democratic principles." That entire dynamic in and of itself is sufficiently revealing in telling the story of what has been going on in Turkey for some time now. Erdogan may very well be a bastard of historic proportions. That fact, however, totally irrelevant as it is, has been the foundation on which the demonization campaign relies, eliciting emotional reactions from the public who then abandon all critical thought because "Erdogan = Hitler" or something. You better believe the world is a much better place with that "dictator" in place than it will be once they finally manage to depose him.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Obama's bathroom agenda: cementing his legacy as an agent for Jewish degeneration

Did you think the newest cause championed by the Jewish-inspired subversive, leftist SJW clique of degenerates -- the "transgender bathroom equality" movement -- was going to lose steam and fizzle out? If you did, you'd be dead wrong. In an altogether unsurprising development, the outgoing puppet-in-chief has officially jumped on the bandwagon; and by virtue of his position as ostensible head honcho, it would be reasonable to say he has indeed commandeered that bandwagon of political and  social insanity that has become all too commonplace in our occupied states of America in the 21st century.

I was born in 1985, and as such, my earliest memories of times passed are rooted in the early to mid 90's -- an era of already-underway societal decay to be sure, but with a semblance of sanity and wholesomeness still intact. That being said, I'm left to try and observe the many recent developments along these lines, and indeed the monumental shift towards a culture of anything-goes filth in general -- through the eyes of Americans belonging to generations that predate my own. I ask myself, if one were to give a glimpse of the future to the average American living in say, the 1950's, just how profound would the disbelief  expressed be? Could our current state of affairs even be grasped by the average American living in a time period that in retrospect now resembles something of a feel-good storybook or sitcom? 

Make no mistake about it, this "transgender bathroom equality" battle has nothing to do with equality at all. Nor does the natural inclination to find one's self in opposition to the agenda being rigorously pursued imply an individual is "transphobic," "homophobic," "bigoted," or any other free-speech quelling label conjured up by an increasingly militant, Jewish-driven leftist mob of soulless lunatics. This bathroom agenda which the puppet-in-chief has now thrown his weight behind is merely one more tool of divisive subversion, purposefully engineered social unrest and attack on basic human decency to go along with -- and compliment -- the continual unraveling of cohesion and societal fabric of the United States which was set into motion long, long ago.

Children of elementary school age cannot be "transgender," or for that matter, any other sexually-ambiguous creature -- of which new versions are seemingly churned out and circulated in the Jew media weekly at this point. This simple fact aside, the persistence with which these sexual/gender ambiguity issues have been hammered into the public conscience signify in a most crystal clear way, that "equality" and "tolerance" are nothing more than a poorly-constructed disguise for a malicious and debilitating agenda to weaken the American people as a whole and destroy the very fabric of what is now nothing more than a host country for a blood-thirsty parasite to use and abuse as it pleases.  

Obama's grooming and rise to "power" by the hands of Jewish subversives with ties to literal terrorist groups requires no elaboration here; the facts are well-known and speak for themselves. On the same token, the Talmudic influence behind the direction this country has taken and the disastrous movements that have been spawned as a result are equally well-known to anyone who has taken the time to objectively examine the matters at hand. It should therefore come as no surprise that, prior to leaving office, puppet-in-chief Obama has officially lent his voice to this disturbing phenomenon of attempted dissolution of any and all goyim identity and further corrupts the hearts and minds of America's children -- America's future. You see, in order for the Jew to successfully usher in the permanent, unchallenged dictatorship over their goyim subjects -- the manifestation of the New/Jew World Order, thousands of years in the making -- any and all potential obstacle standing in their way must be cleverly neutralized and ultimately shattered beyond repair. In first trivializing, and later overtly demonizing, goyim identities which represent a cohesive structure capable of unifying for the sake of defense and survival, the Talmudic conspiracy chips away at any potential opposition and moves ever closer to a position of being the single unified body possessing the means and wherewithal to be entrenched in a position of power and authority.

The entire Western world is and has been under attack in this way, but it is the United States of America which represents a unique force -- militarily, spiritually, economically and so forth -- that in the eyes of the Jewish conspirators must be brought to its knees and utterly destroyed if the conspiracy is to succeed. And that, my friends, is the catalyst for "social justice" movements which emphasize forfeiture of individual identities and traditional structures in favor of a monotonous existence where cultural and spiritual values not deemed "progressive" enough (i.e. morally bankrupt) are met with incessant shame and ridicule. The objective is to weaken, demoralize, divide and conquer; conquer the very minds of the American people and the Western world as a whole.

To that end, Barack Obama has made one final public declaration of his loyalty to his Talmudic masters and their plans for crippling their host nation on their way to uncontested authority over their "spiritual subordinates" the world over. Any parent who feeds to their child the notion of gender ambiguity or other concepts completely foreign and indiscernible to minds so young and impressionable, ought to be not only shamed and humiliated in a sane society, but they should also be imprisoned and stripped of the ability to rear children and further contaminate a society already emanating the rotten stench of depravity. This, of course, is another matter altogether, yet worth pointing out in light of the prevalence of these repugnant, thoroughly poisoned individuals carrying out the work of those who seek to extinguish our way of life as we know it.  

Each individual possesses the right to be who they want to be and live their life in a manner they feel suits them. However, in no way do those rights take precedence over the well-being of a society when the former has taken on a role of official policy and constitutes a direct threat to the latter. It is unquestionable, at this stage, the threat of the aforementioned militant movements are indeed the goal. Nothing good will come of any such movements, as anyone with even limited brain capacity and no agenda to be had should easily recognize. Not for the general goyim public at least. This madness must be called out for what it is, and the outgoing puppet-in-chief should likewise be recognized as the vile agent for Jewish ruination of Gentile identity and values that he is and always has been.